Dr. McDougall: Solving America's Health Crisis

John McDougall is a guy who saves lives he has a cure for gout constipation cancer heart disease arthritis autoimmune diseases and a lot more it's called a starch-based diet and it works a whole lot better than what most other doctors have to offer sixteen years ago my wife Sabrina was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called relapsing poly chondrite 'us 40 percent of the people who get the diagnosis she got are dead in ten years those who are still alive generally have a lot of problems due to the drugs that are used to treat the symptoms of the disease but Sabrina found dr. MacDougall's diet and she decided to give it a try we all gave it a try she started the diet when she had her monthly rheumatologist appointment was three weeks after we started the diet for the first time her sed rate was normal in a year for the first time her the anti-nuclear antibodies which is an indirect measure how they see the disease weren't present in her blood and after three months of going back and getting that same result dr. Rodney bluestone her rheumatologist said you're in remission except he's English he said you were in remission and he said and your dietary strategy is working because your cholesterol is only 135 so that was 16 years ago and we haven't never looked back dr. mcdougal has saved other members of my family and I like to think that a lot of doctors you know they act like they're God but that's just an act but dr. McDougall dr. mcdougal is in fact dr. God in our book and it's a great honor and a pleasure to have him here and to be able to introduce some ladies and gentlemen please welcome John McDougall so let me tell you how all this got started as I mentioned Mary and I had been together for 41 years now was the greatest gift God ever gave me was my friendship and very people are tired lunch table dates and he said it must have been a really tough life well it was but we had fun one of the things I promised her and it's still promised her for the next next 20 or 30 years I hope is that she'll never be bored she might always be happy that she's never bored and I'm sure she feels the same way company to meet all you today what an exciting day for her to meet all you folks and to you know just they have a good time together we have so much fun together but anyway it started out in Grand Rapids Michigan in 1971 she was a surgical nurse and I was a medical student and we met and I fell in love it only took me about a week and a half before I convinced her to go out with me and she finally did and she's found something worthwhile and has stuck with me since but in the process we were in Grand Rapids Michigan and I don't know how you feel about Michigan but that was one of the best decisions I ever made was to leave and we left we left after medical school we went to we just want to get away and I think it was the time in life not that Michigan so just it's a terrible place I mean there's if you live in California you probably know the difference but we wanted to get out of there and so we left whoo well as far as we could possibly go and where we met went was to Hawaii and we went to Hawaii in 1972 I did my internship there we fell in love with Hawaii we didn't want to leave but I didn't want to continue being a doctor I actually hated being a doctor and the reason I hated being a doctor is I could see no place for me in helping people I just I just didn't see it and of course that all changed as time and I can tell you I love being a doctor I think you'd be in a doctor's that the best thing anybody could be is when I was growing up my dad taught me some very important lessons and one of them was the joy and life comes from helping other people and one of the best opportunities to help other people was to be a doctor and have all that kind of translated in my life but where I was at that time I couldn't see it and I didn't want to be a physician anymore but I finished my internship and I was looking for a job and I got a job on the Big Island of Hawaii as a sugar plantation doctor and that's what really changed my life between 1973 and 1976 I was a general practitioner in Honokaa ye which is on the Big Island and I worked on a sugar plantation taking care of 5,000 people I caught their babies I pronounced them dead I did brain surgery in the middle of the night I did whatever it took to take care of these five thousand people I was basically it I learned two things from that experience that changed my life one as I learned that I was fallible in terms of being a physician I thought being a doctor you could do as Jeff introduced me things next to God and my performance was far far from being next to God my patients did horrible I took care of these people with chronic problems like blood pressure and constipation and digestion and heart disease I gave you the best treatments that I'd been taught and they never responded the way I expected they never got well and I blamed it on myself I thought I was a terrible doctor I did that for three years and I was about ready to quit except I had another decision I could have made and that was to go back and learn how to be a good doctor and so instead of quitting after three years as a general practitioner I went back into training at the University of Hawaii and internal medicine residency program but before I left I learned the second lesson that has carried me through today and why I could talk to you with confidence about what I believe to be true I had a chance to take care of 5,000 people they were first second third and fourth generation Filipinos Japanese Chinese and Koreans the first generation moved from their native lands to the Big Island of Hawaii to start a new life on the sugar plantation