Does My Cat Have Separation Anxiety?

I had a question what he is 15 so he's a senior he's a senior boy and just it seems to a porn side of the daylight savings time if he has started to have a little bit of separation anxiety when I go to work just like simple things it's not like when I'm gone for a long time but anytime I get my keys or I'm getting ready to eat he knows my routine and he's starting he comes to the door and sometimes even when I come home he will be knowing at the door even though it's not time for food cuz he doesn't gets fed like in the morning at night and I talked to my dad about it and he everything else seems normal he sees in the litter box he's eating normally we play every day yeah action it does his own thing and I've done things like I have a bird feeder I have things for him to like do when I'm not here useful but I was warning if you had any other tips because cats define their lives by this the Sun itself I mean cats are like sundials right at certain parts of the day they're going to be in certain places as the Sun changes position remember you know the raw cat that cat that wakes up and says I have to hunt they are going to be active at dawn and dusk doesn't matter like when the Sun goes up and goes down they'll be out there you know but here's the crazy part because your circadian rhythm changes with daylight savings time now we've got a cat who's completely freaking confused because the Sun saying one thing and you're saying something else altogether right so you guys were in concert just a few weeks ago and now suddenly everything's out when routine changes for a cat they're not going to take it well so you're going to see that sort of mismatch and what your job is is to keep that routine completely intact you know don't if you acquiesce to him going I need you to do something right now and you're like okay five five five five here you go then you're keeping them off balance right unfortunately it's like jet lag right if you're in Paris yesterday and you're in Madison today you're gonna wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning one and lunch and you've got to convince yourself that ain't lunch time it's the middle of the night you know keep sleeping it's the same thing you're gonna tell your cat it's not time to eat right now it'll be time when the Sun starts going down and that's how we set our clocks together the other thing in terms of separation anxiety a quick little tip we all tend to sort of do this a little bit so the cat starts to exhibit separation anxiety what do you do you start doing this thing before you leave the house right where you're like honey it's not a big deal in a while and it's not a big deal at all the cat here's is what the hell's going on you know what a big deal it's a big deal right that's all day here blank blank blank big deal and you're treating them differently which feeds into the fear itself a couple of things you can do switch up your routine just a little bit in the morning your cat if he has separation anxiety knows what it means when you pick up your keys off the table right he knows what that means he knows you're leaving right so you pick up your keys five minutes after you wake up and put them in your pocket then you hang out for an hour you know what I mean you feed him right before you leave the next day right when you wake up you make sure that you're keeping that that that schedule just a little bit off so then when you go to leave you can just leave and not make a big deal out of it so one thing is switch up schedule second thing is don't make a big deal when you leave the house third thing is even the little something to do while you're leaving so I know you were saying you have cat TV you have birdhouses and stuff like that your best friend could be a puzzle toy you know those little balls right you know puzzle balls put a couple of treats in there the only time he gets those kind of jackpot eat up treats is when it's in that puzzle ball and then with you know and again you're switching this up five minutes before you leave right when you leave ten minutes before and you put out the ball he's playing with it he's getting treats and he's enjoying himself and you're out the door don't say bye I know that sounds weird don't say bye don't yeah I'll be back soon none of that just walk out I'm not a bad cat go ahead I'm not bad cat your back I'm just misunderstood yeah


  1. I think my cat has always had separation anxiety. Even when me and my family is home he’ll sit in the front hall and cry and cry and howl (sometimes a guttural moan that just agh it sounds like it hurts!) when we call out he mewls and runs for us. When he cant find us he does that and then after that he checks up in every single place we hang out then picks a place to sit and wait. By the door in his box, on my blanket, on my mom’s couch, on my dad’s pillow etc. he’s very rarely in a place we cant find. Its not really a bother, hes quite cute, what concerns me is that he will and has gone hoarse from crying before…he bounces back but its always concerning. Hes made himself sick before (as in vomiting) from stress as well. Nothing else is wrong with him, nothing in the house changed, but if the door to a room is shut he just…breaks down sometimes. We’ve had him since he was little (hell since i was little!) hes 10 years old and he has ALWAYS done this. Is there any way to help with the averse side affects on his end? I dont want him worrying away but he does it even when we are around!!

