Dr Hook & The Medicine Show – "Carry Me, Carrie" From Shel´s Houseboat!

do our new hit no it's not a hit maybe it's a bomb we're gonna do our new record okay you'll be able to probably put a dime in the jukebox and hear this in a hamburger stand the Hamburg stands over here damn boo stands over you carry me Second Street and Broadway sitting in a doorway head held in his hands look to all the world like he was praying foot wrap didn't already bottle in a brown bag I saw him try and stand then I heard it he was saying ah I don't know when he struggled to his feet and staggered down the street took a window of a five-and-dime and it stood that they have to a while and his reflection Oh shout then found a mountain he could surely climb if she was only there to point the right direction come on Karimi little one I don't know words carry me a little while


  1. Dr. Hook was one of the best things to come out of the 1970s. Rest in peace Ray Sawyer, founding member.

  2. oh yeah this has to be my fav for sure only cause even back in the day it profiled the homeless ..they r execptional

  3. What is the band members name who has curly hair, and smacks himself in the face? I like his humour. PS: Dennis was so "foine" here. Noice. Toight.

  4. This is from another world.

    Not like the computer generated shit that streams out of every speaker today.
    I just hate those tunes. Not for real, no sence, no reality, just fucking crap.

    This is real music.

  5. Funny think is Dwight Yoakam did a song many years later that went #1 both songs make me feel the same….i sang dixie

  6. Dennis is one great singer! 💗 Love Dr. Hook's music, so real, and such beautiful words in each song he wrote. "They are Truly Music Legends of All Time".💙💖🧡❤💗

  7. Use to listen to this music with my partner Richard RIP excellent music and good times. Still miss him after 34 yrs.

  8. Wow, these guys are flying high!!! 🎲 What were they laughing at??? What couldve been that funny??? I dont get it LOL

  9. my husband and I were marred in 1971 and when we got our very first stereo /recorded player this was a free album that came with it… been my fav ever since and I am 65 now

  10. Yeah they don’t make bands or musicians like this anymore, everything is sanitised and commercialised and there’s not the freedom of expression or creativity like these guys lived…..

  11. Ronja I really can’t thank you enough for all these songs you’ve put together for us I come every day to watch 🙏🏻❤️🇨🇦

  12. I love these brother's ` And I dig them so much! I see myself in them` no shame¡! ✌❤🕆🔥

  13. Hard to believe this was not reordered in a studio…… The guys are legends……… crazy? perhaps…. , but tighter then a ducks bum.

  14. That was good time between me and god. But what did you say after you knew I was indeed talking to god??

  15. ive met the guys so sad they are no longer rip ray I met ray again in 2014 at te Americana they blew me away

  16. We had it so good back then… such great composers, musicians, singers. These guys rocked. Raw emotion and total commitment to the song.

  17. We lost the one and only Ray Sawyer this year and with his passing, the possibility of ever seeing this band reunite and play and sing together has also died. a generation who grew up with these guys mourns the loss. RIP Ray and thanks for being there in song while so many memories of an era were being made.

  18. Oh my what beautiful song ,,, Dr Hook I understand more why I Love them so much ever since the 1970's till now still love Dr Hook .

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