Doctor Strange 2 Loki Crossover and Marvel Phase 4 Teaser Trailer Breakdown


  1. Here's my Doctor Strange 2 Loki Crossover video! Post your theories about their next meeting! Here's my new Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 2 Teaser Trailer video!

  2. Theory from me is that Loki gets free reign until the end of the show and Doctor strange shows up in the last episode

  3. Theory: Strange will think some anomalies in time are part of Wanda Vision fallout but by the end of the movie he relies it has been Loki . . . which lead into the Loki series.

  4. I think that Loki will take the time stone and use it against doctor strange and then Loki will kill strange and then Wong will go to another universe and get another strange

  5. I hope loki turns himself into the hulk and absolutely runs roit, destroying everything making bruce to put the hulk on ice as everyone hate the real hulk .

  6. Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is way too good of a character for them to let go of yet. I’m sure we will be seeing him for many years to come. Very excited to see how Feige and the rest of them work out am explanation that non-comic book fans can understand and appreciate

  7. I think that Loki, Wanda and Doctor Strange might team up at some point. If you remember the Damnation arc in the comics, such a thing happened. Yeah, it was an illusion from Mephisto, but the MCU can make it happen for real. Also in the future might not be played by Tom Hiddleston, but might be the Lady Loki version of the character.

  8. Theory: I think it’ll be simple and the time hopping Loki will help Strange and in the end Strange will bring back into the time line.

  9. My crazy guess….. Dr. Doom will be an alternate time line of Tony Stark. A time line where Morgan and Pepper killed. He snaps and goes dark thinking he is the only one that knows best for the earth.

  10. I realised by this…Tom Hiddleston will maybe be in 4 MCU Projects in 2021:
    An episode of What If, his very own Loki Series, Doctor Strange 2 as maybe a cameo and Thor 4 as something…WOW!!!
    That's A LOT!!! No wonder, he is keeping his mouth shut!!!

  11. Loki may find a place with nightmares side, weather Wanda good or nuts. He will work on increasing power. Wether jumping good or bad back and forth to increase his power as he always has. He may think letting nightmare or Wanda will clear the field til he has what he thinks is best outcome or Hope's to get another gem from strange. I think Loki will be a shadow. What I thought ebony maw would have been or least in comics. Scary possibilities.
    Thanku for holding competition. You're generous man. That saga set is expensive. Winner will be getting bomb gift. Oh luv vids and breakdowns. You keep me and many current to super mischief. Thankyou again

  12. My loki theory in doctor strange two is the Loki that escaped in endgame will be brought to their reality by doctor strange for his help or stumbles upon him amidst whatever chaos the multiverse is in.

  13. So Marvel is using the shows to act as prologues and epilogues to the movies. And giving an opportunity to get even more in depth with character. Dope.

  14. He's gotta cover his tracks after his escape, he uses a shadow clone jutsu and the clone sets him free and puts the shackles on himself.

    I think the biggest twist was this is how it's always how it played out post Avengers I, no divergent time-line but a clone thinking he's the real deal up until his neck is snapped by Thanos. Meanwhile real loki, true villain loki is still being mischievous elsewhere.

  15. I think in wandavision, Wanda will rip a hole in the multiverse that basically serves as a tunnel through realities that is accessible to those who are powerful enough to travel it like nightmare or Loki and that's how Loki gets back to our earth

  16. I mean this as a legitimate question, I promise I'm not being rude or cocky when I ask: why would time travel be any different in a different universe parallel to the MCU?

  17. Doctor Strange fights an inter-dimensional villain and finds out after defeating him that it’s actually Loki having become said villain with the mind stone

  18. Loki, having discovered that Dr. Strange had shamed his alternate future self desires to completely shame this Earth wana' be wizard!

  19. Doctor strange is gonna run into Loki in a different universe while he is traveling through different universes trying to chase the antagonist (whoever that is) then there's gonna be an argument between them, then doctor strange takes off to a different universe, and with the power of the space stone Loki chases after him,

  20. Loki will for sure wreak mayhem every moment! He has a head start knowing more than what happens in the alternate timeline he disappears to.

  21. Theory is that Loki taking the Tesseract created a divergence in the timeline that Cap couldn't fix and it is going to be met by Strange along with the FF and/or X-Men. Where as the X-Men/FF are going to be mid/end credit scenes, Loki and Wanda are going to be some MAJOR plot points. I know that this is the theory of a LOT of people, but it is the one I am going to subscribe to until proven otherwise.

