doctor we couldn't save his hand in the surgery we're sorry woman you said he was gonna be alright well his left hand is gone so he's gonna be all right I've heard the topic of meme review get thrown around and I found out that PewDiePie was the one who made me reviews popular I asked you guys send me the funniest medical memes all right this is your spine me what the put it back if I go into my patient that like this is your spine and they say put it back I will cry it just it's the truth of the matter when a new patient doesn't remember the names of their medications you've got to give them the judgmental Justin Timberlake guys sleeping positions of different professionals and then the doctor is on call and the ER no but seriously I feel like whenever I was on call for a 24-hour shift I would only be in the bed and you can catch me in the bed for like 15 minutes at a time oh you got Targaryen lady Denarius delirious delirious he's refused to call me Queen and you have RNA and DNA RNA is single-stranded like her hair even though that's not really a single strand but it looks like one and then DNA is a double helix well you see doc the problem is obesity runs in my family doctor no the problem is nobody runs near family not everyone's obesity is a result of them being sedentary in fact the biggest problem when it comes to obesity is nutrition I broke my arm in three places doctor well don't go to those places I love it I've made this joke to my patients before I have to admit it they weren't happy with me show up 15 minutes late they cancel your appointment show up on time too doctor you're waiting an hour my man Denzel knows what's up we want to give patients the appropriate out of time that they need for their given appointments right so if you come 15 minutes late you're actually impeding on the time of someone else's appointment you're healthy as a horse meet great Oh horse with cancer what it means spirited I feel like there should be a horse somewhere in this picture is there one no no horse she's just a little paranoid her shift is quiet and going smoothly so she thinks it's the coming of the apocalypse us healthcare professionals we are superstitious we don't like saying the q''-word have said it before I wish I did in 6-7 admissions to rapid responses one code blue and obviously I didn't get any sleep and I was like that last meme where the doctor is not in this bed performs life-saving 12-hour surgery patient thanks god I want to live to be a hundred years old auntie max mom three yeah why is on one hand when I'm in the ER I'm saving you and then when your child comes to see me in the office I'm poisoning them with neurotoxins so I heard that you two finally tied the clot sure did coagulation actually platelets are involved in the clot there's no platelets here actually is that a platelet I don't know it kind of looks like it's just a red blood cell ever find yourself admiring a stranger's veins HAP so loopy right next time should be like Ronnie Coleman you don't know who Ronnie Coleman is that's Ronnie Coleman this guy has a garden hoses for veins expectations vs. reality going to the doctors with Instagram knowledge this is mean I can't react to this all people are beautiful headache normal person I didn't sleep well medical student I have intracranial hematoma med students because we're constantly learning about certain illnesses the symptoms at one point or another will match up with something that you're having or experiencing and you think you have the worst possible scenario just because it's like front of mind top tip of tip of tongue front of mind I don't know the expression doctor looks like you don't have any health insurance so he'll let you die okay fantastic thank you we don't let our patients die when they don't have insurance in fact in my hospital where I work we have a charity care system in place for this exact reason to make sure people get covered if they don't have enough money to pay for insurance my face when I've been admitted and someone tells me to get well soon but how to figure out a doctor's handwriting medical alphabet this is me people have been telling me this since I was in third grade and I was getting like season penmanship don't worry I practice automatic in lessons this is so true nowadays what we do is we make sure we bring in a senior doctor who has done this enough is clear to do it will now watch this person perform the procedure and sign off each time they do it until they get the required numbers in I would have loved if this meme said don't worry I practiced it on surgeon simulator chop-chop no you're Auto me to chop his lungs what did the surgeon say to the patient who insisted on closing up his own incision suit yourself that's okay when you're 24 hours shift is finally over but you see a critical patient being weak who did yeah when I was young I decided to go to medical school at the entrance exam we were asked to rearrange letters P and E is and formed the name of an important human body part which is most useful when erect those who answered spine are doctors today while the rest are on Facebook is it bad that I wasn't thinking spine I totally wasn't thinking spine feel like this is a trick question and I don't think this is accurate so if you thought what I thought and you know what you thought should be okay with it super freak welcome to the medical field where any day is a workday and the holidays don't matter so true whose line is it anyway one of the greatest shows of all time but yeah any workday every day is a workday and holidays definitely don't matter in fact Christmas is right around the corner and guess what I'm gonna be working multiple days especially after Christmas so when you realize that you still have over 1,000 slides to study for the exam and it's 1:00 a.m. I'm fine this is how I study I know people say cramming is bad and it is for most people I was I studied for a short period of time I could not do it for a lot of tests like for the big ones I obviously studied but for the majority of my tests when it was the weekend before I just got in the zone man Rose read it's hot like hell mitochondria it's the energy center of self so it's a grocer edits ha like hell the energy center of the cell yeah asks you where hurts then puts pressure on it we want to localize your pain we want to see what part of the anatomy is actually hurting distinguish if it's bone neuro pain is it the same type of pain that you're complaining about or is this a new pain that I've discovered because there's a difference between tenderness and pain it's a very important distinction antibiotics for Mexico my throat itch extra I had plenty of time to look over the results are they good I don't know don't look at them I have to admit I've done this before so the results that we get usually if something is abnormal they get highlighted right away so it jumps at your attention if I see that there's nothing abnormal and the patient isn't coming in for another week and I know it's not urgent I I will say a line like this I have like oh I saw your lab results than my patient's BIC well how how are they like well let's take a look at them together maybe because I totally did it pay attention I don't remember exactly what the labs were thank you student loans for helping me get through medical school I don't think I can ever repay you they definitely help you get through med school because when you go through year one and year two you're usually around $100,000 in debt at that point so guess what if your 3 starts going not so well you have a fire lit behind you where you're like oh man I'm a hundred thousand in debt and if I fail out now I'm in trouble so they do help you get through med school and I hope you can repay them how you actually look first how you look in your hospital badge photo I don't know what it is that cameras that we use in the hospitals to take our photo IDs look like they're like Polaroids from the 1960 and I hope I'm not getting that wrong it's just the quality is bad it changes the dimensions of your face so tell me everything you told the nurse five minutes ago actually Gabby had adjust told me this deal day she said that new doctors actually read the charts because I say hard no I worked last week on a long shift and I walked into a room where the nurse told me some brief details about the patient I totally forgot them because I got caught up doing some else and I again walked in I said hey so tell me what seems to be the problem and I thought about Gabby and I was like now I know why they think we sometimes don't read the chart do you think this puppy is adorable well he used to be like this big 20 pounds click here for his puppy video as always stay happy and healthy


