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pulmonary medicine cardiology radiology up internal medicine ito an expertise me dr. Chris Enriquez Matt accompany dr. America jinda Namibian Netanya book acquaintance Europe and Okanagan doctor like that weight of a high school Nicole upon opening course of our colleagues and I had a friend who came with me for photography you who stopped making visits man some bizarre baguette business pending an element of pour some now see the time I usually do when I was in medical school say you have a graduate maybe into the south of us a cardiology in heart disease here and then I spend a lot of times different schools states in college is now living the best life secrets at octagon asawa America concern – Papa Itza vanillin clinics uh Tapani go show looking business partner Ponyo I'll set up the atleta a TV personality Lisi Bruce Jenner luckily plan a own mug antenna backboard and boom he led the owner then his son bug sue book hop Amelia now what's interesting is honey lemon boo a new door but new pineal a boo Malik nobility Nizam in a Rolls Royce give me the pill area I'm sorry Babu and I'm in Don Piero I get into some problem Nana born again appalled patinas our for the born-again kami and then we thought that God was calling us to come back Cassini boo boo the orator twice a year the tower different venue specialist churches in the atacama I'm a Arab natal we should have be mahira this the Philippines is one of the richest countries in the world you know calling them to do the job teach people to change the way they think the do it do not eat cheese need lava see the way as you think in your heart so are you in metabolic Sybilla penis in a Chris at missus NASA Linda it in a you Neela I'm Rafa Health Institute McGowan was too big a Picasa na Papa booty and condition a Kalugin man mother my socket numata Panda no cinema Leno and Grandpa and Boo casino I can be long but stop and begin and gum oh yeah we try to stay away from the emotes as much as possible cuz in ungawa order arrived in my house I Mon equation did she ever mention forgot over those car okay I will try not to do that but we always have access to that page and aluminum palagi Madoka Mohammad Khatami local diabetes then we can reverse diabetes come on mother the best one diabetes no without medications if I mess up with you or Marie rivers not a bit medicine bit of hook up Gaza medicine yeah what we started to do it in the natural way to change them in lifestyle more but in my exercise more and everything in in Manatee personal whatever the disease is all diseases are preventable and reversible BMO is a penis 75 years old NASA doc Chris dial parent 55 years old land comes i/o master chubby smoke and potato submission young but deulim semana matando young advocacy Mona Gustavo you Muhammad a panda can live a better life yes Oh mr. Nasir wrap up our un Rafa Rafa is the name one of the names of Jesus Christ okay Jesus the healer okay now yeah oka see life spans the Philippines bye-bye is about 68 years cool the love among got 66 for every year actually changed the commission again 73,000 ba-ba-ba-ba in the neighborhood of 70 on medical science has proven that we have the genetic potential to live 220 years if that is true why are we dying so young 70 it may be something wrong was going on oh yeah that's one of the things that we want to teach what do you do what Ababu academ happy strong indiana capacity it's a machine tinea see boom that he gets new 2018 not detect no me but I suppose so Makita a menudo Pina Bausch I was angry so no idea gram per ton Sabina kite seen on a bus and all carry on along surgery and explained as having the donor check article and Matagorda process or pero what batatinha lumber I did from there siempre knickerbocker forgetting the research case a internet other Nikita Madonna you appear to know chelation telega and then we improve Salina 23 she asian stop o television that Ahram – man : vomiting you know he died I saw that in the company see boom is a lung Siddhanta question Nnamani Chris Eber my Parkinson's disease diabetes that would be one thing Amanda uncondition what else are your dreams I think is to get started you marking lecture at our university to teach people how to be successful for Muslim I am financially independent Deuteronomy Tila and what is exciting about that is when I tell them what they need to do the first thing that you need to do if you want to be financially independent is to give Maliki unagi's papel member giegi malapa happen in own saladna million NetBackup Jana Jana I know of event and faith me know your being born again Sanna go show me at all ditto I'm healer D to India for India me Cisco to Jesus immediately when you become born again part of the blessing that God gives us you automatically become healed by the stripes of Jesus you are healed now when we tell them how to pray you don't pray Lord pray Hillman Amalapuram is effectively no no no as far as God is concerned here in China the Sun know is Lord a manifest million healing again Obama's are in prison tell God to remove the problem easier the problem to get out of your body perronnette Yuma man at Manoa and my Boonen mud subscribe Pocoyo say YouTube channel nan abs-cbn you


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