Does the Keto Diet Work Kristin Shaffer

hey girls it’s kristin shaffer and today
we’re going to talk about Keto. I wish I had a dollar for every time somebody’s
asking me about the keto diet because especially now how this it’s all the
rage and it has been for a couple of years now it’s what everybody’s talking
about it’s the new thing the new diet we will say diet fad I’ll put that out
there and so I wanted to comment on it today because I’m getting a lot of
questions about this often frequently so the first thing I wanted to mention was
that you know when this keto sort of the keto diet kind of came back because it
has been around before I actually remember and I think it was those 90s
where the keto diet was pretty popular then even for late weight loss and one
of the things that I remember about that is at that time when I started getting
into the whole bodybuilding fitness bikini competition world you know body
builders were really concerned about going into a ketosis state and I mean in
a negative way that was something they did not want to do and it they were
really concerned about it affecting them in a very negative way as far as their
fat loss and their muscle growth muscle growth in particular so I found this
kind of interesting that this is researched again as it’s kind of a
mainstream fat loss approach and so you know I have two disclaimers before I go
on one I’ve never tried the keto diet so I don’t have any personal experience
with it and two of course I don’t have you know the scientific background to
explain this this is more sort of anecdotal experience based after 30
years of you know kind of doing this thing so what I understand the keto diet
is that I mean you probably already know this is that it’s really really really
high in fat um very very little in protein and very little in carbs so it’s
different from the Atkins diet because the Atkins diet is more balanced with
fat and protein it’s much much higher protein and very little carbs
but the keto diet is tons of fat and from what I understand 80% and so the
idea is after a certain period of time your body sort of adapts and adjust to
using the fat for fuel rather than glucose or sugar which is what you know
kind of a traditional diet that’s what the body uses for fuel and energy but an
Aikido diet the body uses ketones for fuel which from what I understand it
strips fat off you know just kind of like any other diet again from sort of
people that I have spoken with that I highly respect doctors that are actually
Fitness related doctors that have you know experienced this and done a lot of
research on it but for some my understanding is that it does strip fat
off pretty quickly and for the short term can be very beneficial but it
sounds like and from what I’ve experienced with working with thousands
of women now throughout the decades that you know the keto diet while the short
term may be a very effective it’s really hard to sustain for long term and y’all
know I am all about lifelong sustainability when it comes to our diet
and exercise plan so here’s some of the challenges that I see with the keto diet
one you know any time we’re taking any really extreme approach and in this case
like pretty much virtually cutting out carbohydrates that’s you know something
that I’m not a proponent of and in particular because if you plateau out in
your weight loss you know in a more balanced approach the ones that I
promote you can play around with your macronutrients you can kind of reduce
your carbs just a little bit and it can it can kind of kick you back into ok so
he’s over here playing with the ball maybe you’ve any live so you can kind of
kick yourself back into the hole you know into fat loss again just by
reducing your carbohydrates a little bit without playing around with calories
that’s a really good way to sort of jumpstart your fat loss again but with
the keto there’s no really carbs to play with
you’re at such a small level already there’s really nowhere to go so the only
thing you can do if you’re trying to work on a stalled fat loss is to reduce
calories even more which if you’re already down really low I mean that’s
obviously not a place you want to go could be dangerous so that’s one
challenge with it another challenge is you know just sticking with it I think
is really tough for most people and this and this is from you know talking to a
lot of people that I’ve worked with over the years that you know have gone on the
keto diet had good fat loss but just sticking with that kind of diet seems to
be very challenging and part of the challenge is as I understand it that in
order to put your body into that ketosis state it takes many days if not weeks to
get there and then if you have just a little bit of carbs it kicks the body
out of that ketosis and you have to start all over again
so that’s difficult to sustain you know and unlike a more balanced diet with you
know pretty balanced protein carbohydrates and fat sources you know
if you eat a bunch of carbs one day because you’re at a party or whatever
it’s not gonna kick you out of fat-burning state for weeks on end and
having to start over again so you know again and getting getting back to
sustainability I just don’t think the sustainability’s there for the long term
for the keto diet another challenge that I see with it and it’s concerning to me
is that and to get your body into that ketosis state and this is pretty
universal from what I’ve heard and read about this that people feel pretty awful
for that first couple of weeks until their body adjusts to burning ketones
and that’s concerning to me because you know the times in my life where I have
you know not eaten as clean as I do or I am right now for sure because I’m in fat
loss mode getting ready for shows but you know there’s times where I
just you know the pizza and all sorts of stuff just like we went on a trip to
Europe just recently and I ate a bunch of rich food and it was fabulous
but once I get back you clean eating again you know it’s I feel amazing I
don’t feel bad and so I think that’s one of my concerns about you know the keto
diet is that just kind of universally reports that you feel terrible until
your body adjusts and then they say they feel amazing
so you know that’s kind of neither here nor there but it’s something to note
about the keto diet and then I think you know just getting back to really about
sustainability in a long-term I think that would be you know something that I
would certainly be concerned about and why I’m personally not interested in
going on a keto diet but you know to each her own I’m also a huge proponent
of hey if it works for you that’s awesome
that is fantastic I mean it’s all about really finding what works for us
personally and you know if you can if you do it for a short term and it’s not
your thing that’s okay too you know because you know what you’re getting
into if you understand that okay well you know Kristen said that might be this
and this and this and then you know if it doesn’t work out for you and then you
want to take a more balanced approach of course you can do so but I’d love to
hear from you guys you know if you have done the keto diet for a long time I
want to hear more about you know sort of long term so for years you know is it
sustainable and you know what what do you think I would love to hear your
comments below so that’s it for today I hope everybody’s doing great I love you
guys and we’ll see you again soon


  1. Great video. I love how you share your facts but say “to each her own”. I personally have no interest in Keto but try to eat lower in carbs and focus as much as possible on fresh veggies, clean protein and some sweet potatoes and rice when I’m craving it. I do think Keto has its place in helping people and respect the work of Dr. Fung who has been successful in using fasting/Keto to help type II diabetes get off meds, etc.

    I do think it’s turned into a fad with some pushing it for “everyone”. Everybody is different and no one way of eating is for everybody. I also think it can possibly set some people up for binging since restricting entire food groups (carbs) long term can lead to that cycle. To each their own though. Great video!

  2. I'm not interested in going on a keto diet either. That's interesting info about getting out of a plateau with a more balanced approach vs a plateau in keto.
    Hi Zoey! 🐶

  3. I tried the Keto diet for 10 months so I would like to share my experience. Positive: no constipation, didn't lose or gain weight. Negative: TIRED, Couldn't lift weights, Neutropenia (Immune system) blood result, High fasted blood sugar. A balanced diet is BEST.

  4. Yuck. That's like the fat fast that Atkins had. I didn't know the "keto" diet was that different. Ya, basically it makes you sick so you never want to eat. You kind of have to force yourself or your body freaks out when you need to eat. I hated that feeling. Yes, to each their own. I stayed on low carb 10 years. Bad effects. Not mostly fat though. I can't imagine that for that long.

  5. You have been my go to nutritionist since I found you roughly 7 yrs ago. I love how your videos are setup.
    Sending love.

  6. You are absolutely awesome. Do you ever coupon for your groceries? What stores do you usually shop at? Hopefully you can do some in store grocery videos showing how you shop

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