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hello and welcome to sick notes my name's ed hope I'm a junior doctor in the UK and in this video I'm going to be continuing my look at the medical science behind the MCU this is actually the last video in all the phase 1 of the MCU so if you want to see me check out the phase 2 films then give this video a like and a comment and subscribe and let me know and I'll be back with them if enough people think it's worth it but before that we have to cover the last two movies that Captain America the First Avenger and the Avengers well your father died of mustard gas he was in 117 Vittori I was hoping it could be a sign your mother she was a nurse in a TB ward got hit couldn't shake it love Captain America man can definitely relate to it as a skinny nerd we could see how far he is away from who he becomes with you know he's sort of build and also his list of diseases here now I'm not going to go through all of them but they actually tell a nice little story too on the list we see scarlet fever now there's a reasonably common disease particularly in kids and particularly in the 1930s and 40s you may have even had it yourself it's so infection from the bacteria streptococcus pyogenes if it just affects your throat the so-called strep throat and it's fairly harmless but it can have systemic symptoms which is when we call it scarlet fever so the symptoms would be a fever and you'd turn a very scarlet color but it definitely needs antibiotics to treat it which wouldn't have been readily available in the sort of 1930s when Steve Rogers was grown-up antibiotics were invented but Alexander Fleming 1928 so probably not for a good few years before in sort of widespread circulation and what happens if it isn't treated well it can turn into rheumatic fever so what do we have next on the list rheumatic fever – if we get a significant streptococcus pyogenes infection your immune system goes into overdrive trying to kill the bacteria and kill its toxins and it ends up damaging your own body particularly your joints your kidneys your heart and even your brain I still see people that have had rheumatic fever as a child with symptoms from it so they may have heart valve problems from it this is called rheumatic heart disease so if we look on a list here Steve has also got palpitations or pounding in his heart so he may have you know some damage from the heart from the rheumatic heart disease which in turn may explain some of his other diagnosis like heart trouble and being easily fatigued herbal so what a great job they've done in using the medical conditions to tell a bit of a story it turns out though we have you know he's got a spur that probably on its own would have been enough to exclude him from enlisting talking about enlisting we see this brief shot of a doctor listening to lots of new recruits hearts pulling this thing for a heart man that caused by either a hole in the heart or problem with one of the heart valves which again could have been caused by rheumatic fever again this at the time would have been enough to exclude you from enlisting like warning so we see Steve Rogers going in to have the operation to have the Super Soldier Serum is that correct infused into him and it looks very kind of retro sci-fi doesn't it but these early operating theaters would have looked a bit like this and we used to turn theaters because back in the day they were theaters they'd be kind of stores and places for people to watch and look down on this operation that was happening we begin with a series of micro injections into the subjects major muscle groups change okay so we hear a little bit about the kind of medical procedure which is about to happen so they're going to inject some of this serum into the main muscle groups and you can see they've done it on the pectorals and also we can see some injections going into the biceps as well and presumably what you don't see is them injecting it into gluteus maximus at a big muscle groups in the bottom you know that would give away how America's best ass is made and so the stimulate growth the subject will be saturated as vital is okay vital right never heard of them presumably some kind of electromagnetic wave giving them energy that's why they did it so much power these lots of rays and medicine but never heard of these particular ones that was penicillin so as we mentioned earlier he gets a shot of penicillin it's been invented now and we do sometimes give antibiotics prophylactically for certain operations that have like an increased risk of infection such a classic scene knows by a race really have done the trick I feel I need to see up a bit straighter now it's a pretty impressive transformation is even conditioned his hair those vitamins they do wonders so is that remotely possible the short answer is no to go from like a 90-pound man to a 240-pound man in a matter of seconds I mean the physics alone prevents it all that mass and energy to build up the muscles has to come from somewhere normally it comes from us eating food and building up clearly that hasn't happened here physics does allow us to create matter from nothing in a sense but it takes a lot of energy in this case something like a billion billion joules of energy or a million Hashima bombs to make Captain America now I know the plugged in the whole grid from New York but that would have come close to the energy but putting that big issue to one side biologically what could be going on the truth could lie in the super serum because we have chemicals in our body to regulate our growth so if we artificially take some of them than when artificially grow the body the most obvious one is anabolic steroids anabolic means building the body up clearly these wouldn't work anywhere near the timescales we saw here and I wouldn't recommend them either they're illegal and they have horrible side effects all over the body like mood changes the so called roid rage they make you bald they give you acne it can cause a reptile dysfunction and increase your risk of prostate cancer too the super serum has also cured his underlying diseases and made him grow another sort of ten inches which there aren't chemicals in your body quite that potent I mean the nearest one is something like growth hormone but you'd have to