  22. During a multiversal conflict, Dr. Strange will summon Loki to him (somehow) because he knows he could be a powerful ally.

  23. It's pretty obvious why Loki will be in 'Dr. Strange and The Multiverse of Madness'. Loki will be causing madness toward the multiverse hahaha, just like Wanda.

  24. Loki might try and get the time stone in his universe before Dr. Strange does, but our Strange will get it and bring it back to our universe. Can't be Dr. Strange without the Eye of Agamotto. It would be like not having his cape.

  25. Nightmare runs into Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange , and Loki and tries warping the current reality only to be stopped by Loki

  26. I have feeling that Loki will appear in Doctor Strange 2 and steal the eye of Agamoto for his own scheme. This movie is basically about Magic.

  27. What if Loki poses as Dr. Strange when the Ancient One dies to get the time stone? Like right before he is about to get the stone, Loki swoops in and with the Tesseract and trades places to get it and cause chaos. Of course there would need to be more details but just a premise.

  28. Loki with the tesseract/space stone…i think he might've figured out a way to travel through the multiverse. That would be pretty cool

  29. I think that maybe loki is going to be The villain Nighmares herald.I also think he is going to lure wanda to nightmare so that he can manipulate her into making everybody’s worst Nightmare come true.

  30. Dude, I'm sure Loki hes going to act as a free agent. I'm hoping Dr.Strange or someone who has knowledge of Lokis growing pains, the loki we know who thanos killed shows him how he changed.

  31. Multiverse of madness will prove the multivesrse excists and will have them traveling between them, at some point they will find loki with in a different verse

  32. Theories about phase 4 in Marvel
    ☆The Adventures of Loki☆
    I am sure that everybody knows when Kevin foggy talks you should listen much more carefully because he will hide some clue cleverly and it will always be like that you think that you find some time but you always wouldn't be completely sure.
    Now what I figured out goes as follow in the Marvel Phase 4 announcement when Kevin was talking about Loki serie and very casually he uses the word "STRANGE" as he was describing the places loki will visit.
    If you look at his face while saying that that you will agree with me that there's something behind that word. I for one, think he is hinting that Loki and doctor Strange will cross path either in Loki series or in doctor strange's movie. This is my theory and as I was thinking about it, Remastered that All of the phase 4 movies and series are interconnected, then suddenly it hit me for creating this interconnectivity the should have characters and plot points and locations all sorts of things all sorts of things true cross and appear in different projects and timelines and stories right?! What is better than a rogue and under development also fully developed character without any known or foreseeable path or destination like "loki"?! I mean there must be some other function and purpose to telling the story of a fully developed character again from the beginning. I think Loki will play a very important part in the storyline or or other aspects of the whole internet connectivity of Marvel Phase 4 what do you say think?!

  33. I'm thinking that Doctor Strange is going to have to go back in time to fix the mess that Loki makes with the tesseract. And Loki tries to stop him at every turn. Wanda having breaks with reality is going to make the situation even worse.

  34. Theory: Obviously Loki will do some crazy, over the top revenge move on Hulk and the other As but the Doctor will intervene just in time.

  35. Since Loki when we left nyc in endgame, depending on how his character evolves in the tv series, he could use his magic to be the main villain in doctor-strange 2 in disguise

  36. Video suggestion: as Kevin Feige said at Comic Con we have the next 5 years planned, we just didn’t know how much to reveal, please make a video on what you think the next 3 years will contain after Phase 4, Movie and TV please 👌🏻👍🏻👌🏻👍🏻

  37. This version of Loki has no idea Asgaurd has fallen, no idea Oden is dead, No idea about Hella. So I think he goes back to the place he feels would be safe, back to Asguard and that is when he finds out what the Loki of this present day time has experinced.

  38. So… Doctor Strange 2 might start during the last minutes of the final episode of WandaVision and end with a post-credit scene introducing the Loki series?

  39. Loki is going cause a disturbance in the multi verse so Dr Strange will find the time stone to fix it and he is probably going end up undoing something from endgame

  40. Multiverse of madness better have some lovecraftinan aspects in there, I mean they are referencing lovecrafts book “ In the mountains of madness”

  41. Loki is going to be hoping around the universe with the time stone. End up being recruited by nightmare (he’s bad still you know). Become a pawn for nightmare and eventually fight doctor strange & scarlet witch. They will notice him doc strange may give him all his old memories back & he will go back to mcu earth with them to be in Thor

  42. Maybe Loki manipulate the timeline so that Thor isn't worthy anymore of his hammer in Thor: The dark world and that Jane Foster lifts it.

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