Doctor Strange Levitates into DEATH BATTLE


  1. Dr Fate isn't talked about as much on Nerd channels on YouTube that I watch, so I don't know exactly how powerful he is and only know he gets his powers from lords of chaos and order. Strange though has been compared to silver age superman in how broken his power is in the comics, and even after it was nerfed in the demons debt story that involved a mystical war between all the forces he calls on the powers of regularly, he eventually got on good terms with them again and got his powers back. And even if Dr Fate was more powerful Strange regularly defeated beings like Dormomu who over power him using his witt. Plus while Strange protects the Marvel world from mystical forces mostly by himself, I'm told constantly by DC Fans Constantine is arguable more responsible for handling all the magical threats than Dr Fate is.
    Strange would likely figure out a way to use Fates Helmet against him.

  2. Hey ScrewAttack I really enjoy Death Battle, keep it up👍🏾 you should do
    Robotech vs Gundam next time!

  3. Dr. strange the guy so powerful that he was able to hold is own against Adam warlock who at the time was wielding the infinity gauntlet.

  4. Well classic Strange was powerful enough to escape the LT's prison. Powerful enough to battle multiversal entities etc. But I hope this fight goes good

  5. Got an idea no one has thought of yet! Emperor Mateus (FFII) vs Gilgamesh (Fate series). The emperor of Earth, Heaven, and Hell vs the king that claims all things as his treasure!

  6. I have a feeling that fate will win well since marvel wins alot than dc i think they will give it to dc this time

  7. The problem is which versions are they going to use. You can't blend pre nerf Strange with MCU Strange, even current comic Strange doesn't blend well with MCU Strange. Then there is the problem with Fate. What if they use the version from Smallville lol or try to blend him with Justice league unlimited stuff. Fate's top power changes depending on who is writing him the same is true with Strange. This is almost as bad of a match up of reality warpers. Every can have a good argument for their favorite because depending on which story you look at they have done things that are ridiculous and then failed in another story for the dumbest reason usually plot

  8. The winner depends on which doctor strange they are using old or new , cuz if old doctor strange will win but if new then I would put my money on fate

  9. I frankly don't think he'll win this.


    Edit: I actually wanted Strange to win, but I just don't think that he will.

  10. Dr. Strange has to win. Pls he really needs to just cut something in half with his portals, easily could have stopped Thanos.

  11. As someone fairly knowledgeable about both, I'd have to give this to Fate. He pretty much has direct access to the powers of a god. He also has super strength and invulnerability without the helmet.

  12. Marvel is great. But let's all be real DC writes all their characters to be super OP. Fate is most likely gonna win. Marvel vs D.C. Battles are great but really no point. Just look at how they write their characters.

  13. This is another marvel vs dc battle and since marvel won last time I'm sure screwattack will make sure that dc wins. This is how the system works just look and absorb the previous battles it's all how it works.

  14. I have a good feeling that doctor strange will win because he has the power to look at different alternatives universe and see how many times he wins and lose. After all, he did use in (spoiler alert) titan during avenger's infinity war(or the avengers 3). All he has to do is to use his powers that I just mention (if you weren't reading the top part) earlier and see how many times he wins and choose one of several, hundreds, possibly even thousands alternatives universe where he wins.

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