Dog First Aid : Dangers of Kennel Cough in Dogs

So for a smaller breed dog, I would fill the
syringe to for 1/2 tablespoon. You would open the dogs mouth, open towards the cheek and
insert it in and then you can give them the cough syrup. Probably talk to your veterinarian
about how frequently you should give the cough syryup and most veterinarian’s do recommend
giving cough syrup for severe coughing. If your dog is continuing to cough and is getting
lethargic, then you might want to put the dog on antibiotics. Again, this is something
that your vet is going to determine but it is not uncommon to put your dogs on course
of antibiotics to make sure that it doesn’t become more serious infection. If yhou find
that your dog is very lethargic and breathing very shallowly, then you want to bring them
to the veterinarian specialist. They are probably going to take lung x-rays and test with oxygen
levels. If the dog is trying to avoid coughing when coughing becomes very uncomfortable,
the dog can start to avoid coughing by taking shallow breaths and the more shallow breath
they take, the less oxygen is coming in and it will actually reduce the level of blood
oxygen in their body. So if the case becomes very extreme, the dog might need some medical
attention. They might need to have oxygen placed inter nasally. They might need to be
on IV-fluids. A kennel cough can be something that is fairly mild and dogs get over in a
day or two and it can be something that will cause your dog to wind up in the hospital
for a couple of days and we just talked about a couple of things to do to help care for


  1. Please, if anyone can help me, please reply to this comment. I have 3 dogs. All shi-tzus. One of them has a hacking cough just like this video said, and this has been going on for about 2 days now. (Since December 29 2008, and today is December 31 2008. My 2 other dogs sometimes come close to him, but so far my 2 other dogs seem completely fine, it is just him. Thanks.

  2. This video is "fairly" good advice IF and ONLY IF you are certain that your dog has kennel cough and not something more serious. I have had a dog rescue for YEARS and give robitussin DM…DM ONLY for kennel cough and it works GREAT. Just make sure your dosage is correct based on the weight of your dog. If you don't know what you are doing, then PLEASE take your doggie to the vet!

  3. 1/2 tablespoon? isn't that a lot for a small dog. i have a Chihuahua…
    when i bought him about a month ago. he was on antibiotics for kennel cough. he seem over it after he finish his medication. i don't understand how he got it again. i gave him a few drops of the robitussin DM. the bottle i have here is for adults. my chihuahua weighs 7 pounds. can you tell me what the measurement dosage would be for him.

  4. are you all nuts… go to ur vet and he will give u dog cought syrup dont think ur a dr and give it human stuff my god .. its $20 at the vet ad u know ur safe ..

  5. There are diseases that may become fatal quickly in dogs that have the same exact honking sound as kennel cough does. Never assume it's kennel cough..take your dog to the vet. I'm in school to be a vet, and it is sooo hard to tell if it is kennel cough or a fatal disease by just listening to the cough/honk. Please see your vet. Kennel cough is from a virus and a bacteria, and your dog really should be on antibiotics. Dogs also differ by breed. Some breeds can take meds that other can not.

  6. DON'T GIVE YOUR DOG COUGH SYRUP WITHOUT TALKING TO YOUR VET FIRST!!!!!!! cough syrup with acetaminophen in it can KILL your dog!!!! please be careful when medicating your dog with human remedies!!!!! (I'm a Vet tech I see it a lot)

  7. lol well u dont live in canada then , its called hycodan im a vet tech i think i know what im talking about … we rescue dogs from usa once a month and all of them come with kennel cough . our exams are 25 canadian dollars ;). thx for ur ignorant comment tho

  8. @karentwinkie Check out the concentrations of the medication in the cough syrups. Avoid Acetaminophen (Toxic) and child/infant cough syrups have higher concentrations so that you do not have to give a lot. This means that a tsp of child/infant will have a greater concentration than a tsp of adult cough syrup.

  9. My dog is a pincher mix with a pincher and a wolf(crazy right)and she is 10-11 and she get that cough of like when a cat is coughing hair ball out but she cough several time's and i m worried she does not have fever or anything and i was wondering what should i do (take her to my vet just for a check up and if just a check up will cost me money and how much so i can grab it ASAP please let me know right as you read this please!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. YOu shouldn't talk cuz she is only trying to help people who can't afford to pay $100 @ the vet! My pug infected all my household dogs and I took 1 yorkie to vet & paid $100 4 just 2 pills cut in 4 & a shot of 2ml I bought same products at the local market from a lady who has no Ph. D so u can rest assure now & days people can cure everything becuz of ppl like her so don't talk cuz I have lots of dogs & all survived no thanks 2

  11. large hospital bills but ppl doing it @ home.right measurements 4 small dogs cuz a small dog is the age of a 2yr so who knows more now, even the doctor told me 2 give them cough syrup w/o ibprohen & acetaminophen


  13. Exactly. I'm shocked at how many people give their dogs human meds. Human meds are toxic to dogs.
    If you give your small dog a syringe load of Robitussin like the loady in the video says to do, it would probably kill your dog. DONT DO WHAT THIS LADY IN THE VIDEOS SAYS TO DO!!!

  14. This lady is The Angel of Death when it comes to vet advice. Wonder how many people's dogs are dead now because they gave them Robitussin like this terrible ver advised?

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