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hello and welcome to sick notes my name's ed hope I'm a junior doctor in the UK and this video is a continuation of my look at the medical scenes and medical science behind the marvel cinematic universe and I've already looked the Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk and I did Doctor Strange a good few weeks ago so onto the next one is PI and man 2 I'm also going to do a bonus wad and look at thought as well because there's only one kind of medical scene that I thought we should take a look at from that so let's crack on with it so we meet Ivan here the show's villain and show his motivation as well that if dad's dying if Dad was cast away from Stark Enterprises and it's a nice little touch here we can see at the side of the bed some ice cubes often what we use when people are at the very end of their life and their day of the energy to eat or drink they can still get quite a dry mouth so we can have these little sponges we can use to help wet the mouth for comfort or we can also use some ice cubes as well so someone's done their homework there so we see Tony's back and he's using a finger prick blood test to get the levels of palladium in the body and we see this technology used at the moment most obviously in diabetes so we can get the blood sugar levels so people can monitor it wake up daddy welcome it appears that the continued use of the Iron Man suit is accelerating your condition okay so this is Tony's getting some poisoning from the palladium that he's been exposed to from the arc reactor so he's had ten months exposure to the Palladium and the toxicity levels in the blood and the body are rising what is palladium well it is a real element atomic number 46 it has no biological function in humans unless you haven't arn't reactor in your chest because it's quite rare we don't learn anything about its toxicity at medical school so I've had to do a little bit of research and it doesn't appear to be too toxic although who Tony is getting through a fair amount and the first Ironman we find out that Tony needs 1.6 grams of palladium for the first arc reactor we lose 1.6 and he gets read quite a few more reactors in this movie alone we see an extra three more use toxicity is described using the term ld50 the lethal dose that would cause 50% of people exposed to it to die so we use that because some people may be very susceptible to something some people may be very resistant something so gives us an average exposure of the toxicity of that drug the ld50 for a rat taking palladium into thoracic Li so by the chest like Iron Man is about 6 milligrams per kilogram so if we scale this up as human tony is a big rat calm yourself the toxic dose would be around 612 milligrams so this means around one core is about three times the toxic dose of palladium and it's worth noting that not all the palladium would be getting into his body so this kind of range that we're talking about here when he stacks up so definitely be given him some symptoms so looking up what palladium toxicity does to your body is known to cause liver disease tissue changes in the gut kidney and lungs as well as being a carcinogen so causing cancer you're angry about something do you ever sniffles I don't wanna get sick so he see he's concerned about pepper potts having a cold as well still though not explicitly stated in the toxicity of palladium damage to the liver and kidneys can cause problems to your immune system so tiny is right – what it avoid anyone with a cold I need to wear a surgical mask until you're feeling better and we saw a subtle hint of this earlier as well he didn't want to receive a letter that been handled by someone else as well maybe maybe that's good he just doesn't like you or maybe he didn't want to catch something we have already awarded contracts to the wind farm people say when finally gasps okay we're here this could be evidence of some gut problems and finally the most visual thing we see here in these kind of weird torturous black distended veins around the arc and in his neck as well we get engorged veins in liver disease actually and this would only happen in the abdomen so not in the chest and not in the neck so that's definitely not it and these don't look red or angry or infected they'll just look very black and distended so probably most likely something like varicose veins that you see in the legs normally and these are engorged blood vessels because the valves in the veins have been damaged so therefore all the blood sits in them so maybe the Palladium is actually damaging his blood vessels damaging the lining meaning he's getting these engorged blood vessels that's my best guess anyway why don't you let me have you been drinking chlorophyll so Tony's been drinking chlorophyll to try and combat the symptoms of the Palladium poisoning I guess I get a feeling he's not a fan of hospitals in the first film not wanting to go in after being injured in desert and this one doing some kind of alternative therapy because chlorophyll is anything I've ever seen used in medicine through my new and myself really chlorophyll is a green pigment found in plants and it's responsible for photosynthesis so converting light into energy that's where my knowledge of that head it's not used in bed soon but you know possibly in some alternative medicine I don't know I guess it shows how desperate tony is trying to treat symptoms you and the Southworth region to deal with my kidney and sell it do anything okay so nick fury's got some pretty good medical tech over at shield he's able to get rid of these distended veins in the neck so treat some of the symptoms of the plating poisoning again we get this intramuscular injection in the neck what is the deal with that it could have gone anywhere what'd you just do to me well we just do for you that's lithium dioxide it's gonna take the edge off we're trying to get you back to work okay cool so they've given him lithium we probably all heard of it in batteries or the Nevada so lithium it is a drug that we use in medicine to treat bipolar disorder it's a metal atomic number three and you know when people are on it for bipolar so that we do need to monitor their blood tests as well because it too can have toxic side effects so it's definitely not a treatment for palladium poisoning in fact lithium can also damage your kidneys like we found out about palladium so would it be recommended this drug regime it's coming to you nice little hemorrhoid gag having worked in lower GI surgery before I appreciate that so this is interesting thing I spotted actually so Mickey Rourke who plays the villain in this I've an his fingernails here can you see they look like curved what I'd suspect is clubbing now if you've had fingernails at least your whole life that wouldn't be anything wrong but if you're you actually acquire this so over weeks or months and this can be a sign of sort of serious underlying disease of the lungs ha or even the GI system as well as Agent Romanovs assessment of you reading personality overview mr. stark displays compulsive behavior in my own defense that was last week prone to self-destructive tendencies I was dying I mean please and aren't we all textbook narcissism agreed so narcissism is where an individual has a high opinion of their appearance or self-importance it comes from the Greek mythology or figure who fell in love with his own reflection narcissistic personality disorder it is in the dsm-5 we'll just pick out a few of the criteria that applies to Tony to a grandiose sense of self-importance or another Tony is pretty good a preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success power brilliance beauty a belief that he or she is special and unique Wow that's more a need for excessive admiration sense of entitlement a lack of empathy our considering over 10 years curating that's a tax write-off I needed that and a demonstration of arrogant behaviors or attitudes I mean it's pretty much anyone on YouTube actually tell you so it does display all if not most of these things at various points people with narcissistic personality disorder and often find it hard to maintain long term relationships and more likely to abuse substance as well next up it's the debut of the god of thunder Thor only one scene to break down in this one after he gets run over by Jane Foster he ends up in the hospital so this is something that every medical professional can probably relate to in some way I've seen a few of these things play out not never quite this extreme but it's pretty scary when you know someone becomes very aggressive and starts being violent so they give him an intramuscular injection finally it's in the right place plenty of muscle there rather than the neck and this kind of chemical sedation is never normally this quick and I'm surprised as well because you think Thor being a god his body would actually be able to deal with it even better than us but most importantly we wouldn't ever chemically restrain anyone in this situation this is a matter for security and for the police the only time we word is if people are aggressive and agitated as a result of a medical condition because then we're treating a medical symptom and not taking away someone's freedom so there you go just some thoughts on the medically scenes from Iron Man 2 and Thor if you enjoyed this and please subscribe because I'm gonna be doing Captain America next and the Avengers in one video to kind of end the first phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if we can'twe that long I've also done I'm Incredible Hulk and Doctor Strange already so you can check them out a few thank-yous firstly to Callum J James and Tom for helping me make this video thank you very much guys and finally as always to you guys thank you so much for your continued support all the lights all the comments all the sheds you continue to blow me away so thank you I'll be back soon and I'll see you there


