Doctor Love – SNL


  1. Why does it burn? Because you should drink, bro! Drink for your life! I've had so many urethros and open surgery man, I can only recommend to all of you two things:
    1.) Don't sit down for peeing! It's not meant that way. If you miss the bowl, just wipe it away, but don't sit!
    2.) Drink! Drink ounces and ounces of tab water, sparkling or still – doesn't matter, but don't flush down 2 litres of juice or alcohol. It damages your blatter. And you don't want doctors and three dozens of nurses deal with you sliced-open dick.

    What has been damaged once, might never be fully restored. So listen to this and maybe nature will spare you from this.

  2. β€œBangs it down raw dawg”…yes, I quoted a video you just saw so reward my lack of self esteem by liking πŸ‘πŸ» my lazy comment

  3. They should of wrote the cue cards on his clip board…although looking up to read a clip board below you is still freaking hilarious

  4. I loved this so much πŸ˜‚ And while I simply adore SNL, their subtitles are sadly quite confusing.

  5. This sketch actually have me the courage to have a talk with my special girl… You wouldn't believe how it turned out, thank god it wasn't badly though.

  6. he still has gonorrhoea but at least it's curable and not that dangerous if undetected so they can have happy gonorrhoea babies together

  7. "I found out later, that man went to the airport, asked her to be with him and she said yes. Two months later, he died of some easily treatable disease that I missed. I forget what it's called. It had a couple of Z's in the name. But in those two months, that man lived more than most ever do… until the out of control vomiting and rectal bleeding started."

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