1. Uk worst fir rape sexual abuse. Work with mod to do mkultra etc. This is northampton. Paedophikes working in the hospitals and medical centres up there. Thompson and his paedophile rapist phsycopath mob of scum

  2. Attempts by Doctors to maim,kill and infects patients does not bring Medicaid costs down and the causalities could be in the millions every year.

  3. every small car accident turns drama lawyer neck injury bullshit cost to people to buy car insurance in Canada this is solved

  4. De vita are users, they worked me like a dog, I had to run. Was employed as a dialysis tech, they give me 12 patients for 12 hrs wiich was SLAVERY

  5. If you want to read an Amazing nonfiction novel with the same theme just out in 2019:

    "The Medusa Enigma"

    By Dino Panvini,MD


    You will read about the bizarre conspiracy actions that were taken against Dr. Panini's professional career, personal life and safety, with multiple murder attempts and fraudulent allegations by the legal, medical system ,all because he did the right thing. These mind boggling actions will amaze and astound you.

    In thirty years, he never had a malpractice judgment or settlement against him, something few surgeons in this country can say. As you will learn, one of the lawyers mentioned in this book filed malicious, fraudulent malpractice actions against him for the same case three times, repeatedly alleging that he murdered his patient—despite having no evidence at all.

    You will learn about his multiple near-death experience and multiple attempts on his life. you will see the repercussions of the corruption within the judicial and medical hospital system, and a bizarre divorce like none you have ever encountered.

    This book describes real events hat have taken place as a reader will be enchanted with the drama, corruption, real life attempted murders witch will dazzle your mind and question how can this really happen. I can assure you that all the events in this book are true and captured for the challenge of the readers astonishment.

    The legal and medical corruption at work in the United States is a contagion—an epidemic that affects every American citizen, in one way or another, every day. Lawyers are not policed by the American Bar Association, and they run rampant, injuring millions of Americans financially, emotionally, and professionally. The legal system needs a complete overhaul, which only Americans can do.

  6. Æøåææ. Blind man, feel neglected but institution try keep him out as, they know he will feel…… Provocative, revolte

  7. So, if the doctors prepare documentation and the biller uses a dx code that is not a true treatable diagnosis, does or should not be accountable for an unethical and criminal act, that correct? However, this action was unknown by the biller of course. Usually doctors don't do the billing, if they did wouldn't that be considered adjusting policy procedures to fit the need of the professional unethical action? Could the admitting rep be in the dark when documenting a false admit diagnosis? The tests performed had to be altered along with medicines giving to patients that was not needed, or charged extra for the amount that was disregarded…cant deny the memos from the hospital board about admissions. Doctors would not wake up one day and decide to come up with these allegations. Get a grip of common sense people(non believers) why would a doctor want to put his career on the line and a job that was making his her living want to throw it all away? I call the case of a good humane conscious to help protect intended patients become victims of cruelty of diagnostic tests given by a Dr knowing the tests was not needed, unethical and experimental which was part of the first code of ethics that was passed in Germany after WWII by united states doctors states such acts mentioned in the video. The defense lawyer, who danced around nor giving any argument to suggest otherwise, she was vague. When asked about the accusations she became defensive when she could not state any facts to help her defense. hiding the fact she has no proof to deny what was communicated about admissions being mis dx. Think the company is just to emabarrased to admit it..coming across loud when they spoke( how a liar talks when trying to be convincing.

  8. I am a victim of "Organized Crime" – aka. SASKATCHEWAN WORKERS COMPENSATION. – Suffer severe workplace injury! Get Denied Medical diagnosis / treatment of workplace injury. 5 orthopedic surgeons + 4 neurosurgeons all refused diagnosis , treatment.

  9. Capitalism is fraud! KARL MARX
    The essence of capitalism is to turn nature into commodities and commodities into capital…

  10. I can't hear this. Oh well, I practically live in doctor's offices and hospitals. My doctor schedules four people each hour. No one gets great care in 15 minutes. Once she ran out of time and told me to go to the hospital! Still paying for that delightful day.

  11. Well who is manufacturing such smart gadgets which orders you to carry out a battery of investigations and based on that evaluates your efficiency and productivity? It's the engineers. Aren't they too involved in this scam. They got no oath like the hippocrates. Very lucky.They can do anything and get away with it. No litigation to fear.The engineers making the algorithms for patients and doctors are equally guilty.

  12. But why do The patients come over to the hospital. Obviously they have some complaints. Do you think all patients can be managed as an out patient for their complaints.

  13. In some cases or many instances you need to admit for investigations as and when needed. Because many a times the diagnoses will show up immediately. You got to wait. A head injury case with normal CT will after a day or two shows intra cranial bleed. How can you send them home confidently based on one CT finding. Pyrexia of unknown origin where again its a time based diagnosis. You cannot do a battery of tests at one go and arrive at a diagnosis. These investigations become positive at a particular time. You got to watch out for it.At times you may have to refer them if the hospital is not good enough.

  14. 20:59 This means that there is medicine that could be given to more people but they will use a few drops from multiple bottles for 1 patent where if someone needed 100 MG of a drug but they have to use 2 bottles but take 50 MG from each to give the 100 MG from only 1 bottle. This means 2 things.
    One: There is 1 bottle that went to wast.
    Two: The Drug Companies are having to produce more while they bill for double of the drug that is just wasted.

