Dogs & Allergies | First Aid for Pets

Dogs can become allergic
to pretty much anything, same as humans. So, sometimes they can
become allergic to fleas, they can get flea dermatitis
where even just the saliva that the fleas have
that causes the allergy, so even just one flea can
cause an all over reaction and make them very itchy
and very uncomfortable for many weeks long after
the fleas have gone. And that’s quite common. Food allergies of all sorts of things that dogs can be allergic to
and some of which can be a quite serious poison to them. They can also be allergic to pollen. Just like we do, they can have hay fever. Cleaning products can make them ill. Cigarette smoke can affect them, as well. And they can also just be
allergic to pretty much anything that anyone else can. So, it can affect their ears,
their skin, their faces, their coats, and their
hair, and it can also affect their feet. If they have some sort of skin allergy, then it’s helpful to wash with cool water and your vet might prescribe an antihistamine for them as well, which can be very helpful. And you might notice that
they’re licking the area or they’re trying to chew it or paw at it, and that can all be signs
that they are distressed and it’s causing them problems. So, get them to vet quickly. It is possible for them to have an acute anaphylactic reaction as well so it’s an all over body
reaction, particularly around their faces and their throats as well, and that is extremely serious and a life-threatening emergency. Get them to the vet as
quickly as possible, ideally, lying down with
their rump slightly raised. They will need help fast. If it’s been caused by a bee sting, then if you’re able to see that the stinger is still in there, scrape it out with your
thumbnail ’cause that actually will reduce the amount of
cortisone that can end up in their system. So, allergies can affect your pet. Your vet can help, but if it is an acute anaphylactic reaction, that is a life-threatening emergency.

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