Dr. Greg Osgood | Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon

>> Hello. My name is Greg Osgood. I’m the chief of orthopedic trauma at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I came to Johns Hopkins
after nine years of service in the United States Air
Force in active duty. I was a teacher of orthopedic trauma for people going into deployment
positions in combat zones. I deployed twice myself and
performed over 400 operations in Iraq during two conflicts. Orthopedic trauma involves the care of polytrauma patients who are affected in many regions of their body, and, specifically, in
what we take care of, orthopedic trauma affects
fractures and fracture care in almost any part of the human skeleton. Our clinical research
in orthopedic trauma is both clinical and scientific. We’re very privileged
to take care of patients involved in clinical
trials that are multicenter throughout the United States. They’re funded with NIH and
governmental research support. One of the other things I’m interested in is augmented reality and virtual reality, and we’re starting to use different visual displays
in the operating room to make our immediate use in realtime of X-rays right in
front of my eyes to make fracture care go faster,
smoother, and safer for patients. Johns Hopkins started this
hospital to take care of patients in this community regardless of their race,
religion, position in society. That really is what fracture
care is all about, and trauma. Trauma affects everyone regardless of their means
and who they are as a person. It’s really important to me to provide the same level
of care to every patient, the same level of detail,
attention, precision, and safety before a surgery, during surgery, even in patients who don’t need surgery to make sure they get the
best care that they need.


  1. Compelling video. I especially liked the closing words about insuring best possible care for all.

  2. Hi Dr. I'm malaysian. Dr can i ask you something. Actually i had an excident on 29/3/2019, and i had open fracture at my left tibia, open fracture at my 5th metatasal bones, and also fracture at my pelvis. Now, i use ilizarov at my leg. My question is, how long i have to use this ilizarov? When i can take it off because i feel not comfortable wearing this ilizarov 😅 i hope you can answer me. Sorry for my broken english 😅😅

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