with them they took their initial education what you learn is child you keep the rest of your life basically and so they learned to die at a rice and vegetables they came to the big island they work on the sugar plantation their kids who were raised on the sugar plantation they learned more Western ways we had Texas driving up the hill so they were able to get their burgers the first McDonald's arrived in Hilo Hawaii in 1973 or 19 1973 I was one of their first and best customers I saw the kids get a little fatter a little sicker and by the time we got to the grandkids of these immigrants they were just as fat and just as sick as everybody else that taught me two things genes are irrelevant terms of rarity and second of all it wasn't inevitable to get sick and fat as you got older because I saw my first generation patients staying trim hearty healthy into their 80s and 90s the stark difference was and what they ate my first generation lived on rice and vegetables they had no dairy if the chicken lost the cockfight on Saturday they had chicken otherwise they had no chicken and their kids became you know became more balanced in their diet they started eating a well-balanced dairy meat protein calcium diet and they got fat and sick so it was obvious after three years I went back into training to become a board certified internist which I did accomplish I'm a board certified internist after that I pretty much dedicated my life to taking care of people by dietary changes I've taken care of in a live-in patient situation where people live in one of my institutions which at one time was the same in a hospital and now I was up in Santa Rosa I've taken care of over 5,000 people that I've personally taken care of I've I know their sicknesses I know their medications I know their previous I know their suffering and I've seen most of them get well to varying degrees depending upon how they follow the prescription that I offered so I have that kind of experience behind me in addition to the fact that I have a passion for the scientific literature in medicine knowledge is power like if you're a banker money is power if you're a real estate person property is power if you're in medicine knowledge is power and so as a doctor you want to learn things so you can get power you know it's the pecking order and I became passionate about the scientific literature once I saw what was going on prior to that I had no interest as I told you I didn't even want to be a doctor well once I saw the problem and once I saw the solution I wanted to know everything I wanted to know about hurt surgery I want to know about cancer therapy I wanted to know about our thright as' I want to moan what multiple sclerosis Mary reads novels I read scientific journals that's my passion I know it sounds weird but that's what I love to do and I've done this well since 1970 since 1977 I've had that finish good idea okay so I went into practice in Hawaii I practiced there until 1986 in 1986 st. Aleta Hospital which is in the Napa Valley invited me to run my program as a living program at st. Lee the hospital I moved there with my family in 19 1987 we moved to California one of the best moves I ever made I love California have no plans on leaving and I ran my program at sanely in a hospital amongst bypass surgeons and cardiologists for 16 years it was a great experience I am a little ashamed to tell you why I lasted for 16 years the reason I stayed there 16 years as I felt I needed credibility I needed to rub elbows with the real doctors and it took me almost 16 years to learn the truth that is that they were holding me back they were an embarrassment they were violating the oath that I took when I became a doctor and so I quit after 16 years I had a patient who was actually from sanely the hospital that was there there in those times who was within my program last week she said well the rumor is they say ran you out they didn't run me out I left there because I was too embarrassed to stay any longer let me tell you this setting I was taking care of people I took care of uh I took care of over 3,000 people when I was at st. Lena Hospital myself I personally took care of them or my patients and we had phenomenal results in fact we published the results in the scientific journals and people did very well but one of the problems I had at st. Alena Hospital was it was hard for me to get people to come to the program and I didn't realize why part of the reason is the patients were smarter than I was was they knew that you didn't go to a hospital to get well and so they stayed away but I stayed there and tried to build that program for 16 years and I had a great staff and I met some wonderful people and there are some wonderful doctors there but their motivation was to treat people 80% of that hospitals business came from the treatment of heart disease there was one time they asked me to donate to build a cath lab I said you know you really aren't listening to me are you the final straw came when I was trying to build the program I was trying to build a census the population to you know to build the reputation of sanely in the hospital which by the way as an Adventist Hospital one of the principles behind Adventist living is a vegetarian diet I am NOT an Adventist but I I'm kind of an honorary Adventist in terms of my belief in diet lifestyle so what happened was I made a good friend his name's dr. Roy Swank he was the head of Oregon Health and Science University neurology department for 23 years and he invented the treatment of multiple sclerosis with a healthy diet I had known him for almost 20 years and he was getting very old he was probably 96 95 years old at that time and he wanted somebody to carry on his work so I said great we'd already run two diet and