Dr. Gilmore and the Band Man's Evaluation

yeah we're gonna call them Banda Man Man Man fans man good to say this morning have I seen you before recently and where you go to school but you're gonna be okay completely understand beg borrow and work I know okay so you've got a form here for me this is sort of like a school physical but you're in the band so you play an instrument yeah or you okay what do you plug a centered on snare drum cool okay are there any artists that inspire you yeah so you march to marketing you know so that's what they want you to do this usually there's another paper that comes with this they do a lot of health questions but you didn't have that did they give me one of those or is this ours well they sent us one but I didn't have a printer okay so what you'll want to do all of that is is your past medical history and family medical history anything that could be important all right so you'll need to answer those questions sign it and then attach it to this but it doesn't have anything that I need to put on there so you're going to be okay all right generally speaking I mean it is kind of important for us know if you have any significant medical history but I don't think you've had anything serious happen in your life have you all right yeah Benny you know you've never had any heart problems you don't have diabetes and I say in any routine medications or anything like that okay all right you ever get any chest pain or shortness of breath any bowel problems no all right you have to get up at night go to the bathroom a lot no all right and any trouble with your vision No can you cover with your braids that's cool hey what you were in school when I was in school yeah yes honestly control the gym it was just to give a history of not finishing projects no listen one just that one year for college just when you're swinging okay what kind of trouble did you have it was just academic trouble just I know I didn't happen I'm not used to looking pressing for help yeah and I never did through high school so like I'm just like trying to do everything myself and it didn't work just a new environment new experience kind of okay so what are gonna do different this time well if I go back oh I oh yeah I look different cuz it's like two years ago so they forget a counselor maybe you know yeah so you didn't identify any specific areas in your studies that were difficult anything like that you have trouble focusing well yeah I I think I have like ADHD or a TD or something like that I've never been like prescribed that but like your any judgment okay I can't stop moving and I can't distract it very easily mmm okay and one of the things that we see with adults with a BD is they send they tend to stay frustrated do you get frustrated and investment seriously people with the a DD have difficulty getting focused and when they do focus and then somebody interrupts oh that makes me very upset and I fly off the handle yeah yes and they spend a lot of time having to apologize for saying things they really didn't mean to say is any of that sound like you but someone yeah so I actually have a formal test I'm gonna have you do for me but typically when I meet somebody like you and I've seen you for years ago right but this is different circumstances but when I see somebody that's been in school and then they they sort of left for whatever reason and they may have had some academic issues or not one of the things that I look for as a physician is is this person and misdiagnosed or undiagnosed attention deficit disorder person because if you are we can help you with that right we can help you with medication that will help you stay focused and get your work done and get your grades you know where they need to be one of the things that is sort of you know a lot of people don't realize is that people with attention deficit disorder tend to be very intelligent people the people with addr not slow or anything like that in fact their minds work really quickly and as a result they just get bored very fast and they move on to the next thing and they don't want to get back to what they've been working on because they find it terribly boring or for whatever reason they don't want to finish ok so people with ADT also have lots of unfinished projects how about you you have a lot of unfinished projects I think putting on learning this two sheets of music that I have to learn by next week I've had two weeks to learn it and I've been saying I've got to learn at this date and as soon as I get to it I just like I just want to sleep or I just want to yeah I would just get off of work in so if it do you literally anything else procrastinate yeah yeah and almost anything else is when you stuff that you would ordinarily not want to do you would rather do now you know do the thing you know you need to do interesting okay all right so we're gonna we're gonna give you the test but I'm pretty sure you're going to come up positive and if you are we're going to start you on some medicine this morning okay all right so let's listen to your lungs and your heart here real quick have you do some funny things for us give your notice did you get into how the patient's are racing heartbeat really you know what you drink those energy drinks and stuff no like this when I was in school oh yeah I was very nervous a lot I would have I don't know the difference between like panic attack or anxiety attack but like I would just like not be able to talk and I kind of feel like frozen mm-hmm when I'm like are just around a bunch of people hasn't happened recently because I'm not around but just like any people ever okay but it was like that when I was in school so the difference between panic and anxiety is actually not a very big difference anxiety is sort of the chronic condition panic is like an acute phase it's something that happens all of a sudden panic attacks like shortness of breath chest pain heaviness dry mouth blurred vision tingling and numbness around the lips and the fingertips and sometimes the toes upset stomach nausea a feeling of impending doom something bad is happening to my body right something bad I'm dying something about gotta get out of here that's a panic attack anxiety is just this continuous general feeling of unease that continues on with some of those symptoms but not all of those symptom so you're always worrying you're always thinking about things you're ruminating which just means you're thinking over and over about things that you have no control over things like that that would be anxiety somebody that doesn't have the money but has a tax bill do they can begin to worry every day and develop an anxiety syndrome or an anxiety case about that that might be an example of just generalized anxiety panic attack would be it's the day before the taxes are due and all of a sudden your heart's pounding out of your chest and you can't drink anything and you're shaking in your jittery to the point where you end up going to the emergency room you're pretty sure you're dying so so some of the things are very similar in some of its just an exacerbation of what the chronic state let's do that again take a deep breath take a little doubt I'm sure to take a deep breath home again okay okay great I want you to stand up right over here by the door mr. ban man all right don't you face me once point your index finger straight out tilt your head back about 15 degrees close your eyes touch the tip your notes or the tip of your right finger come on good job put it back out there and this time with the left okay great you can open eyes put your hands down I want you to walk heel touching toe just toward me a little bit heel to toe good good job all right now once you turn around I want you to squat all the way down squat down all the way down to your ankles this is a tough one I'm adjusting the camel camera I want you to duck walk for me this is a great way to check for ankle and hip and knee problems look and some balance issues – do you have trouble with balance no okay oh yeah you did tell me you had some knee issues okay all right you can come on back up that's fine so we are gonna document the fact that you've had some knee trouble did you have an operation on me yeah I know just a little trouble with the knees are you taking any kind of anti-inflammatories or anything like that well then we may want to talk about a joint support you know a product that might help you okay usually wear knee braces yeah okay there's a couple more things we're gonna check off camera but you've been really interesting thanks for sharing your visit this morning with our friends on YouTube thank you all right okay so in your own words tell us about your experience with Metta seven if I don't take medicine and I have absolutely no energy whatsoever and I feel yucky when I take another seven it gives me enough energy to make it through the day and it makes me feel better now you don't mind me asking you do have diabetes tell us how your diabetes has done how have you done with your diabetes since you've been taking medicine well my numbers are absolutely wonderful I just got tested today and it was 5.3 45.4 and my dr. Gilmour said it was the help of seven writers are very well individual wonderful so you're doing a great job you're working hard with your diet I am okay and your your diabetes is under outstanding control wonderful and you feel good because you're taking medicine every day gives you the energy you need to do if you want to do your awesome thanks for letting me order yours today there's an Amazon link in the description below also check out dr. Gilmore's seven piece kit available on Amazon for under $20 it's got a leather case and it's compact in size good for traveling see link below


