Dog First Aid : How to Make a Dog Vomit

Let’s say your dog has eaten something or
he is just fat that he has eaten something that is poisonous. An example, would be Bakers
chocolate. As we know, all chocolate is dangerous to dogs. Bakers chocolate is particularly
dangerous because it has a higher concentration of theobromine line which is the chemical
that is in chocolate and is dangerous for dogs. So if we suspect or know that our dog
has eaten some chocolate, we need to get him to vomit. This is not chocolate. Obviously
anything that is dangerous for dogs. It could be rat poison, could be grapes, raisins, Macadamia
nuts, anything or any plant that is toxic for dogs. We need to get them to vomit right
away. If it has been past 30 minutes and this is not what you want to actually take your
dog to the vet. But if it is before 20 or 30 minutes, then you can get Hydrogen Peroxide
and a syringe. For a dog that is approximately 60 pounds, you are going to use 2 tablespoons
of Hydrogen Peroxide. You are going to draw the Hydrogen Peroxide into the syringe and
then you are going to put it in the dog’s mouth, pick up his flap here, put it back
in the dog’s throat and put it in the dog’s mouth. They are not going to like it but in
about 3 to 5 minutes, it should induce vomiting. If this has not induced vomiting in 5 minutes,
then you are going to inject another 2 tablespoons of Hydrogen Peroxide. Obviously if you have
a small dog, you are going to use a smaller amount. You want to achieve vomiting so that
the dog throws up something he has eaten. If it is something that is sharp object or
glass, we are not talking about poisons here, we are talking about something dangerous but
not poisonous, you do not want to start the dog vomiting. In the case where it has been
glass or some sharp object, get the dog to the veterinarian immediately. If your dog
after they have thrown up starts to exhibit signs where they are uncoordinated or confused,
get your dog to the vet as soon as you can. But if you know what they have eaten and you
k now that it has been recent they have eaten it, you can induce vomiting and be fairly
sure that it is not going to leave the stomach and go into the intestines. You can also give
activated charcoal after you have induced vomiting so that once the activated charcoal
does get into the intestines, it will actually absorb any toxins that made it past the stomach.


  1. you don't want the dog to vomit if its digested something corrosive ether as it will burn the throat as it throws up, also you don't use pure hydrogen peroxide, you use a low percentage.

  2. I'm confused about the 30 minute time limit. My local vet college had me do this when it had been 1 hour since my dog ingested dangerous food.

  3. @buddydawg3 i kinda over reacted but thnx for the info, my dog ate some chocalate, but shes ok, sorry 'bout the language evry1

  4. chocolate is not always toxic for dogs ive seen a dog eat pounds of chocolate in one sitting and live for its entire life with no health problems

  5. this is not helping…. i want to kill the dog or learn how to make easy fast effective poison not make the dog puke

  6. Thank you so much!!! I came home to find my Briard had eaten a plastic bag… She had thrown part of it up but I was worried there was more. I gave her peroxide and she threw up the rest of the bag, ANOTHER one, AND a TON of grass!!!!! She is not outside during the day so she had to have been eating grass for days trying to get rid of the first bag she ate!!! She is going to feel much better when she gets over being mad at me…

  7. This video really helped me with my dog's throat, he has something lodged up in there, and the instructions gave me the information I needed to save him, thank you.

  8. I didn't have a syringe so I used a turkey baster which worked just fine and dosed her 3 times and it worked very quickly, everything that she ate came up. Thank you for posting this.

  9. Thank You for this video, I suspected my small chihuahua ate rate poison and I did this within the 30 minutes. All I saw was grass so were good, THANKS!!!

  10. THANK YOU! YOU JUST HELPED ME SAVE MY DOG'S LIFE! He was trying to throw up for several hours and I couldn't figure out why. So I tried this and in his vomit I found half a popsicle stick.

  11. Thank you very much for this invaluable information! My Dachshund just ate a cat toy and with your help, I no longer need to worry about another vet bill. The last time he ate the ear off a plush toy and it cost me 1600.00 to have it surgically removed. So, now you can understand how much I appreciate your video instructions. Excellent!!!

