DON’T Buy The Google Pixel Buds

so I’ve been meaning to try these out the Google pixel bud sort of Google’s answer to the Apple earpods it has its own charge case but there’s still a cable involved this cable goes around the back of your neck would have been nice to see a fully wireless design comes in two different colors to match the phone this is the just black version my understanding is this is gonna work really well with the pixel device we got to try it out there’s the little case that’s small that’s portable type-c connector over here pretty straightforward boom there’s two contact points on each of the two ear buds for the right and the left adjust the amount of slack kind of cool so it fits in this area here and then you close it do you unlock your phone and turn on Bluetooth Bluetooth is already on open the case next to your phone where the buds still inside right within the OS shows a picture of the ear buds yes I’d like to connect now it’s explaining the fit to me this way so I’ll meet your Google assistant here your messages calendar events and other important info all I do is touch and hold the right earbud hey Google what can you do she said you can say things like play music or what’s the weather what’s the weather nine degrees Celsius partly cloudy nailed it did the Raptors win their last game No the Raptors lost 120 to 119 yesterday versus the Wizards that’s nice the real killer feature here beyond your notifications and Google assistant is also Google Translate for obvious reasons hi my name is Luis I am your friend okay let’s bring in our special guests okay everybody round of applause Barry our helpful Mandarin speaker today you must have used an app like this before you but you would just hold it up to the other person and then pass it back say something in Mandarin back to me me home Eugene into my own hello how are you today it I just heard that in the pixel bedroom so I could say back to you hi there I’m doing very well and thank you very much for helping me out with this video right here what the how a child I see means a journey punctual you took a ship here it’s pretty good I mean there’s color missing words a little bit but I understand the whole content this is convenient right here because the other person doesn’t need to have anything I could just pass my phone here and I would have the headset and you and I back and forth what do you think not bad now what would happen if we both had pixel buds what would happen if we both had pixel puns I didn’t translate the pistol pose you’re not happy right now you’re not happy right now okay let’s get more complicated then it’s preposterous how intricate making an unbox therapy video is for our extravagant audience [Music] no no preposterous magnificent you got to kind of adjust a little bit slow it down a little bit if you are a pixel owner they integrate really nicely there’s nothing better than Google Translate I mean it’s got so many languages in it I realized I didn’t listen to music onions [Music] I think they probably sound a little bit better than air pods you can’t really put them on par with like some dedicated over ear headphones or something they’re not really there but I was recently in India although most people speak English there but in the event that they did I could have been I could have done I could uh that’s right so I gave this a little bit more thought it’s an expensive pair of earbuds a lot of promise with the whole translation aspect it all sounds very good there’s actually a lot of drawbacks to this you don’t have a fully wireless design I don’t particularly find them to be the most comfortable earbuds either they don’t fit in my ears that great they don’t block the surrounding sound at all so don’t expect some kind of isolation here also this this big compelling feature with the translation it’s cool but really you’re just using Google Translate for now it’s not quite real-time the only difference is one person’s audio is being heard privately I can’t help but feel at this point that this product here is sort of like a 1.0 and there’s a lot of room to grow there it doesn’t seem like a legitimate air pod competitor as it stands right now as of right now giving the price giving the 1.0 status of this product I can’t recommend it to you I’m gonna say do not buy the pixel buds wait for the next version they gotta get better happy Chinese New Year get out of here no chance how do we short name just be like senior pilot [Music] she knew a lot to nice indian well I can’t get Julie Julie Julie again quite la did I nail it he said perfect do need ah don’t need seen yin quite la you happy do you want to say anything to the world okay mom hey daddy see you gotta say hi to somebody all right it’s not easy all right give my thumb thank you very much thanks man thanks appreciate it she and you a lot [Music]


  1. How To Turn Any Android Phone Into An iPhone…

  2. BTW, translation will never been really "real time", because you cannot translate a different language word by word. different languages have different word order, so you need to listen an entire sentence before you can translate it. so this will never change, no matter how much technology you put in it.

  3. I feel like this dude is looking for the wrong things in a pair of wireless earbuds and it's causing a skew in the review.

