Dr. Drew Received $$$ from Pharmaceutical Companies

but doctor drew pinsky you know doctor
drew lewis of course from love line and his headline news show and celebrity we
have been celebrity sober house celebrity dr is a celebrity doctor exactly always actually thought that he was
relatively competent and he being a psychiatrist and my dad being
psychiatrist and having heard uh… some of the allot of different
things that both of them talk about over the years my impression was doctor who
was group at least to some level trustworthy and competent that may still be the case as far as the
competence but we may not really be able to trust that the at the opinions he’s
getting are unbiased because we know our at
looking at a number of different reports including now thanks for the justice
department we know about a payday that doctor drew
received that was big enough to cause some
concern as part of its huge three billion dollar settlement with
pharmaceutical giant glaxo smithkline the department of justice revealed
documents that show that doctor drew and taken close to three hundred
thousand dollars for a quote services for well butte right now what does that
mean louis services for will be a trend what exactly was he doing it turns out will be to being an
anti-depressant that according to the government
complaint doctor drew is hired to quote deliver
messages about well brute globe you train s_r_ in settings where it did not appear that
doctor drew was speaking for glaxo smithkline so this is incredible advertising basically advertising in making it seem
like medical advice pinsky suggested that will be a trim
might be responsible for increasing the woman’s orgasm rate
as many many as sixty orgasms in a good night according to an internal j_f_k_ memo it said that doctor drew was quote
communicating key campaign messages about will be turned to the public now
of course uh… the orgasms are and off we will
use how of will be attorneys you might imagine the list it’s not actually a legal for doctor drew or error on their
doctors the promoter prescribed awfully believes
his it would be legal however if glaxo smithkline was officially marketing those off we will use is this seeming to be kind of in the middle
because doctor who was being paid by g s k kind of a gray area but as far as we
know right now charges are not being filed so if you actually believes that this
drug is a good thing is this ok well that’s the thing he’s
doing a rally there if you truly believes in the journal of talk about
that doctor drew said my comments were consistent with my clinical experience
in other words he wasn’t saying anything about will be a trend that he didn’t personally experience in his clinical prescription about medication if that’s the case and if he is not going to be influenced
by getting two hundred and seventy-five thousand from g_ s_ k_ to talk about
this why would were number one why would you ask a even want to pay right because if he’s going to say only what he is observed clinically what’s the point of paying and he’s
gonna say the same thing either way case in point if they didn’t think that
he was going to be influenced by the money they would have paid they pay him for a reason very very
close i think it’s probably a good chance he
just wouldn’t be dropping the name is what you few didn’t receive uh… two hundred seventy five thousand
dollars also we found out about a hundred and fifteen thousand dollar
payment that doctor dre received from janssen pharmaceuticals and uh… there’s controversy about that about whether
doctor drew doctors are saying it was just for an education program but very
very sketchy stuff so there this all in mind it’s it’s interesting to hear about
what is going on with with doctor jerome lee because now that’s the civilly about that the
true but it is interesting when you take
someone like doctor drew someone off the comes to mind is c_n_n_’s dr sanjay gupta commenting about medications commenting
about investigations it would be very interesting to know
because he’s seen as somewhat of an authority in a trustworthy person we
need to know about the real advocacy of a medication you go to sanjay gupta at c_n_n_ if we found out he was being paid by
certain pharmaceutical companies it would be very important to know that same thing here i think interesting stuff to look at we’ve also learned to being a celebrity
doctor is quite profitable p dot that’s really the big thing that we’re
learning here very very profitable let’s take a break face book dot com
slash day the package a like this on face book heading towards ten thousand face book
likes will be back with more after this will talk about yet another can of what they really are david packing and shelves and david
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  1. Dr. Sanjay Gupta came guns blazing against Michael Moore´s Sicko
    when Michael Moore was on CNN to promote it,
    CNN decided somewhat sketchy to Interview a Spokeswoman from Pharmaceutical company.

    You can find the clip on YT search "CNN Gets Blitzed by Michael Moore"

  2. Was gonna say "In before some mouth breathing conservative uses this as an excuse to bash the legalization of marijuana and tie it to the pharmaceutical companies" but seems that the literal third comment on the video beat me to it. Right, because it is big Pharma who makes a kajillion dollars off of selling you prozac pushing to legalize what would render almost half of the crap they make big money off of obsolete.

  3. Are you really surprised? Psychiatry is one of the world's most corrupted "professions". Even the published research evidence on the utility of psychiatric medications is so biased and distorted t that we have no idea what these medications are really doing.

  4. It's like when Suze Orman seemed reputable on financial matters until she started hawking her own bank card. Awful.

  5. This goes far beyond Dr. Drew. Pharmaceutical companies influence over doctors is rampant. True healthcare reform would curtail the power of pharmaceutical companies to influence the doctors in this country. Many times these companies compel doctors – through dispensing free sample medication, giving them kickbacks or doing special favors – to tell patients to take drugs that are of no benefit to them, or, in the worst case scenario, do them harm.

  6. Well this idiot got his bachelors of science from MIT, where's your degree from you, internet tough guy? Surely you wouldn't go around calling someone stupid unless you were really educated, right? You wouldn't be so hypocritical, would you? You're a phony, going online, saying shit that is very easily verified- but what's worse is, you stick to your stupid. I'm not sure what your weird obsession with dr. phil is, but I'm not trying to be part of your little fantasy.

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    Listen, internet cool guy, you can front if you want- you can be a pretender but you should know you're not fooling anyone.

  8. I didn't read your whole comment last time, and every time you come back in a new desperate attempt to sound cool my phone lights up. My battery and my interest are both completely drained by your relentless trolling.

    What can I say to get you to fuck off? How about this, no one knows Dr Phils mind and body better than you. If anyone was ever an expert of Dr Phil it surely is you, you are his number one fan and I'm super impressed. Now go tell your pretend stories to someone else.

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