DIY Mini First Aid Kit for Travel EDC or Every Day Carry

DIY MINI first aid kit and list of supplies for your EDC everyday carry bag travel basic mini first aid kit hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’m packing up I’m going on a trip airplane and I wanted to make sure I had all of my first aid supplies TSA carry on acceptable what I like to do is keep it all in a ziploc bag in the front pouch of my carry on suitcase and I make a list of all of the first aid emergency supplies edc items everything I like and need and I tape it on the inside of the ziploc bag then I fill up the bag with my emergency supplies that are airline approved TSA and comfort items for long travel airplane trips and I can easily look into the ziploc clear storage container it wherever I am and see what’s in it to find the first aid comfort item in a hurry I like to have some eye drops and nail file clipper I always carry some earplugs I have a little bottle here that’s got all kinds of Medicine it like tylenol a baby aspirin and Aleve I have some pepto-bismol and some allergy pills have some little cotton balls and q-tips I have some Zilactin samples I got they are supposed to help with mouth sores have some allergy pills gum hair band with one of those little clippies that you can clip your hair back I’ve got some readers glasses a pad and a pen and some Kleenex and zip ties you would be amazed what you can do with zip ties little sewing kits I’ve picked up on my travels I like to have some needles and thread Vaseline I have some baby ointment wet wipes personal cleaning wipes one of them is anti germs hand sanitizer alcohol wipes I have band-aids I like to get the cloth band-aid to stick to your skin much better than plastic bandaids a big piece of moleskin you can trim this to the size that you want and stick it on your foot I have this little pad you can stick over your toes if you get a sore I have some liquid bandage bandaid couple of chap sticks dental floss it’s also good if you need string or cordage dental floss works great i have a little flashlight from Dollar Tree here you just push on it lights up so then if I need to I can look in the bag and see things find the supplies you need and this little pocket knife in here it’s a little cheapy it’s similar to the ones that I love that are made by Swiss Army knife this one is made in china it does have little tweezers and little scissors and I only put the cheapy one in there because sometimes I forget and end up with these in my carry-on and they end up getting taken away in the airport by TSA these are all the emergency first aid comfort edc items things that I carry when I travel and I enjoy taking care of myself and knowing I have everything all of the supplies and I’ve actually used everything in here at one time or another so figure out what you use need the things that actually happen I’m preparing for things that I think will actually happen and my family going to my family load the first aid supplies I think I need you’ll be so much happier if you know that you’re ready for things as they come along be a prepper be ready for anything learn more at please subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel

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