  4. They said it didn't translate "pixel buds" but it's like the name of a person and is the same for all languages

  5. entiendo mas cua ndo me hablan en ingles que cuando alguien me traduce algo del ingles a español en google traductor

  6. Disappointed you didn't cover 1. Putting them in and taking them out of the case. Is it annoying with the wrap around? 2. Also, how do they do with ambient noise for making phone calls? Maybe get out of the sound studio? 3. How do they look from different profiles? 4. You didn't mention the white size set and re-set ring for ear fit (smart feature) 5. Battery life? And on and one … You do a good job with the entertainment factor, light on the technical thoroughness factor. 6/10.

  7. Actually buy them, they sound better than pods and this video is just about the translation app that google offers.

  8. I kind of like the idea of the string. I lost one of my Galaxy buds in Florida and I'll never see it again. I tried calling Samsung and they said that the only way to fix that issue is to either find the bud or buy a whole new set of earbuds for $120

  9. Just thinking is there any wireless headsets with a Google Assistant. Then I came here, oh Wow this is amazing!!!!!!

  10. Why TF would you be talking like you carrying around a dam thesaurus

    And, obviously it seems like a 1.0 version because it is.

  11. Google in 2016: it has a headphone jack!
    Google:2017: you need Pixel Buds
    Google:2018: okay we sticking wireless
    Google 2019: It has a headphone jack!

  12. I’ve had mine for almost a year and I have to say .. . I EFFN’ HATE them. I have a hard time putting them in my ear, and I’m having a HELLISH time connecting them. I really REALLY F🤬G HATE them.

  13. The use case for earbud translation is when you're surrounded by people who do not speak your language. I am in many meetings where I am the only one that does not speak Chinese. A babelfish would be handy.

  14. After be very happy with my Pixel buds for over a year,they started getting flaky when they were back in the case recharging. They would stop charging and reconnect,so you wouldn't hear phone calls or notifications. Then after a few more weeks of this quirky behaviour they stopped charging altogether.
    Anyone else had similar findings. I'm the proud owner of Jabra Elite Active 65T buds now, but miss the cord for hanging round your neck whilst talking to people

  15. 1:44 can I asking something from Barry? Is he can use alipay fingerprint pay in pixel series? And the bus card top up via alipay? Cause I'm at China right now and it's not compatible as well. ( I Use pixel 2 XL) thank 🙂

  16. This is not a sensible review. You focused on one feature that I don't really care about. You ignored virtually everything else they do. And then you say DON"T Buy.

  17. They are not even wireless and they are called wireless I wanna have one for me and my friend and I can’t with these

  18. Pixel Buds have a wire, that's a plus, that's a reason to buy it, unlike the you will 100% lose one of the earplug zero wires type.

    I haven't heard people saying eyeglasses need to have each individual glass detach or it will get on you way. or that the wireless over the ear headphones need to be detach. unless you have a weird defect you should have two ears.

    Also the wire will help you when you need to take one of both earpiece temporary as you have use the wire to hand them on your neck.

  19. Completely wireless earbuds can damage your brain because of radio waves but these don’t so that’s a good thing

  20. Anything with pixel avoid. My Google phone was the worst purchase I've ever. Getting anyone to respond to the multiple issues I've had with it has been even worse.

  21. i dont get how this resulted in dont buy the product. i think google translate is what needs to improve not the buds. everyone knows google translate isn't accurate, but it sure helps for the situations in which you'll want to be using it. i love google products, i think the only reason i wouldn't buy them is because i personally dont like the look of the wire in the back.

  22. Literally – DON`T buy this sh*t. The most annoying stuff after Pixel phone I`ve ever had. This disgusting cork-designed earphones works stupidly and illogical, the battery die freaking fast and it`s easy to lose them. I have understand that I hate Google gudgets and would never come back to them again.

  23. The problem is direct language to language translation, if you translate Chinese or Thai into English word for word it will not make sense. You have to know what you want to say in English and then just say the equivalent in Chinese or Thai and accept it for what it is because if you start translating each word it will sound insane.

  24. Let's say that you want to say "I'm not going anywhere" in Thai. Thais would say "Mai dai bai nai" but word for word translation by Google would give you "Not can go where."

  25. Elon Musk should find a way to make all people able to talk eachother as in their own language… inventions on technology of phones yes not bad but we need urgently common way to talk freely comfortly with all nations by a genious tech…

  26. Google is great at making ugly stuff….
    The pixel 4 has a weard forehead, pixel 3 has a chin,.. and this… it has a ugly wire…. on a wireless earphone

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