DIY Vaseline Slime, How to Make Slime with Vaseline

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Slime Masters Channel! Today, I’m gonna show you an amazing elastic slime with vaseline. That’s gonna be really cool. Time to start come on! Now I am gonna two bottles of clear glue Second one Now some food coloring Once more Now Our most important material is vaseline. I’m gonna use vaseline cocoa butter. Then, mix them up. Now the slime activator bora- borax solution. It has just started to gain a slime. Now we have ? non-stick, soft, and shine slime. Don’t forget to subscribe to Slime Masters and check out their other videos! Yes guys! I hope you like it. See you next video! Bye bye!


  1. Really??
    1.You didn't even finish mixing in the vasiline! So basically what you did was Clear glue=Food coloring= borax= the vasiline wasn't even needed to be exact.
    2. It annoys me so much how you can't even pronounce "vasiline" right!

  2. please may i have some slime for my birthday; I have longed for some for ages and my mum won't buy any I have tried to make my own but it keeps failing 😢 (I ❤SLIME) ☺😀

  3. You really don't need the Vaseline. The glue and the borax worked. so basically the Vaseline was optional 😒

  4. Beautiful . Harika cok beğendim. Bu arada ayça abla ben ırmak . Sizin hayranınızım. Hoppi tv ye başarılar. ❤❤❤❤

  5. What the hell is wrong with her u can just get the glue and put borax solution and boom u get ur slime and it turns out better than that slime she made

  6. Hi my name is senesh and I love slime can you till me how make slime without glue or boxes and baking soda

  7. Terrible video. Besides the vaseline I have no idea what your other ingredients were. What was in those bottles? Your accent is thick and couldn't understand what was in any of the bottles. You could have listed ingredients in the text.

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