Dollars at Work: PA Vent Camp – Children’s Miracle Network Hershey

[ Music ] >> PA Vent Camp is a camp for ventilator-dependent
kids that is held one week at the end of June every year and it is truly a week without
limits. They can feel like they’re participating in
something that another kid can do, such as climbing a rock wall and going swimming and
boating and fishing, different arts and crafts, playing different sports. >> My favorite part about Vent Camp is truly
seeing the amazing transformation of the children and the volunteers. >> Very pretty. >> There’s so many limitations in the lives
of these children every day, but because of their medical disabilities and the complexity
of getting them to do the simplest things, like get out of the bed in the morning and
get dressed and go to school, people put them in boxes and say, “This is what you can and
can’t do because we don’t have the time or the resources,” and we want to take all those
boxes away. >> Seeing a kid start at the bottom of the
rock wall, maybe be a little scared, it’s their first time doing something, and by the
end of it, they’re at the top of the wall, ringing the bell. [cheering]. You have kids who either they’re afraid of
heights or maybe even afraid to leave their chair and they see some of the other kids
doing the activities, such as flying, and then they just want to get on it. [ Music ] Something very powerful that I feel like PA
Vent Camp provides is the social connection. >> Do you like to dance? >> Yes. >> These Vent campers know how to party. >> Yeah? >> It’s the best party I go to all year. >> The people who are volunteers here are
so dedicated to their campers who become their friends and family. >> Our campers are very medically complex. Most of them use ventilators 24/7. Oftentimes they also have feeding tubes, powered
wheelchairs, oxygen, so the complexity of their care requires that they have medical
support with them all the time as well as at night while they’re sleeping. >> We do have to transform the cabins into
almost a hospital room, and we have hospital beds brought in. All of the equipment that the kids need is
all in the cabins that they stay in, so it’s neat because the kids still get the experience
of sleeping away at a camp in a cabin in the woods. The parents also look forward to PA Vent Camp
quite a bit. The kids all safe and comfortable here at
camp, so parents can get a break and can spend time doing things that maybe they’re not able
to when they have to have that 24-hour medical care. >> So these are parents who may have been
caring for a child at night and then trying to go to work during the day, so sometimes
it’s just — they get to sleep. >> Having the sponsorships and the partnerships
with people like Children’s Miracle Network is really what helps us to do this. >> It is a worthwhile donation. We’ve changed the lives of so many people. >> From the bottom of my heart, thank you
guys so much for all that you do. >> Thank you. [ Cheering and music ]

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