1. ok if your town is gonna be called hyde how will you not expect a nice exterior from a DOCTOR (jekkyl) but is an actual insane freak… you can tell where i'm going with this

  2. 2:55 He would meet his future wife, he was 19 and she was 17…
    – The moral of the story, Patriarchy creates serial-killers, never get married is the ONLY WAY to avoid becoming serial killer…

  3. I am so angry that the General medical Council were said by the judge to have no way of knowing he was a killer.What exactly was the GMC's role in the case do you ask? According to them their 'statutory purpose is to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public'. So why then when Shipman was convicted of forging medication for himself did they just give him a £600 fine and then allow him to have his own practice just run by him! Ridiculous, he effectively gets a slap on the wrist for taking tax payers money and abusing his position.This is the man you entrust with the vulnerable? On top of that he was later reported by another GP to have a suspicious amount of deaths. Still nothing done by the GMC.

    Now they act like they are such wonderful people because they've made reforms since then, crediting it in their history of improvements.They still get money from practising doctors. I at-least hope all GMC members involved with that case are gone and its less of an old boys club now.

  4. With my luck I'll get one of these kinds of doctors. They'll realize what he is doing but too late for me. I guess over dose of morphin though would not be bad. Do you suffer or realize what's going on?

  5. its scary to think this guy was getting away with all those murders since 1975 to 1998, 23 years time period, thats unbelievable

  6. This guy was a a particularly devious serial killer. Killing In the guise of a professional who is suppose to help people not harm them. Despicable!!!

  7. In year 6 for 3 days we went on a start of the year trip with my school (most British schools do that) to robin wood a forest area in todmorden

  8. Big brain joke:
    Dr. Death killed everyone and didn’t cure them

    Depressed people: THIS GUY IS AN ANGEL

    sorry if I offended anyone

  9. I think he was worst than your average serial killer who murders at random strangers. He did it with an appearance of kindness and mercy which makes it worse and more evil.

  10. Blaming his mother's death for his actions is just excusing it as far as I am concerned. A lot of people have lost their mother's in similar circumstances and haven't gone on to be a mass serial killer. Some people are just born psychopaths with no conscience.

  11. you don’t pass exams to get into grammar school, it’s either a scholarship which the grammar school offers you based on your grades but that aren’t tied to the test it’s delft it’s more like a collage thing u need As or whatever or you pay for the school.

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