  2. I have seperation anxiety and my cat demands attention when I come home. He either will scratch the sofa or pee, I know if I greet him well he's fine but if I rush in and start doing stuff, he does the notty. More less after a long day at work.
    What to do? Help…
    Any advice?

  3. Whenever I left my house for work, my family always told me my cat meows a lot in a sort of painful way. She's healthy and I always leave plenty of food, but it doesn't stop her from acting as she does. Then whenever I get home, she waits at the door, runs and purrs against my leg, and follows me into my room before either wanting me to pet her or laying on my stomach.
    Of course, a lot of researchers claim that separation anxiety for cats is non-existent, but I really can't find myself to believe that simply out of personal experience.

  4. My cat gets upset when I go out. I never go out more than 6 hrs ever! Obviously there is always someone at home. I don't go on holidays at all cause I don't want to upset my baby ( my cat ). She's healthy and happy: ) so I guess I don't mind the sacrifice.

  5. My 19 old kitten goes Cujo. She will ram the door continuously until I return. She sounds like a 100 lb dog.

  6. mine does….

    but i think it's because his previous owner died on him, and basically left him alone. only reason i got him is because i found him roaming the street.

    i use this as a benefit for me, as he follows me like a dog, i take him to the park, walk him sans leash, it's real fun. But yeah, don't aqueous.

  7. Just get another cat. They will befriend each other eventually. Get a kitten even, they are easier to befriend for any cat, I think.

  8. My kitten is about 7 months now and not to long ago she would be perfectly fine on her own but a couple of days ago she started meowing for no reason and she won't start meowing unless I'm not there I mean she's normal from what we can see but if I'm not there she meows in a really depresed tone and it worries me because not only at day but at night I'm not too much of a day person and she meows alot at night more then day but she still meows alot at day time and by not there I mean if she's in the den are I'm in the living room she'll cry until she can see me and even if we're in the same room and I'm laying down she might cry until she sees me or I tell her I'm in the room sometimes that doesn't work either she also does this waird thing were if I pet her she'll lay on her belly and kick her back legs I'm not putting pressure on her idk what is happening to my cat…plz send help

  9. Everytime I come home.. my cat knows it's me..
    Doesn't matter if he is eating his favourite treat or sleeping.
    He will run to the door and as soon as I open it.. it's like he is saying "why did you leave me?"
    He will keep on meowing until I carry him and cuddle him.
    If I'm ever out of too long.. my folks calls me and say "your baby is complaining because you are not here"..
    I love him just the way he is..
    I just home this doesn't cause any harm to him

  10. My wife has told me that if I don't say bye to my cat when I go to work she spends all night wondering the house and How long, which keeps my wife up. It probably doesn't help that the cat sleeps all day with me. Of course her and the other cat chase each other up and down the stairs all night regardless of whether I let her know I'm leaving, it's just without the yowling.

  11. I have a kitten its about 3 weeks old and it was born on my bed next to me and I've constantly given it attention since it was born and when i have to sleep i put it back in its box so i dont lay on it while im sleeping but it will start scratching at the side of the box or try to jump out and meow loudly im not really sure what to do it stops if the mom comes in and feeds it if i put the mom in she jumps out and leaves the room is it bad that this is happening
    Ive had many kittens in my house cuz one of the cats i use to have when i was younger got pregnant a lot but it never happened with her kittens but she never just had one baby. Its kind of concerning is it just clingy cuz it's use to me and being on my bed or is something wrong (sorry for the long comment and sorry if its confusing or stupid im not great with words)

  12. My cat Papi has that and ocd. I'm also thinking he is bi polar. He wakes me up befor work and i work night shift, has his routine, runs threw the house like a crazy cat while I'm getting ready then he runs and kicks the front door…ninja style. Same thing when i get home. Everyday….

  13. hi there ^^ my little cat is super clingy and is always following me around eveywhere, and now that i have to leave home for colledge i'm super worried about leaving him? what to do ? any tips plz?

