Dr. Elmira Rakhmatulina, Sugar Land, Texas Family Medicine Physician

– Hi, my name is Elmira Rakhmatulina, and I’m family medicine physician here at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. (gentle music) Kelsey-Seybold Clinic is a
great environment for physicians and I think our patients
are very happy here because they can see
their primary care here, then they stay in the same location, even the same clinic, the same building and see all the specialists, and I can just email or call
my colleagues, the specialists, and they are always very
open and happy to help me. It’s a great learning
environment too for me. Like everybody else had
dreams when they’re little, I always wanted to do either
teaching or being a doctor. All my family members are teachers, so I decided to do something
a little different, and I also had a role model,
my dad’s cardiologist, who was a great physician
with great skills and very respected in our community. I just wanna be like him
one day when I grow up. I really, really enjoyed
doing small-office procedures, and only family medicine could offer that. Also, my residency program was very good at training us doing certain procedures, and I think I was lucky to learn that, and now I can apply in my practice. I think the main thing as
a family physician doctor is to find the right way of
communication and build a trust. Most part of our visit is the talking, listening, and hearing actually what the patient is trying to tell you. I’m thankful to Kelsey-Seybold Clinic providing this great environment so I can practice as a physician, and also I’m thankful to
my patients that choose me.

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