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hi everybody my name is Debbie ray and i’m the owner of total german shepherd calm and today i’d like to talk with you about something that could easily be the difference between your dog’s life and death and that’s pretty easy to take care of and that’s making your own dog first aid kit now these are easy enough to you know to make on your own first of all you’re going to need some kind of container to include all your medicines and your supplies and drugs in such as a tackle box or an old lunch box or maybe either than you know some other kind of shoe box size plastic container now these should be waterproof and strong enough to easily withstand mild pressure but they shouldn’t have a clasp or at least not a locking one now what you’re going to do you need to label it you know all sides preferably but with some kind of marker or something so first of all people know it’s a first-aid box or a first aid kit and secondly you might want to write on there you know pet first aid kit or dog first aid kit just so people can easily tell at a glance it’s not a human one now underneath the lid of this kit would be a really good place to tape an index card which contains all the numbers of your local veterinarian poison control and any other kind of canine emergency numbers for your dogs such as the emergency vet it also be a good place to really keep all your information about all the pets that you have such as pictures and descriptions any kind of distinguishing characteristics or health issues and if you had a recent photo of each of your pets a good idea what put would be to put all this information on the back of each of the photograph so you know in the event that you’re not home and there is some kind of disaster emergency whoever finds this kit can easily tell from the information there you know who is present who’s not or if there’s any kind of of health issues that need to be taken care of on the spot they’ll have all that information right there to be able to handle it you know even though you’re not there so let’s talk a little bit about some of the things that you should include in your dog first aid kit now I’m going to tell you some things to include and basically what they are for but if I were you I would speak with your veterinarian or your own pet health person in the area get more information about how to use these materials how much to administer in the event that your dog does need it and that sort of thing so basically i’ll tell you the what and everything but you had to have somebody else to give you the information of the how to so here we go first of all a good thing to have would be activated charcoal now this is used in the event that there’s some kind of poisoning another good thing to have would be antihistamine tablets and these are used in case there’s some kind of allergic reaction or thurs and in 16 another good thing is bated I know this is good to clean open wounds and blankets are very good to help prevent against shocking event there is an accident and also they’re a very good way to help transport any kind of injured pet that can’t you know walk on its own now if you have blunt note scissors now these are always a good idea to have inside your kid a canine rectal thermometer is also a good thing to have to be able to take the temperature of your dog cortisone ointment sorry to help us anti-inflammatory and cotton balls and swabs are used mainly to clean open wounds now I drop is very good to help apply medications I wash is good to irrigate the ice of your dog first aid cream is used to soothe and protect wounds goss is very good to help wrap wounds and gloves are a very good idea to have in there then plastic ones are good to help avoid contamination and also thicker gloves are a good idea to have in the event that you have a fear being bitten now hand towels are used to dry your hands and also to clean up any kind of mrs. hydrogen peroxide has various uses one of which is to induce vomiting now syrup of ipecac is another thing used to induce vomiting and animals and a magnifying glass is a really good idea to have in there in the event that there’s just a really really tiny object maybe a splinter or something and you just can’t see it with your naked eye magnifying glass is always a good idea to have there just to help you see any release small tiny objects and muscle it’s also a good idea to have now in the event that there is an injury your dog might be in really extreme pain and you never know what may bite it doesn’t mean to but just because it’s in pain you just never know sometimes also if you don’t have one you can make one from you know strips of fabric from cube socks from from clothing if you have the Gaussian your kid already you can use Gauss to make them you know a muscle and other things to have in here nail clippers both human and came out or a good idea to have now nonstick adhesive bandages are used to help tape your bandages in place if you have any kind of antiseptic spray this is really good especially the non stinging type to help clean wounds and pepto bismol Maalox and also can’t pick tater good things to keep in there to help relieve any kind of minor stomach upsets petroleum jelly is used especially with the rectal thermometer to you know help ease the use of it also it can be used in constipation and saline solution is very good to help irrigating wound you know irrigating kind of wounds and stretch bandages are used primarily as wound dressings a styptic pencil is used to stop minor bleeding and tweezers are also used to help pull out splinters or any other kind of small foreign objects and lastly vegetable law this is a very good thing to use for mild constipation now you don’t necessarily have to put a big tub in there like one of these but just a small container will well last year a long time since you never know when an excellent can occur keeping one of these pet emergency kids that your home is a really good idea you could also place a smaller kid inside your car or you know at work and if you have take your pet to work with you or whatever out in your garage anyway any place you can keep these it’s a very good idea to happen because you just never know when something’s going to come up and your dog is going to be injured if you put to get the kit together yourself you know you can buy all the items separately one at a time and just add them to your kid over time but you can also buy these kids ready-made so if you like more tips and more information about the german shepherd dog health information training more information about puppies senior citizens and that sort of thing please check out my web sites WWE total German Shepherd calm and also there’s a book I’ve written that you can read up on if you want to get more information about in case you’re interested in purchasing it and that’s at WWF German Shepherd net and I hope this information is helpful to you and that you go ahead and start getting together your own pet first aid kit and if you have any other information you’d like to check out please visit my web sites I hope you’ve enjoyed this information y’all have a good day


  1. This video helped me so much. I made my own kit and it really helps. Thank you for the great videos!

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