MS programs insanely in a hospital I said great this is just a natural what I will do and I signed a legal agreement with him I said what we will do is we'll bring the Swank diet into st. Lina hospital and we will care for these sick people that's a little hospital I said it's a natural we need more people you are an Adventist Hospital you believe in diet and lifestyle I mean it what could or natural and so I went to the head of my health department and I said I would like to bring multiple sclerosis patients into our program and she thought about it for a little bit and she told me we won't do that and I said well I won't you do that and her response was something to the effect that we don't want the stigma you don't want the stigma no MS patients don't get well but what she was really telling me there was no money in it you can't make money on teaching people how to be well so I had my contract coming up five days later and I've been there 16 years and I wrote in capital letters void and prior to be doing that I asked for a meeting with the head of the hospital Jolene Olson I asked for a meeting with her to discuss the predicament I was in because I knew it couldn't go beyond the head of my department believing that we shouldn't take needy people into a hospital I could not get an appointment for a month and a half once I wrote void on the contract I had an appointment the next day and I said tell me why I should stay and they could tell me no reason so I left that was one of my other great decisions we run the program in Santa Rosa hospital as a spa in a spa and resort our census immediately doubled and it's four times whatever was at the hospital because it's not a hospital I guess in part anyway that's uh that's how I got to where I am today I at 65 years old take care of myself personally full-time care for somewhere between 45 and 55 people per session when I can't do that anymore I'm going to give it up and fortunately I have a son who just became a board certified internist last week and there are also a lot of other young doctors who will be moving in and taking a place on taking care of people by proper care the problem is is money the problem is how do you make a living and doing the right thing and you can make a living doing the wrong thing easily doing heart surgery passing out drugs to people but that's a wrong thing that's a moral dilemma at least that I've had all along how do you make money doing the right and I put together some proposals on how to do it but I'm going to tell you today on how to do it but first I want to address the the problem we have a very serious problem in this country with diet and good people have tried to address it they've tried to make it right so that we have a healthier country a country that can thrive we have a very sick country now regardless of your politics anybody who runs this country is facing a massive problem the others are dealing with a whole population of fat sick people it is so bad that even though the USDA has made some efforts to try and get our country healthier with the dietary guidelines and the School Lunch Program they have failed they don't understand what the problems are and what the solutions are even though they've tried to get do things like did people eat less fat and more vegetables they failed has anybody seen this new video out about the starving children in our school system kids are starving based on the USDA guidelines USDA guidelines for the lunch program specify that children will not be allowed to eat more than one cup of starch per week per child the WIC program which is for women infant and children the WIC program at least last year I haven't looked at their current policies the WIC program which gives coupons to needy people to buy food will let people buy bacon bits and cheese whizzes but you cannot buy a potato that is one food that is restricted from the WIC program so because of the misguidance the good intentions in this guidance what we have is we have a country of people who don't understand what to do and how to get well what they're trying to do is feed our children and maybe our military someday and to get you to eat more vegetables and your response is I don't feel good I'm tired I have no energy the kids are starving to death because they restrict this source of energy that you need to function well and that is starch we have to agree upon a few things I know there's some of you who don't like my approach don't like my style and certainly don't like my message but that's okay I'm not here to win a popularity contest one thing that all of us can agree on in this room is we must eat the second thing I think we can agree on is the reason we we eat for energy you know you don't eat for protein you have no desire for protein you have no desire for beta-carotene or any other phytonutrient etc what you eat for is energy you have three potential sources of energy from your food you can get energy from protein which the body only does under duress if you do something bizarre like eat the Atkins diet you got a you got a burn protein you got to turn it into energy because you don't have any carbohydrate so you can get energy from protein you can get energy from fat and fat is a usable source of energy but that's not the purpose of fat fat serves as the metabolic dollar that has saved for the day when the famine occurs which hasn't occurred here in this country at this time so I know a lot of you have been saving okay so you've got protein which the body uses to build things it rarely turns into energy unless you're starving to death or do something bizarre like eating one of these very low carb diets so proteins off you can pick fat which is stored for future use it is burned you know the body burns a little bit