  1. Imagine being with hope in the cinema watching a movie and he’s whispering in your ear all the medical term meanings used in the movie 😂

  2. Palladium has an isotope that decays into Rhodium, and Rhodium poisoning better explains his symptoms.
    Rhodium compounds stain skin, and are highly toxic.

  3. 9:50 So you can and other medical professionals can relate to being attacked by Thor god of thunder son of odin

  4. Love your shows. Started watching with cells at work. Seeing your chlorophyll remarks, will you do something about the pro-death, I mean anti vaxx problem?

  5. They really didn’t have a choice but to stick it in the neck tony is wearing a suit of amor his neck is the only thing exposed

  6. Are you really a doctor? I feel like if you were, you'd know that watching Iron Man 2 and Thor back to back would make you die of boredom

  7. Watched a couple of your videos now and I love how you explain the science but still give the movies that movie magic leiniancy! Its much more enjoyable to watch rather than someone ripping movies apart for not being 100% realistic. I also finally remembered to hit the sub button, cant wait for more!

  8. The reason Tony makes the comment about wind farms and feeling gassy is because of the Chlorophyll drink he’s drinking. The side effects especially when drinking the amount that he does can include feeling gassy. Also (nausea, diarrhea, and other weird but oddly interesting things) lol

  9. I feel like when they injected him in the neck as it was the only place they could have done it. he was Covered in a metal suit haha

  10. The thing that annoyed me about the distended blood vessels was the electronic pattern to them. There's just no reason for that.

  11. Now that's a reaction channel, better than those shitty reaction channel who just earns on someone else's video
    And this guy is giving some knowledge

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