Donna Eden Daily Energy Medicine. Increase Energy Level Naturally. 10 min Routine.

Hi, this is the Donna Eden daily energy routine
in real-time, a way to balance your body chemistry, regulate your hormones, a way to think better
and feel better. And if you’d like a further explanation or a reason why this is so beneficial,
please check out my other video, which goes in-depth about the reasons behind these moves
and the sequence of moves. So let’s begin and connect to our breath.
So throughout this whole exercise, we’re going to be breathing in through our nose and out
through our mouth. So let’s set the intent that we are re-patterning and bringing beneficial
habits to our energy. Breathe in through the nose, and out through the mouth. We’ll start
it off with the Grounding Thump, tapping the cheeks. I am grounded. And the K27, kidney 27. I am energized. The
thymus. I support my immune system. I am energized. And spleen. I metabolize thoughts, emotions,
and food, with ease. And then spleen neurolymphatics. I release any stuck thoughts or emotions.
And now, to re-pattern any energies that are going up and down. I connect and engage with
my energies, to enable me to create a crossover pattern. My energies are crossing over. I
engage with my energies if they have been going in a homolateral pattern. And now, I
cross over. I am coordinated and I am energized by this move. And now, we do the Wayne Cook. Five breaths.
And the other side. Five breaths. I think clearly. I am unscrambled. Bring the pads
of the fingers to the forehead on the inhale. Exhale and pull apart. The Crown Pull. Excellent to do if you’ve
been working at a laptop. I release negative thought patterns. I bring fresh oxygen to
my brain. I release any mental congestion. Bring your focus to where your hands are,
to your heart center. And now, the neurolymphatics. In between the ribs, on the joint of the torso
and the arm, down the side of the arm. I release stuck energy, stuck thoughts, and stuck emotions.
My neurolymphatics take this away and process this stuck energy. That is their job. This
releases stuck energy from the meridians of the body. If it’s a little sore, spend a little
longer on it. Great. Now, Heaven and Earth. I am grounded
and I am connected to higher inspiration. Bend forwards. The Celtic Weave. I set these
new patterns into my energy system. And now, figure of eight into your field. Your energy
wants to run in these figure of eight patterns, these crossover patterns. This sets your field,
protects your field. And now, the Hook Up. Little finger, belly
button. Middle finger, third eye. I am connected. I am strong in my center. And now, we zip
up along that central meridian line. I am protected. I am protected. And you have now
done the daily energy routine. Remember, it is a daily routine. Repetition is the way
to create these permanent patterns, or re-pattern any energy that has not been beneficial for
you. So fit it into your day as much as you can, and do try to do it regularly. Thank


  1. This is awesome – great how you included the celtic weave in it, the other routines don't. Awesome for that aura! I usually (quickly) add Ileocecal valve and pull the ears/ear lobes

  2. Amazing! Thank you, Nicola! I am currently reading the book and thinking about taking the foundation classes. How was your experience? 🙂

  3. Year in and year out over and over…..WHY do people keep copying the PRIMARY INDIVIDUAL(Donna Eden, Robert Smith, Elliot Hulse, Noah St. John, Mel Robbins, etc….etc….) and than start modifying it so that SOMEHOW they think its THEIR OWN???

    They WATER IT DOWN…..than the next insecure person waters it down, than the next wannabe waters it down even more, BEFORE YOU KNOW IT……… turns into a placebo!!

    Why can't people just leave well enough alone…….and DO SOMETHING ELSE IN LIFE instead of confusing new generations who's trying to learn and heal the CORRECT WAY!!

    ………..jus' sayin.

  4. Hi, that you for sharing your videos. I really enjoyed them, it’s been very useful for me. I was wondering if you know any any energy medicine routine for glaucoma or sight problems. I’m trying to find something to help my mother who has serious sight problems at the moment.
    Do you have a blog or an Instagram account I could follow? Thanks!