take that before you turned an adult because once you reach an adult the growth plate so the area's wave of bone that allow you to grow have already fused clothes so you won't be able to increase in your height much after adulthood bottom line is I'm afraid do we won't be making Captain America anytime soon tomorrow it's not take its place hail Hydra okay so this spies just taken a suicide pill and it died within a few seconds they're probably using cyanide in fact we know because we find out later on in the film how about cyanide does that give you the rumbly tummy – not a nice way to go and I know to speed up the film that Danny over a few seconds but it would probably several minutes of you know really excruciating symptoms and these pills were apparently carried by agents in World War two with the poison of choice being cyanide in World War two we saw hydrogen cyanide as iclone be used for in the mass extermination camps by the Nazis in the gas chambers as well inhaling cyanide will kill you much quicker because it very quickly gets into the cells or lungs stopping you breathing stopping your body getting oxygen very quickly the way cyanide works is it blocks the mitochondria so the powerhouse of the cell from using oxygen the mitochondria unable to be the powerhouse they're unable to make energy therefore yourself karmic energy therefore you die very quickly you don't have one of those do you so we see the red skull here finally unveiled although he he may be called the Red Skull but this is what River said not his skull let me show you so firstly his eyes should be outside the skull in the orbit here in the socket rather than inside the cranium like we see here I'm not sure how he's doing his evil speeches because all the muscles of facial expression and the muscles that move your jaw are overlaying the skull and obviously we can't see them here also this was just a red skull with no skin over it then he'd have a massive infection risk is all the skin and soft tissues are very important in protecting our body from the outside world so more accurately he's not really a red skull he's just lost his cartilage of his nose in his ears she lost a lot of soft tissue and his skins turned red that's probably more an accurate description but you know it's not Kai's pithy so this is almost the last scene in the film Captain America has just crashed into the ice we know that he's found 70 years later at the beginning of the film and it's probably not wider at this point to say he survived from being frozen but would this actually be possible well if Captain America was a neematoad a kind of worm type creature then yes he would be so there was a pair of nematodes found that were 42,000 years old frozen in ice and when we thought them out they still began moving and eating again the reason why is that freezing slowly reduces the metabolism of your cells and stops your proteins degrading and we actually utilize this in medicine in a lot of different ways for example when we are transporting organs after transplantation we keep them very cold to make sure we preserve them as much as possible and you may have also heard of cryogenic freezing so people having their brains frozen hoping to be brought back to life in the future so is it possible in humans well the current answer is now unfortunately our brain tissue is just far too delicate to survive the freezing and thawing out process but as we know Captain America he no normal human so anyone was going to survive the Thorian out process and thrive afterwards you know it'd be someone who'd had these super serum and the phase one films are rounded off by Avengers Assemble I remember at the time this movie blew my mind there's not a lot of medical stuff in it we do have this callback to the dangers of gamma radiation that created the Hulk in this case coming from the tesseract going off interference radiation nothing harmful low levels of gamma radiation that can be harmful and we hear again what we already knew about Tony's condition you know I've got a cluster of shrapnel trying every second to crawl its way into my heart this stops it but we do see a few interesting trauma related things cool so that's a good example of a potentially tertiary blast injury you should know all about that though penetrating injury to Agent Coulson from Loki with the scepter sorry boss the guy Ravan it just stay awake eyes on me the only thing I would say here's why doesn't Nick Fury kind of do some kind of first aid I'm sure he would be first a trained at shield well course in his chatting fury should be trying to stop the bleeding and when he loses consciousness it should be checking for a pulse and breathing and if there isn't any should be starting CPR the one good thing however is that Nick Fury has got help because we see some medics arrived pretty pronto so there you go my thoughts on all the phase one films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe being great revisiting them and I'd also love to know your thoughts on any other kind of scientific stuff that you saw all kind of theories or even stuff that I missed which I'm sure there is loads already started rewatching the same two films and picking out some seems to talk about so if you want to see that soon then give this video a like and a comment and subscribe to the channel and I'll see what I can do a few thank-yous for this whole series firstly to my friend Callum he's got a great YouTube channel talks about beauty stuff including Marvel stuff and he gave me some ideas for this video so and check his channel and some of his videos out and also to some of my doctor friends dr. Jake dr. James dr. Tom they helped me out as well bouncing some ideas for this and finally thank you to you guys for watching yes you're watching the very end of this video in the end of this first part of the series so you must enjoy it and I really appreciate it you know coming back from a tough shift and seeing such lovely comments and you know people having little discussions about medicine as well it's it just blows me away way beyond what I ever expected to happen and so yeah I'm just gonna keep going keep having fun with it and you are welcome to join me up for the ride so until next time I'll see you soon


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