Do You Like To Build A Bigger Picture? Watch Sori Jang

My name is Sori Jang and I’m a graduate student
working in Daniel Col-Ramos’ lab at Yale. It’s only been two years since I got there. I went to an undergrad at the University of
Chicago and I grew up half the time in Korea and half the time in Ohio. I’m currently working on hypoxia or lack of
oxygen effects how neurons communicate or how synaptic vesicles are effected by the
lack of oxygen. I was born here but I went back to Korea because
my dad’s occupation and I came back for elementary school for three years and then I went back
and then I came back for high school. So there was a lot of transition back and
forth and I’m actually really grateful that I was able to come back in high school. So in Korea when you hit freshman year of
high school you have to decide whether you want to go into math engineering science field
or humanities side. So you decide and then the second you start
the track, and after my freshman year in high school in Korea I was like, I don’t think
science, math, those things are for me. Actually lot, very small percentage across
go into that field. I think that was another partly one of the
reasons why I didn’t think that I was suitable for science. I also loved growing up in Korea. I learned valuable things in Korea, just as
I learned valuable things here but I think coming back to the States gave me a broader
feel of where I can go because in Korea I limited myself to, okay, I’ll go into humanity
side. Here when I came back i felt really strongly
about chemistry, and I really liked that I just enjoyed it. I thought it was really fascinating that everything
was composed of these little tiny, tiny molecules called atoms and it just fascinating how everything’s
composed of that. I like, some people really like something
broad like universe. They look at the stars and see, oh, look at
the galaxy, we are just a little thing in this huge space. But for me I always liked the opposite where
I was fascinated by these tiny little things that actually compose of so many things. So I really liked about that about chemistry. But I would have missed out on opportunity
to take classes like that in Korea. Initially my dad didn’t want me to apply for
graduate school because the concept of a scientist is kind of foreign to them, especially for
a girl and at first when I was telling them that I wanted to do biology they wanted me
to gear towards medicine, as a lot of parents do. But I could just never imagine myself as a
doctor. I really enjoy the creativity so one thing
I really like about research in general is that you’re constantly thinking and you’re
constantly, whether it’s just little things, whether you’re devising experiments to do,
the little steps to build the larger picture. You have to think constantly to get to build
that picture you have to constantly think about what’s the right little steps to take,
and also interpreting your data to build the right picture. So all of these things require constant thinking
and sometimes it’s challenging but I think its a very rewarding experience and I think
that’s why I enjoy being in science, being a researcher.

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