  15. If you trust “Drs” of any kind today, you are very foolish ppl. It’s all about $$$, and generally speaking they couldn’t care any less about your health when money is involved. These are just a bunch of sugar-coated tird souped up car salesmen, and glorified legalized drug dealers whom are conditioned to nothing more than dole out as many drugs, and procedures as possible, whether you actually need it or not. God help you if you actually have really good “insurance”. You will be used as a gineau pig in this never ending 3 ring circus of a money game to bleed the “insurance” Corps., and you for every cent possible. It’s legalized extortion plain and simple. And they are playing with your life, and contrary to popular assumption, your life means very little to them other than keeping you on the hook for more drugs, and procedures. If the money/coverage runs out, so do you. Think about this. The big thing many years ago used to be removing tonsils. It seemed like everyone “needed” them out, and was urged to have them removed. “It’s a common problem, and you don’t need them anyway” the Doctors would say. When is the last time you’ve heard of that? Did that “problem” just disappear? Yes, because they needed even more $$$$ Now, it’s gall bladder removal, etc….. And nearly all who have it done are absolutely not necessary. Just more $$$. Kind of like the cops used to write tickets for broken taillights, headlights etc….and since there’s not enough money to feed this massive greed machine, they’ve had to move on to more greedy methods of extorting money from the people. Dentists are FAR worse than this. There is no shame. Only the sheeple are in the dark, and blindly follow. It’s become socially acceptable now to be as corrupt as you want to be in today’s society. Especially if you have deep pockets to buy the Politicians with lobbiests in Washington D.C. And “Big Pharma” is the richest, and most corrupt cat in all the world. Far more than even “big oil” in fact. It all about money, and you are right smack in the mutilated pin cushion to be in the middle. I’m on overseas flights regularly with people who are traveling to various other countries to get what they will describe clearly as “cures” for various diseases like cancer. Many of which who were near death, or given a terminal diagnosis, and went overseas for cures, or even told they’d been “misdiagnosed” (aka lied to) by the Medical communities in “America”. It became so common that I went after the truth. It didn’t take long to find it. I ran smack into it like a concrete wall. I asked myself “Are we really that naive, and duped?” Yes, we are. I have had first hand experience with such cures now. We are absolutely a duped, brainwashed herd in “America”. I believe hands down the most duped in the world. Do yourself a huge favor. Take all that money you waste on insurance, place it in healthy foods, and place your faith back in God where those in this Country used to have it. Ignore the media, and all of the marketing hype, fads, etc… period. Get back to your roots or die. Literally.

  16. Doctors told me I might have cancer so I need more tests then another doctor told me i might have a heart defect and again might need surgery
    Of course the doctors were wrong each time

  17. We need to get government and the ridiculous third party system out of healthcare once again. Fraud, waste, and exorbitant costs only go away when the consumer is in charge.

  18. Take for example my actual friend case. So she used to pay individual private insurance $350 monthly, when Obama care became "law" and forced down our throats (with tax penalty if you don't join in), her monthly premium jumped to $550/mo for the exact same insurance plan. Called insurance company to see if anything cheaper, there isn't, because under Obama care, your insurance premium decided by where you live (rich neighborhood, higher prices) Half retired, that's a big expense for her, so she contacted "coveredCalifornia" which is Obama care discount plan by income consideration. Turns out, the forms/applicant process directly linked to welfare system so you need to disclose ALL your personal information. At the end of the day, "coveredCalifornia" assessed that her "discounted" monthly premium after income consideration by Obama care will be…get this, $350/mo, the SAME exact amount she used to pay for her private insurance before Obama care. More interestingly, their statement proudly listed on their bill how the government/Obama care will be footing $750/mo in insurance premium, that without going thru the covered California Obama BS care process, she'd have to pay $1100/mo premium directly to insurance company. So, at the end of the day, did it "save" her any money by giving her "affordable" medical care, or did the insurance company find a disingenuous way to make $750/mo extra per person from "thin air" thanks to Obama care? 😃

  19. You're all fucking evildoers. You should just shoot yourself in the fucking head. Be ashamed of yourself. Such fools you all are. Just fuck off and die!

  20. Greedy asses! I can't believe it! I really want you to fuck off and die! You can't fuck with people's lives like this. Just die already! !Greedy bastards!

  21. Fuckers!!You should be shot! Dead! Fuck you fuckers! I hate you fuckers! Fucking with people like me. I hope you die, and rot in hell.

  22. Discovery Channel: Better or Same quality health care in Taiwan cost $21, yet you have to pay $1200-1800 monthly to get less quality health care. You can figure the rest, WHY, WHY, HOW, WHAT, WHO….etc . Who stole all our hard-earned $$$ or meals, retirement, basic living. In Asia such as China or other countries, all those frauds are death penalties or life-long jails. Those medical + insurance frauds are prevalent in every nations and whole planet; but there is no penalty in USA – worst is job loss – but you scoured mega-million $$$ for life time. WHY NOT? There is no morality here, but criminals' heaven. We the ordinary people suffer daily the PAIN of CORRUPTION. May GOD's Judgment preside on this planet forever. They use every souls entered into their dark territories as exploited $$$ resources. They robbed us all with unrealized or realized promise that has no accountability to back up. Universal Laws of Karma will catch them this life time or next and next one way or another, all their crimes, deceit, lies, fraud are all in their DNA imprint as soul memories to be reviewed after life. What comes around goes around all the times.

  23. Oh you evil 🤬🤬🤬🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 people stay healthy 🙏🏻 don’t ever believe this dr now!!! They only work for Evil $$$$$😤 they don’t want you to get better!!! They want you $ and give you lots of Bs 🖕🏻

  24. Kim Rivera you are either going or crocked. How can you defend this CORRUPTION? How? Its,obvious what's happening. How can you defend Dr Vitas wrong doing? All thAt waste for what? A dollar. It's against God. Its,wrong. Wasting for money is,wrong. CORRUPTION….WHERES ALL THE HONEST PEOPLE…..


  26. They will let you stay in any hospital until your insurance runs out. That's across the entire US. About greed. Money …Root of all Evil.

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