of not much the primary source of energy for the body is sugar carbohydrate you remember your high school biology lessons talk to you about glycolysis how the body burns glucose for energy that's that's the energy for people so here's the problem is that people need energy and they look to these potential sources for energy what everybody knows in this country is you're supposed to get protein and you're supposed to get calcium and that means you're supposed to eat meat you're supposed to eat dairy and so that's what you've chosen for energy now some wise guy like me comes along and tells you you're not supposed to eat meat and dairy and your response is I'm going to starve to death because you don't know any other source of energy you're afraid to eat sugar you're afraid to eat starch starches make you fat everybody knows starts makes you fat everybody knows not to eat rice because rice makes you fat and that's why they're a one-point seven three billion obese Asians living on rice all right so so the problem this is people to understand that we're starchy ters always have been I told you that in the last lecture always the body's not going to change we're not going to also all sudden become able to live off the wrong source of fuel so starch is our food always has been should be but people fear starts they stay away from it when I ask them or anybody else's them giving up meat and dairy which by the way fat and protein mean meat and dairy you all understand that by purpose the USDA does not put into the Dietary Guidelines the terms that would cause Americans to act they don't vilify meat and dairy they don't use those words they use saturated fat and cholesterol and you have no idea what a saturated fat and cholesterol looks like you have never grown one in your garden you never looked at one in your plate you have no idea what that is but if they told you in the US Dietary Guidelines that fat and protein mean dairy and meat that you might act and that could be a serious consequence to agribusiness so the problem is is that people don't understand that they're supposed to eat starches they're afraid of starches and so they don't have a chance to get well and that's why our children are starving to death right now and they really are because of the new school lunch program if the children were told and I just watched this video over the last couple of days several times if children were told that their star cheaters if they ate starch then their balls would move and they'd win the races you realized that all the long distance endurance winners for the Olympics since 1968 have been this from the same part of the world all long-distance Durance races in the Olympics since night sixty-eight had been won by the Kenyans and Ethiopians and you know what their diet is it's a diet of starch of corn of potatoes of various kinds of grains if the kids realize that they would win on the track they win in the class they wouldn't have to suffer the acne the pimples the constipation the stomach pains if they would realize that they'd win the races they'd be the best basketball players and football players etc if they could just get the food right don't you think the kids would go for it well there's one thing I don't want you to tell the kids though remember I'm the father of three and the grandfather of five and so I know about kids don't tell them about precocious puberty because the kids will react in a direction you don't expect you see the diet we feed people today causes the children to develop precocious puberty 3% of the black girls in this country 3% of the black girls in this country age 3 are developing breasts and pubic hair 50% of the black girls in this country at age 8 are going through puberty white girls it's about that's about a year later boys that's you know about a year or so later the kids are going through precocious puberty as a consequence of the food we're feeding them of course if you've had kids you know that they want to shave and you know the whole thing when they're kids so don't tell them about that part that they won't mature until they're ready to reproduce you know the way at the age people are supposed to have become parents they won't get those abilities those desires until they get to be 16 17 18 years old if they like I recommend right now the children are going through puberty they're sexually mature at age 10 11 or 12 they're able to have babies and they do so we have teenage pregnancies we have early initiation of sexual activity higher rates of venereal disease mother's dropping out of school unable to advance themselves in life because of the pregnancies as a result your kids instead of thinking about checkers and riding bicycles and learning their math are thinking about sex why would you expect other you know what those feelings are well if you take little children who are 8 9 10 11 years old and you give them sexual desires and functions of 18 19 20 year-olds what do you think you have you have chaos in our society anyway you can tell the kids the rest of stuff just don't come about that part it is a disaster and what bothers me so much and it caused me to get so upset that I wrote a governor scott in florida governor scott in florida this april put out a notice that there would no longer be a tolerated child abuse or knowledge of child abuse if somebody was aware of child abuse and they did not report it they would be liable to a huge fine and jail sentence that's what governor scott a republican governor from florida passed as a bill well heck I'm licensed in Florida I got a medical license so you know I had to react so I wrote governor Scott a letter that I sent to all of you if you get my newsletter it's free no gimmicks is on my website I wrote governor Scott a