  5. Hi Nicola. I loved your video of the energy routine. I’ve been practicing Donna Eden’s work for a couple of years now and it’s been life changing. I loved your routine, I’ll start including figures 8s in mine. And I loved how you paired the exercises with the affirmations. I’m actually currently working on a workshop of the energy routine plus a few more basic energy medicine exercises to share with some friends and family in Colombia, in Spanish, since this information is not readily available in Spanish, I mean Donna has the book in Spanish but it’s not available in Colombia for example. I find her work so inspiring and beneficial that I wish everyone knew about it! So by translating part of it into Spanish I’m trying to help spread her work. It’s wonderful that you’ve just finished the foundation classes and that will continue on with year 2. What an incredible experience that must have been. Also, thank you for sharing Imaginal Health’s channel, I checked it out and loved it. What a lovely energy Prune Harris has. I loved her. Her entire being is so calm and soothing. Anyway, thanks for these two videos you published. 🙏🏼

  6. NB I love you! Thank you for these videos. The sound is all the way up on my device and I have to strain to hear you or listen in complete silence which can be a challenge.. is there a way you can up the sound quality for future videos? Ty!!! Xoxo

  7. Many Blessings Nicola for your enlightening video. I discovered Donna Eden on MindValley about six months ago, when I was in a major life transition. I was also unable to walk for a few months. I felt so stuck! Discovering Donna Eden was life changing. I love her routine but needed something simple and quick so I could stay focused to learn the steps – yours was the perfect solution!!
    I watched your extended version a couple times, and now continue to do your 10 min Daily Routine before I walk my dog. It always invigorates me with energy, even when I wake up exhausted. So Grateful for your Love & Light. 🕊🕉💚💙🌞🌠🌝,🍁💜🌻

  8. Thank you for this video and for sharing your knowledge!!! I'm so excited to incorporate this routine into my day! Love and God Bless!

  9. Is there a limit to how often this should be done a day? I’ve been doing this 3 times a day since I discovered your video last week as I’m suffering from something that has yet to be diagnosed and feel like it’s really helping me.

  10. Hi Nicola! Thankyou for this video and the other longer one with more explanation. Loved them both and the other videos you are posting aswell – saw them all. I can see you tried many things to deal with your health issues during the last years and I just wonder what you find have helped you the most – especially with your food allergies and insomnia which Im experiencing for many years too. I also have Fbromyalgia, ME and chronic fatigue with mental exhaustion and severe sound sensitivity. Am really grateful for any tips or advices from you.
    Regarding Dona Eden – Im interested to learn more about her techniques and how to heal oneself – which of her courses do you recommend (or other ones)? The one you are doing seem to be several years and more if one wants to be a practioner? I saw someone mentioning Mindvalley here – dont know with which course to start? Thankyou and I look forward to see more videos from you.

  11. Hi Nicola. I have been practising your energy routine for a few weeks and I just love the results so thank you. A question I have – when doing the Wayne Cooke I would like to visualize where the energy field is moving from and to. Is it coming from the grounded foot up through the body to the head, for instance? Would you be able to clarify that?

  12. Soul sister does this daily routine strength your Aura as well ? I do this everyday and will for the rest of my life it’s incredible!

  13. Nicola you are amazing. Thank you for this gift. I'm using it: it's so useful and precious. And you are perfectly clear & clean. Good Pure Energy!!!

  14. I'm so thankful for this video. I had a flare up of autoimmune and it's helped me tremendously. I have a question about Triple Warmer. I see many different techniques and how it can be activated or calmed. Which technique should be done for autoimmune? I have Energy Medicine for Women and Energy Medicine books but I'm just not certain which one to practice. Thank you💗

  15. I recently discovered this video and am practicing, thank you! I love the added affirmations. It is difficult to hear you though and look forward to more video recordings to come.

  16. N. B Nicola thank you ! I have a question. How to do the points when breasts cover the spleen or lymph areas ? P. S. any one else reading this, please be aware that only compassionate replies lead to health, and please keep,replies to the area of health and kindness, thank you !

  17. Hello Nicola! I started doing this routine for a few days and had to miss one. Now when I tried doing it, I got a VERY severe inner thigh muscle cramp that would not let go when trying to go from the crossover to the Wayne Cook. I had to stop there and was even unable to stand up straight for several minutes… Is there anything I can do for/against those muscle cramps (usually somewhere in the leg ie. inner thigh or calf muscle)? This would be so helpful. Thanks!

  18. I really loved how well organized and in one place I can find everything I need to do. Thank you for that. Do you have any video that shows daily energy meridian exercises?

  19. Hi dear, I have not tried this but looks really logical. Can you please help me get something particularly for anxiety ?

  20. You and I have been doing this together several mornings now, Nicola. I really appreciate it and think we work well together. Feeling strong. Involuntarily let out the Tarzan yell the other day while doing the thymus part…

  21. Thank you for sharing! Just did it today for first time and really enjoyed it. So glad to have found it.

  22. Nicolaji should we practice these on an empty stomach?
    Please if possible tell us about the
    Vericose veins

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