  12. Worst video ever. Your dog probably dies from what he ingested before she finishes her opening bit on every harmful substance made, that your dog could ever possibly ingest, ever.

  13. With something like that, he could have ripped his throat up when he threw it back up. If a dog can't throw up, it's cause for you to take him to the vet immediately. Your dog was very fortunate.

  14. Thanks! my French poodle ate 200 grams of chocolate, 3 minutes later she could throw up. We still took her to the vet just in case, but I think she didn't digest any of it thanks to this video.

  15. my dog ate a bottle of perscription pills and thanks to this video i was able to save her life. but the credit goes to my other dog (her brother) he came and got me and took me out to where she was so i could find her. if it wasnt for him she would be dead,. he deserves a medal of honor

  16. Thank you my puppy ate a sock and swallowed it while I was running to take it from her. I called a local vet and they said it was over $200.00 just to induce vomiting! I watched your video and within minutes from me doing the steps you named above she vomited the sock plus half a crayon and 2 tiny Legos! Thanks so much now we have to be more cautious, no more toys in the living room!

  17. Thank you so much for this video. I caught my French Bulldog who ate my vitamins that I left on try nightstand. Within 2 minutes he vomited everything up and some pieces to a cloth toy I threw away 4 days ago. Kudos to you, my dog is now acting and feeling normal.

  18. good thing my dog did not eat the grape that i gave her i did not know they cant eat the wow u learn new things every day lol

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  20. all dogs are diff, my dog has ate loads when somebody gave it to her, she is onyl a little bichon, was fine an loved them

  21. Dumbest, most misinformed video ever. Do NOT do this. Jesus H Christ this is probably only ever useful IF you know for fact that your dog has ingested something non toxic/non trauma inducing etc… even then you wouldn't need to do this?

  22. OMG thanks! my dog accidentally ate 20 lbs of powdered bleach so i made sure to let her wash it down with some good old hydrogen peroxide so she didn't die! Much work, very thanks.

  23. um I my dog is a miniature dashound she only weigh 5 or 6 pounds she very small how hydrogen peroxide would I give her? 

  24. OMG thank you do much, my dog (a 3 year old blue pit bull) just ate some (tomcat) rat poison and I gave her some HP and about 2 minutes later she threw it all up. Thank u .

  25. My 4 month old pup ate a cube of the blue rat poison, not sure where it came from. Did the HP like the video said and within minutes he vomited twice. Could see the poison in his food. Will keep an eye on him the next 48 hours. Thanks so much for posting this video…

  26. Omg thank you so much my dog eat a super chocolate donut and I tried the HP after watching the video in about 3-5 minutes he threw it all up hated me for it but loves me now….Thank you!!!

  27. My dog swallowed a rubber, and i'm trying to find A FUCKING WAY TO DO THIS QUICK AND WITHOUT NEEDLES OR SHIT.

  28. My puppy ate chocolate and I did this she vomited and the vet said we had to put her on wet food for a week but overall 10/10

  29. my dog had eaten more than half a chocolate bar. I followed your instruction and gave her 1 syringe of Hydrogen Peroxide, but she did not vomit at all. So I took her to a walk for half an hour. Nothing comes out so I watched her till next day for any symptoms but nothing happened and today everything is fine. My dog is 71 Pounds

  30. thank you so much for posting this! It just saved my puppies life! He ate silicone beads- and thank God i found your video. He puked up so many beads!

  31. Dear Madam, I saw some info in an article online. Thought it might be useful info too. Hydrogen peroxide sometimes is still recommended to cause dogs and cats to vomit if they swallow poison. Find out from your vet what the correct dose would be for your pet should vomiting be needed. But, call your vet or Poison Control first before causing an animal to vomit. Some substances can be more dangerous to bring up than to leave down. Also, not all animals are capable of vomiting.
    Rose Ann Gould Soloway, RN, BSN, MSEd, DABAT emerita
    Clinical Toxicologist

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