Dr. Lisa Koche talks about Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements

hi it’s dr. Lisa at spectral wellness in
Tampa Florida where we inspire growth minded people like you to ignite the
full power of your mind and body in today’s video we’re gonna be discussing
the importance of pharmaceutical grade supplements when I meet with my patients
we always discuss the four levels of nutraceuticals or supplements that they
can purchase most people don’t realize that there are huge differences and when
they buy things online or at CVS there really may be an issue with what they’re
getting compared to the benefits of the pharmaceutical grade nutrients we use
here in our clinic every single day the first grade is veterinary grade really
reserved for animals second grade is those that we find in CVS and Walgreens
and Walmart the issue with those first couple of grades is that very often
there are additives you want to make sure that you read the other ingredients
part of the supplement bottle to look for things like dyes FD&C yellow blue or
pink make sure there’s not multi dextran which is often genetically modified when
you get to the next level which is GNC and other nutrients stores Whole Foods
you can get a lot better quality as a general rule but often the amount of the
supplement that’s included in the bottle or in the particular capsule is diluted
well we carry here at spectra wellness and through our website our only
pharmaceutical grade supplements what that means is that they have been tested
to the same levels and standards that medications are tested to look for
impurities and to make sure that they have in the bottle what they are
claiming to include as you can see by looking around we get the best from
different companies so that we can find for example the best CoQ10 the best
mitochondrial support for your adrenal gland there are four or five different
levels that you may be at and we can provide whatever need your body has at
that particular moment please visit our website so that we can
introduce you to the wonders of pharmaceutical grade vitamins and how
they can start making you feel better today

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