  14. I'm worried about my cat. She's 11months and just lost her brother and she's been so needy. How can I help her feel less insecure?

  15. My cat is fine when I leave for work or errands, but he constantly meows when I walk into the garage and close the door. He is also fine with bathroom door being closed. Not sure what his problem is with the garage.

  16. I have a cat who has been bottle-fed before I got her (the litter she came from was just too large for the mother cat to handle). Since she's been with me, she has grown to me pretty fast. Especially because I am at home most of the time.
    And yes, she has separation anxiety because she is used to being taken cared of and being with people (or at least one person) all day. Whenever I leave the house or go upstairs she starts meowing like crazy. Upstairs is a no-go area, because my daughter was a baby a few years ago and I didn't want any cats in her room.
    She's also half-blind and is easily startled when approached, but doesn't hiss or act hostile at all. She just takes a step back and when she sees you don't mean her any harm, she is her all-friendly self again and goes nuzzling up against your hand.
    But I love her to bits. She is very cuddly and friendly to me as well as to everyone else. Even to my other cats, who only think she's a weirdo and try to avoid her.

  17. My kitten has this. Every time I leave the room she cries and cries. I feel so bad. I think she might feel like she can't follow me. And everytime I leave for school, she goes crazy. She meows and cries.

  18. my cat never leaves me alone
    if I lay down, he's on me
    if I sit, he's on me
    if I'm standing, he climbs on a chair next to me and sits there or jumps on my shoulder
    if I leave him in my room, he's meowing
    if I'm using the bathroom and he's outside the room, he's meowing
    if he is in the bathroom, he's jumping in my lap
    if I even walk by the door to leave he's right next to it meowing

  19. I think its us who has separation anxiety. Like if im sad, ill say "Leo looks so sad" We try to humanize them. I leave Leo plenty of activities, blinds open and low classical music to keep him relaxed. I used to make a big deal "I promise ill be back, id never leave you" I think he likes his alone time. I miss him more than he misses me.


  21. I'm not sure circadian(sp?) rythm is relevant to seperation anxiety. She's lonely and wants to socialize. It's just me and her, so it makes sense. My kitty will meow and meow for hours when she's not in my bedroom with me. She has to be in and on literally everything I am — INCLUDING the shower. I can't cook anymore because she'll attack my knives while I'm using them. She'll also attack whatever I'm holding like it's a toy for her. I am learning to wear a turban for religious purposes but I can't practice tying it because kitty will destroy it. She already put a hole in it. Seriously, I've had a lot of cats and I've never had one that was untrainable. She has food and water. I pet her and play with her. I keep her litter clean. She has toys, scratchers, and the like. I have had my neighbors complain about her incessant LOUD meowing. She also doesn't eat when Infeed her, even if I withhold her food for a few hours longer than normal. Which means my usual twice a day feeding schedule isn't going to work. If she doesn't outgrow this I'll be forced to euthanize her. I've done everything fornher that I've done successfully with my previous cats and nothing sticks with her. I think I wasted $1,000 on an asshole. She's a Highland Lynx, by the way. If you have any ideas tell me.

  22. My cat just turned 1. His name is Shadow and he really lives up to his name. He is my shadow. Everywhere I go in the house he follows, he will keep his distance but still has to be in the same room with me. He watches me do dishes, laundry, follows me to the bathroom, and I definitely can not be in the bedroom without him. When I leave he meows for a short second, but when I tell him I'm leaving where I'm going and I'll be right back before telling him I love him he will just wait by the side door for me to get home. I don't think he has separation anxiety I just think he loves his mommy. It's gotten worse since I became pregnant though.

  23. My fur baby has separation anxiety real bad now ever since I had a major heart attack and was gone from home for a month,how do I help her please.

  24. One of my cat's is very scaredy. Is afraid of my whole family, runs away when I or anyone comes. Sometimes is brave, but I think she has Asperger. And I wanna train her brave 100%
    I think she has either Asperger or Anxiety.

  25. Jackson , hi , whenever I leave my apt . I tell my cat that I love her and I ll be back . Does she understand that ?

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