Dr. Kara Pettigrew | Family Medicine

Hi. I’m Kara Pettigrew and I do family
medicine here at North Memorial Health. So I think my preferred approach to
medicine is to be able to see the whole picture at once. What I really appreciate
is when patients come in, lay it out for me what are all of their concerns and
then together we can try to figure out what are the most important things or
more urgent things to address that day then decide what other things to
address down the road. So I really enjoy the whole scope of Family Practice.
I like seeing kids I like seeing adults I like seeing elderly people but I
really enjoy seeing other people in their family. I have a number of entire
families and that’s that’s really fun. I think it’s a lot easier for me to take
care of someone in the family if I know the other family members. That I’m taking
care of the person not a number or a chart or a patient with a name connected
it’s it’s it’s a person that I know and that I care about.

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