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A great health care education begins
with world-class content but at McGraw-Hill it doesn’t end there gaining knowledge is all about
understanding information in context having access to resources suited to
every learning style leveraging all media to make retaining content as
effective as absorbing it and learning from educators who have all the tools to customize and manage the educational experience when you put it all together it’s the ultimate medical education online resource comprehensive, content rich Access Medicine from McGraw-Hill when we say Access Medicine provides
access to the best minds in medicine we mean it all the essential texts are here
including Harrison’s online, CMDT (Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment), Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine, Schwartz’s Principles Of Surgery and Williams’ Obstetrics but it’s not just text take Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine for example this top-rated resource includes both the full text and online chapters not available anywhere
else on more than 5,000 diseases and disorders plus the complete Harrison’s grand round lecture series including audio-visual presentations with category 1 CME credit and that’s just one example there are over 50 more titles with
similarly rich content Access Medicine also includes thousands of downloadable high-quality images and radiographs and more than 200 videos spending visual diagnostics and common
procedures this wealth of content is always web accessible whenever and wherever you need it Access Medicine lets you shape this
great content to conform to the needs of each class and your preferred teaching
methods with custom curriculum a McGraw-Hill exclusive Custom Curriculum provides a way to create and streamline the educational workflow making the management of courses simpler, faster and more efficient You have complete freedom to map Access Medicine content and capabilities to your educational structure.
For example you can: create, track and report usage of rotations online select and incorporate related reference content videos and animations assign quizzes, customize the number of questions and set the passing grade Its powerful search functionality is a great time saver and its reporting features help you identify struggling students sooner so you can focus your support where it’s needed most with custom curriculum you can create a syllabus based on those from other leading
institutions custom curriculum is a tremendous resource for residents and students as well helping them track their assignments and rotations gauge their individual progress and better
understand where they need to focus to improve their scores There’s another exclusive feature at
Access Medicine that you’ll find right here at the global navigation bar Clerkship Corner Clerkship Corner is a special part of Access Medicine that includes all the content typically needed for a rotation in internal medicine with Clerkship Corner we curate the content for you it gives clerks the direction they need to maximize their time as they prepare for one of the most
rigorous components of their medical education no more searching across the site for the right material for your students it’s right there for you ready to be used
courtesy of McGraw-Hill it’s all here a wealth of content from the best minds in medicine rich interactive media to enhance the educational experience and a workflow environment that makes both
coursework and course management more efficient and effective for everyone comprehensive content rich
Access Medicine from McGraw-Hill

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