Dr. Adrian Marimon discusses OBGYN services at Kendall Regional Medical Center

– So, what’s unique about our labor floor here at Kendall Regional Hospital is that it’s been completely
remodeled this year. All the rooms are private rooms, and they have all of the
state of the art equipment. They’ve been remodeled so
that they have the most modern and latest, I guess, fashion, and everybody’s been very happy with them, including the staff, is happy with the new changes. There’s a number of people that help you throughout the labor and delivery process. At the very beginning, there’s secretaries and nurse technicians that will help you. These individuals take
down your information, they help set up IVs. There’s also the nurses,
which will examine the mom, and place the baby onto fetal monitoring. There’s ultrasound
technicians that can come and assess the baby’s weight. There is the doctor who
comes up with the plan with the nurse, and they create different
plans, which may or may not include medications like
pitocin, to augment labor. There is anesthesiologists
and their group of assistants, that help to manage the pain. And then after the birth, there
are pediatricians involved, and nursery room nurses, that help take care of the baby. So the way that I run my
practice is, thankfully, I have a system in place that
I’ve been able to deliver over 95% of my own pregnant patients, I’ve been
able to do their delivery. At times, there are women
that do deliver prematurely, and those events are unexpected, and sometimes they do happen
to fall during the period of time when I am resting, and
I have a coverage physician. This physician is Dr. Duela,
who’s an excellent physician, and has more than 30 years of
experience in the community.

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