  1. Me: How long do I have to live?

    Doctor: 10.

    Me: 10 what?

    Doctor: 9.

    Me: You just said 10.

    Doctor: 8…..7….6…5…4…

    Shut up I'm stupid.

  2. Maybe doctors do read nurses notes,but I started taking in my own notes with my medical history & current meds to hand over to them just in case they weren't listening!

  3. Anyone know this meme?
    Guy: doctor my shoulder hurts when i touch it
    Doctor: then dont touch that will be 60 dollars

  4. The pain one was so true, it happened like a week ago when I went into the ER because I fractured my ankle

  5. 5:25, I think why most people don't think spine is because the letters are arranged in that its almost the other word.

  6. The P N E I S one is a trick. When your brain tries to make a word out of scrambled letters, it starts by keeping the first and last letters in place and rearranging the middle. I would guess most people think of "not spine" lol

  7. I can relate to 3:40, as an entomologist student every bump or sore I have im like "ITS PARASITIC WORMS. ITS THE ONLY EXPLANATION"

  8. I once arrived an hour early to a doctors appointment and 30 minutes after my name should have been called (so 1.5 hours of waiting) I was still waiting. Told the ladies behind the desk that my appointment was scheduled for 30 minutes prior, that I was still waiting, and that I needed to be at work in 45 minutes. Five minutes later they called my name.

  9. I have a question. I have been having spontaneous pains near or around my heart occasionally for a long time now, but I'm no even older than 20. Can somebody explain?

  10. I think he missed the point of the fifteen minute late versus hour wait meme. The point is, that if you have to wait an hour for your appointment when you show up on time, showing up fifteen minutes late doesn’t impede on anyone else’s appointments, as it’s just fifteen minutes of an hour long wait anyway. All it does is shortens how long you have to wait.

  11. Fyi, the reason the doc asks the same questions again is for the reason Mike has stated before, patients will not be entirely honest with med history at first but when asked again you get a better idea of the truth, not to mention nurses have a set bed plan where docs go where they are needed. Especially when there's an emergency.

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