DIY Toner For Acne: Homemade Facial Toner Recipe With Witch Hazel And Essential Oils

welcome to my channel in today’s recipe
we’re going to make a very simple fish tuna as simple as it is its various very
very effective in cleansing your skin because the essential whole we’re going
to be using today are very helpful in healing damaged skin and improving
circulation so to make this facial toner you need 25 ml of wish’d ezel extract
one drop of juniper berry essential oil and you need another drop of lavender
essential oil so this is what we’re going to do you combine all the
ingredients together in a measuring cup then you pour into an airtight container
preferably or dark container okay so then you apply to your skin with a
cotton ball so you top up your facial treatment with on how free moisturizer
the toner should be used in the morning and at night to extend the chef’s love
of your tuna you need to store it in a cool and dry place so let’s get started
guys so today I have which is extract here I
have lavender essential oil I’ve juniper berry essential oil so we
need 20 25 ml of witch hazel extract then a drop of lavender oil essentially they are not a drop of juniper berry
essential whole now we’ll mix the solution together and stored in an airtight container
preferably and hammer colored or bottle so also pointing to the humbucker into
the bottle you shake it together vigorously you want the mixture shake it
together beggarly the essence of shaking it together is to make sure all your
products are get mixed together so to apply to you take your cotton ball and apply to your skin this is of a
toner you don’t need to raise it off just apply gently to your skin your
facials got this as facial toner you are applying it to your face for the purpose
of this recipe I’m just applying to my Angus you will do this in the morning
and before you go to bed at night the sensation is cold so you feel the cool
sensation and that’s how he cleans your skin if you have any question guys drop
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