Dr. Jerry Back – Advanced Centers for Internal Medicine

(upbeat happy music) – I’m Jerry Back. I have the pleasure of practicing in Charleston, South Carolina. I’m the only specialist in the state of South Carolina that has the credentials of being both certified in hypertension and cholesterol disorders. Our practice is a little bit different in that about 50% of the patients we see are patients that other
doctors have referred to us. That’s really quite an honor that other doctors feel confident enough with our practice, my
staff, and my expertise that they’ll actually
allow me to take care of their patients and be involved. The most important thing is
to listen to the patient. Make sure you’re hearing
what their concerns and complaints are. Put together a diagnostic plan to figure out what’s going on, narrow that down so you can get a therapeutic plan that’s
efficient, clean, and effective. My standard line is if someone comes to me with a blood pressure
problem, I can fix it. I can fix their blood pressure
and that’s just how it is, and I know that’s a big
statement, but I can walk the walk that goes with that talk, and
I’ve said this many times, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, that to practice medicine is a blessing, and to teach medicine in an honor. I’m really lucky to get to do what I do. This is what I’ve wanted
to do my entire life, since I was a young person, and I’ve done it almost 30 years, I mean how great is that? (upbeat happy music)

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  1. Hi Jerry, this is Mike and Lori (Pope) Barker from River Forest HS class of 75. Ran across this video and thought we'd say hi and see if you remember us…

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