Dr. Erica Gathje | Family Medicine

Hi. My name is Erica Gathje and I’m a
family medicine physician at North Memorial Health. I chose family medicine because as cliche as it sounds I like taking care
of the whole family. I want to take care of babies, adolescents, adults, anyone up
until the age of 120! With family medicine I get to do obstetrics and so I
have extra training and delivering babies. It’s part of the benefit of
taking care of the whole family is I can take care of you during the pregnancy
and then take care of you after the pregnancy and then I also get to take
care of this little one that you’re bringing into the world. I know kind of
their whole life story even before they’re here. But one of the other added
benefits is taking care of all different groups of people so people that are from
different cultures, different religions I enjoy learning those things from
patients so understanding where people are coming from and what they bring to a
medical encounter and so just establishing the communication is I
think how you develop a relationship with someone.

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