Dr Mary Barson Co-Founder of Real Life Medicine

– I’m Dr. Mary Barson. I’m 1/3 of Real Life Medicine, which is the premier health organisation helping people reclaim their health in this world of
overwhelming chronic disease. I’m a general practitioner, and a Mum, and a human with my own health struggles
that I have managed to effectively overcome, and break free of in recent years. I also do medical hypnosis and whilst being involved in whole breadth of general Practice, I have particular interests in mental health and lifestyle medicine helping people change their behaviours, change the unhealthy behaviours that can lock us in to a life of poor health and chronic disease. So, we are in the middle of a crisis, make no mistake the
healthcare in this country, in this world right now
is in a crisis state, as you know we have
record levels of obesity, diabetes, inflammatory conditions, all of these lifestyle related illnesses is like an enormous tsunami
that is crashing over us and it’s a crisis on a personal level for so many people out there. So many peoples health is in crisis. This is why we started Real Life Medicine, we started it to help people
reclaim their own health, to empower people to make
the lifestyle changes that are necessary to be healthy, to break free of cravings, to break of poor self talk, to break free of food controlling you, to break free of the inflammatory cycle from processed foods, all of these things, people can break free, we can help you break free, and be free of overweight, obesity, chronic illness, free from cravings. A big interest of mine is compassion, so I teach this to my patients and I use it in my own life all the time, that compassion and
kindness and nice self talk should under pin all, every single moment of our lives. But particularly important
when we want to change our behaviours and break free
from old unhelpful habits, and the remarkable things is, when you can tap into your compassion, your self compassion, you realise that everything
you need is already within you. You have everything you need to change, to live life on your terms you
have it all within you now. And we can help you find it
in very real actionable ways, we empower people to reclaim their health to live life on their terms. Thank you.

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