  1. That pretty much sounds like me, but no doctor would prescribe anything to me because they said i was just lazy. Even as a adult i can't finish projects, can't focus much. I bought new mini blinds to put up in house..a couple years now they been sitting downstairs. I got them out the box, so getting closer. lol

  2. Band Man, it’s all going to be just fine now! Dr. Gilmore is great and he will always help you. You do no have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You have a beautiful life ahead of you filled with joy and success. Thank you for sharing your visit with us. Blessings to you always and…remember to take that medication EVERY day! 🤗💕

  3. thanks for this it was enlightening. it made my behaviour clearer to me. the Band Man is brave ,allowing it to be videoed. Brilliant video.

  4. Sure hope you get better soon Band Man! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us out here!

  5. Precious young man!!!
    Thank you for posting this and it surely shows your compassion!!!💙💙💙

  6. Praying for this young man that he is able to find his way back to school and the right direction for his life.

  7. Dr Gilmore,you have such a kind and reassuring way with your patients. You are a credit to your profession.

  8. Dr. Gilmore, you are one in a million. Thank you for assessing this young man for ADD. You may have just changed his life!

  9. What a nice guy to let you video his appointment. I learned a little bit more about ADD and anxiety from what you were saying. My husband and one of my daughter's suffer from them both.

  10. Your a great family physician. I am a family physician in Jordan, you have amazing communication skills, plz post more videos like this

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