Dr. Jean Hermsen – Physician Profile of Jean Hermsen MD

Hi, my name is Dr. Jean Hermsen. I am a otolaryngologist, also known as ear,
nose, and throat doctor who joined McFarland Clinic in 2012. My specialty is in ear, nose, and throat,
and I chose this specialty because not only do I get to help adults, but we also get to
help children. We are a amazing surgical specialty that really
has opportunity to help acutely ill patients, but also chronic patients, who we see on a
regular basis and develop a very nice relationship with. I decided to do ear, nose, and throat mostly
because I myself have had some ear trouble in the past, which peaked my interest in otolaryngology. When a patient comes to our office, we often
start with a new patient consult. We want to know you and figure out what exactly
your problem is. Often times, that might include either hearing
services, such as a hearing test or tympanogram if you’re here for a ear problem. The other thing that might happen would be
a nasal endoscopy, so we often use scopes to look in the nose or scopes to look at the
voice box. And we have those different capabilities to
do those things in the office, which is very convenient for patients. The most rewarding aspect of my job is, ultimately,
helping people. I think that’s why everybody becomes a physician,
and you like to give people good news. You like to solve their problems, and that’s
the most reward that we can get out of our job.

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