Dogs and Separation Anxiety | Training Reactive Dogs | What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Q & A #537


  1. At the vet clinic, I stopped a woman from coming over to pet him. He was in a 'down' on the scale to stay clear of any clients/dogs. The woman got a brusque brush-off. She didn't ask anything and assumed she could walk over and pet a cute (male 'game type' APBT) dog. But she was wrong and the staff saw what happened as well and seemed refreshed.

  2. “The lack of “NO” is always “YES””—-Jeff “EVERYTHING matters.”—Jeff “Massive structure.” “Everything is permission based.”—Jeff

  3. You seem like in a such a good happy mood today. Enjoy your videos but even more so, I APPRECIATE the free expert help you offer to us. You rock.

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