Dog First Aid : How to Take a Dog’s Temperature

So we are going to talk about how to take
your dog’s temperature. There are times you might notice that there is something a little
bit off of your dog and you might want to take their temperature rather than having
to depend on going to a vet. It is very simple, very easy; a little more complicated on a
hairy dog but you want to have a dog thermometer and I have this one clearly marked. I don’t
want to use it on myself or some other human by accident, so I have a doggy thermometer
and you need to have some Vaseline. Okay so I am just going to coat the bottom of the
thermometer with Vaseline. Ty, stay right here. Good boy! Coat it there with Vaseline
and I am going to turn it on, go ahead and clear. Okay, good. Ready to be inserted. Now
I have to locate the dog’s anus and as I said he is a heavy coated breed, a little bit more
difficult but not impossible. So I am just going to find the dog’s anus and I have coated
the thermometer so I can insert it into the dog’s anus and I can hold it here until the
thermometer beeps. A dog’s temperature is higher naturally; baseline temperature is
higher than humans. So a temperature of 101 to 102 is normal. This one is already up to
101.1. That is normal temperature for a dog. Nothing to be worried about. If your dog is
ancy, you might want to have another person hold the dog’s head but it is really not something
that is too uncomfortable for the dog. You can see here this guy is not too stressed
out by it and we are just going to wait here until we’ve got the beep. The thermometer
tells us it is done. I can see here that it is at 101.4 so it is still a perfectly normal
range for a dogs temperature. I would recommend getting this kind of a digital thermometer
to take your dogs temperature rather than a glass one with mercury. Okay the thermometer
has beeped. It has told us that it is ready so I can pull it out and I can read that the
temperature is 101.49 so this is in the normal range. What you want to do is after you have
taken your dog’s temperature and it is normal temperature, you know that the dog is fine
in that area. You want to clean off your thermometer with soap and water and put it back your dog
thermometer container.


  1. then get a celsius thermonmeter and find out the healthy temp in celcius using an online converter. If you use a mercury thermometer, they usually have degrees c and f on them 🙂

  2. Thank you!! I wasnt sure if I was going deep enough, apparently I wasnt. My baby doesnt mind either, one tip is to make sure your dog and yourself is relax.

  3. The thermometer that ur using is un hygienic due to the grove between the plastic and the metal tip, u should be using a mercury thermometer. than placing it on the floor is un hygienic than u using ur fingers is un hygienic and using vasoline is a BIGG NO u should be using ky jelly….. Basically ur inserting germs into the dogs body. A very disgusting un hygienic way to check the temperature of a dog .. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS WAY

  4. This isn't a problem since it's only going in the dog's anus, and this is her dog's only thermometer (not sharing with other dogs). In clinics, we clean the tip with a strong cleaner afterwards–something that kills all bacteria (including spores) and viruses. Basically if it kills parvovirus, then it's a good disinfectant. I've never seen anyone use a glass mercury thermometer, I see your point, but most dogs freak out when we put the probe in their butt and the glass would easily break. Bad…

  5. As long as you sanitize it properly and use a medical grade lubricant, it doesn't really matter what you do with the thermometer. It's going up the dog's tailpipe, after all, so how hygienic do you expect it to be? Just don't ever mix a butt thermometer with a mouth thermometer. You don't want to accidentally find out how they taste lol.

  6. That took a really long time to get a reading Hopefully there are others available that are much quicker..
    I don't know that my dog would stay still for that long.

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  9. A dog's temp can be taken by their ears- it is a less dangerous and less invasive way to determine if they have a fever.

  10. My sisters puppy of two months had his Temperature taken at the vet and he screamed like never before. There has to be a better way.

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