Dr. Allison Peckumn – Endocrinology, Internal Medicine – Profile

My name is Allison Peckumn and I’m a DO, which is a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and I work here at the endocrinology clinic at Abrazo, which is located in Avondale, Arizona. I was always interested in internal medicine, I was interested in endocrinology, I liked
all the pathways and how everything worked, the science of it. The reason I
chose to do medical school, my mom actually is a nurse, so I always liked
talking to her but she would come home with good stories about her patients and
I could see how much her patients loved her every now and then, I’d get to go to
work with her and I even have pictures when I was three years old of doctoring
my stuffed animals and, you know, trying to sew them up and take care of them, so
it’s been a passion for a long time. I’m a single mom, I have two kids, my son is twelve, my daughter is eight. One of our things that we do is Taekwondo, we’ve been doing it for many years now, I’m a third degree black belt, I’ll be testing for my fourth degree black belt in Las Vegas next year. When I see patients, I want it to be a partnership, I want them to know about
their medical condition and I want to teach them about their medical condition
because I’m seeing them for a few minutes in one day, they’re dealing with
their condition all the time, so they need to know how to manage, for example,
their diabetes, but it’s also those day-to-day things, the, the little
victories or a patient who I have started on thyroid medication who is
feeling better or you know maybe just a patient that was able to lose a little
bit of weight, that’s a huge victory for that person, so just those little small
stories are probably what keep us going.

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