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the Sun is out festival season is upon us download is a mere few weeks away yes no way yeah you excited yeah so what do you think of download what comes to mind is that very specific to Donington we've had I mean I guess first of all I'm just flooded with the memories of us planning it like we've had some awesome shows there what do you think you'll like to be around when you're in that preparation mode ahead of a big festival date or something like that I think I don't like generally I don't really show much of like anxiety in the moment yeah I just go it's like focused mode so I might be quite I might go a bit drill sergeant II and just like need to do this we need to get that done like and just like get a bit sort of assertive one of the things that makes me a bit anxious about festivals is the fact that I know that a lot of acquaintances and friends that are all going to be in one place which I know sounds fantastic to a lot for me that's me having to talk potentially in a group of more than a few people and much better an intimate setting right oh yeah how do you talk deal that because you must be approached by people all the time as well when you're just walking about yeah well I'm exactly the same so that I'll probably get more nervous about that you like you say yeah all the friends and family and sort of acquaintances that you know you sort of you have to say hello to everyone like because there are always people with this thing you're an awesome yeah so yeah that that actually feels real quick because social anxiety is probably my biggest thing when it comes to like meeting like fans like people you know if a severe don't know on a friendship level and just like random encounters I'm asleep I'm fine with that weirdly now downloads have introduced this new addition to the event called mind the dog where there's breath work mindfulness stretching all these sorts of things mountain to you as a punter for a festival but also someone that's playing at a festival does this sound like something you you know celebrate and be really happy to hear a festival pass yeah I think so I can't imagine anything better unlike you know especially on the second day and you're waking up hungover and nakid yeah just yoga is probably the best thing up for two beats of festival back and festival legs and then the general eighth of standing up all day and then also the the intensity of a festival like the mental intensity of it all doing some form of meditation this is perfect I'd say I read that you've found great effectiveness with mindfulness and CBT but when I speak to people about you know when they say what do you do what do you find that helps when I mentioned mindfulness a lot of people kind of drawback or a little bit skeptical why do you think some people are not willing to try it well I mean III wasn't winning strong courageous because I lumped all meditation in with well where it's come from for me that was like spirituality and religious this and it was just us that's not me I'm like quite hardened atheist and yet and but effectively I was just ignorant because there's amazing skills really and mindfulness itself is a tool that we should all be taught like it's got nothing to do with spirituality or religion it's it's a it's a way of understanding yourself and understanding consciousness and being able to therefore improve your experience were on a day to day basis I understand your brain the main thing for me is it just like it gives you a bit more understanding of your of what life is your inner life is an artist of process things I think it gives you confidence as well because if you've had those moments where you can feel those negative thoughts coming in but you've been able to manage it and back them away and work through it just knowing that you can do that yeah you just feel more confident every day knowing you've got that ability within you know yeah it's like a fortifying yeah yeah it can be part of like your your toolbox yeah you know whatever is your coping with it there's almost always a way that the mindfulness kid now today you'll see was talking about mental health and I think in the music industry particularly the rock industry we are talking about it a lot more there's a lot of interviews initiatives phone lines and things but I wanted to know from your point of view like in a band do you feel like the culture is changing are there more discussions within the band dynamic the more discussions and your teams on tours is there actually changing yes just how you know like having conversations with with other bands about anxiety is something never would have done 10 years ago like and I would have never have heard about it 10 years I mean you just wouldn't you wouldn't show yourself or that degree of vulnerability you wouldn't show that to someone I feel like it's really prevalent in the rock industry as well I feel like more of the fans are talking about this stuff and together and meeting up and chatting about these issues together for sure well I mean with rock like it's I think it comes from the fact that the lyrics have always been very open and also if you go back through you know everything from Punk where it's yeah okay you're probably expressing anger or frustration but that's still that's good you know that's an emotion that should be expressed and then you know for emo and they're you know talking about your inner life your emotions your psychology your experience that's really important so I think then that encourages fans of these genres to to do the same which is which is healthy really as long as the environment that they do it in is healthy and supportive it I saw you talking online a cot remember when it was but you're saying how that you know mental health check up should be just as normal as having your physical health check-up yeah shouldn't be seen as a oh they're going to talk about their mindset shouldn't be like a weird thing and how it should be almost a necessary thing that everyone should be yeah I mean I got my my I I check up letter three going oh yeah like a month not a year in six months yeah hi my god that's what we should be getting yeah like every six months is like it's time for your mental health check like it's where you just go and you have a chat yeah the psychologist and talk through some things even if you're not really going for a testing period like it's just good to sort of check in and be more aware of what's going on like there's always stuff you talk about it oh yeah


  1. I think she interrupted him about 4 times, when he was trying to get into something. That a bit made the interview kind of shallow to me. Thats a little sad, i would have loved to hear i little more.

  2. Sophie Eggleton is my favourite interviewer, she's such a sweetheart. Always lovely to see her sitting down with a musician I admire, especially when chatting about something so so important!!

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