Doc Brown vs Doctor Who. Epic Rap Battles of History


  1. Doc Brown won by default, that Doctor Who show never really makes any sense and doesn't base itself on science but rather cheap after effects cgi.

  2. “I’m a real doctor where did you get your degree?”
    And to answer that question here is a quote from the show
    “Doctor, the word for healer and wise man. We get that word from you, you know? But to the people of the gamma forests the doctor means a great warrior”. Otherwise put, the Dr. Is all.

  3. Should’ve asked David Tennant to do this though, he’s such an amazing actor , i recommend “Good Omens” to anyone interested in seeing his work 🙂

  4. I feel like Doctor Who won this battle, no matter which doctor he was, he kept on roasting. Doc Brown kinda lost his good roasts after part 1, and NO, I'm not a Whovian, thos is just my opinion

  5. No, I haven't watched Doctor Who yet because I haven't had… the time!

    YES, I understand more of the video now that I've continued to be on the internet ever since this became one of my favorite battles and I didn't watch it in a couple years in hopes of having entered both fandoms and thus being able to fully grasp its majesty (aka references) once I finally listened to it again!
    NO I didn't forget the whole song… probably!

    Yes I absolutely love this.

  6. Incidentally…

    The Doctor has received a medical degree in Glasgow, an honorary degree from St. Cedd's College, and several other degrees left ambiguous over the show's history. He's more of a legitimate Doctor than Doc Brown.

  7. Alright I absolutely must explain why Doc Brown smacks Docter Who's cheeks

    So round one, Docter Who is flowing pretty decent, kinda weak on the first few lines but I do think he picked it up at the end.
    Then doc brown litteraly walks up tells him to lick his balls, and then shoots that mothafucka xD like hes just savage af

    Round 2
    I think for the most part docter who's rhymes were weak. It's cool that he regenerated but thats about it

    But my boy Brown comes in and tells him to lay off his boi, then he says hes finna shit in his PORT-O-POTTY TIMEMACHINE, then he calls him a pussy xD

    I was ded

    Winner DOC BROWN

  8. The don't die at 1:05 reminds me of sister location baby saying you won't die. Unless that's not what's being said I can't make it out clearly

  9. Yeah why did the 10th doctor regenerate into the 4th doctor Tom Baker shouldn’t he have regenerated into the 11th which is Matt smith

  10. I mean the Doctor wasn't spitting bars, he was spitting facts. Doc Brown going mentally insane than spillin the real beans.

  11. Am I the only one who would love to see a part two to this? Especially since a new Back To The Future is being released this year? Come on. Nobody? Jeeze….

  12. For me, the winner was Tennant's Doctor….the only thing he didn't slip in was wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey…and he DID sound a lot like David.

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