Dorothy Lowman Celebrates 99th Birthday with her Physician

– Mrs Lowman came to us
because really she was having such difficulty just completing her daily usual routine activities. At 98 years old, one would maybe automatically
think well she’s 98 and she’s certainly not a candidate for anything invasive. Certainly not something like
a heart valve replacement. But what we found is that
in somebody like Mrs Lowman, is that there’s a difference
between your chronologic age and your actual cardiovascular age. And her cardiovascular
age is probably much more in keeping with somebody
that’s 78 years old and not 98 years old. Really the only health issue
and problem that she had was that she had a bad aortic valve, and after we talked
through sort of what that minimally invasive TAVR
procedure represented to her in the likelihood that she
could go home the next day after I did it. She thought about it went home discussed it with her family. Had thanksgiving with them and then called us shortly thereafter and scheduled her procedure for December. We’re gonna celebrate
and surprise her with a birthday party today. She turns 99 this coming Saturday. I’m here and whole host of
people here that care for her. And wanna see her and wish her well. I’m excited to see her
and see exactly how well she is doing. – Dr Bowers is, I knew when I met him (clears throat), that everything would be okay. And he’s a very sweet person. I breathe better, it affected my lungs and my breathing. I’d get up at night and have to want air. I like to walk, I like to play bridge. And I play on the computer. And I watch game shows and try to answer some of the things. I just love it. And you’ve all just kept me going. (joyful music)

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