newsletter I told him that there's a tremendous amount of child abuse going on in our country causing a 30% of the kids to be overweight and obese cause they didn't have acne precocious puberty stomach pains headaches and so on this terrible child abuse that by the way if it was inflicted by a brutal man with a stick it would cause that man to go to jail and everybody would be happy about it this child abuse is caused by food that we're feeding our kids and the perpetrators are almost everybody it's McDonald's than Kroger's and Kentucky Fried Chicken and Safeway and you and I if we don't know better nice people abuse children without knowledge policemen of booze children teachers abuse children doctors abuse children with a fork and spoon the pain for the child is just as great as if it was in it was inflicted by a stick so anyways I said governor Scott this complaint about child abuse and I told him I was just doing my duty and tried to protect my medical life and I have not heard back from him yet but that's the greatest the greatest source of child abuse that goes on in the world today is the American diet challenge me if you think I'm wrong one of the qualities of civilized people is civilize people protect the less fortunate the less able to protect themselves civilize people do that that's part of being civilized excuse me what are we doing with the children who's protecting the children so anyway we've got we've got some serious problems in this country and the problems the food the solution is simple kids need to understand that they get energy and bowel movements and clear skin and so on if the potatoes and rice and beans and corn and that meat and dairy make them fat and sick and disgusting and they stink bad and it's just horrible and they're not told that so this can be fixed but it won't be I just I'd step back and say okay you know you're over 21 you can be fat and sick if you want but you cannot do that to children and I would think that people would act but they won't so how we got to fix this problem you got to go where the money is it's just you got it you got to go where the money is and this is where I'm dedicating my time and effort and with minimal success but maybe you can help me the money's in the sickness businesses and that amounts to 17 percent of the gross national product in this country is dealing with sickness seventy-five percent of that sickness is chronic disease and most of that is due to eating yes some cigarettes some alcohol some illicit drug use but most of us the food so here's this great big goldmine of cash to tap into that anybody who's smart enough will do it and so powerful enough and gutsy enough to stand up against everybody else here's how you do it I'm gonna share with this to you in case that if you want to do it it's fine I just like to get it done so here's how you do it what you do is you set up a new sure a company like Blue Cross or Kaiser you set up a new insurance company now what you do is it's going to take a little money it's going to take some powerful people to do this what you do is you set up to this insurance company and we did it we had an organization to do it we've done it on well partially on three occasions I did it in 2000 with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota I took care of their patients their employees of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota shows you the same results that we get plus we drop their health care costs placed upon their health claims data by 44% we did it for public supermarkets for a little while – right now we're doing it for Whole Foods Market the initial part of what we're doing and that is to try and get the patient population healthy but it has to go further than that you really have to get the money you have to get control of the doctors in the medical system if you don't you're not going to win so here's how you set up the system it's okay if I tell them this Mary this is your fortune you know I'm going to give them all the secrets this is how you do it is you set up a system where were your dictator where you're charged where you're the Czar somebody has to be the dictator I volunteer to be the dictator and the dictates go like this is that number one this is the way you save money immediately I've told Whole Foods this I've told other people this you stop treating people with tests and treatments that have been proved to be harmful just stop that that's all you do like I met with Kaiser this year and I told the president of Kaiser Eric Tom if you just stop doing the PSA tests just stop recommending the prostate specific antigen test for men to detect prostate cancer you'd save millions probably billions of dollars just top that test why should they stop it well the US Preventive Services Task Force says stop it the Canadian and English English government's recommend their doctors not test this PSA test every organization in medicine save for those that represent the doctors recommends that gets PSA tests the US Preventive Services Task Force the American College of Physicians which are in turn the American College preventive medicine the American Cancer Society and say do not get PSA test you know I'm talking about the blood test to detect prostate cancer in men why because you find a whole bunch of disease that would never bother people and the disease you find is already too late to treat you can't cure this cancer that's already aggressive so you're submitting you know 10 million men to an unnecessary test that's going to do nothing but harm and everybody knows it no I told you there's an exception in the American urologic Association which represents the interests of urologist and oncologist sixteen thousand five hundred of them recommend PSA testing okay so what you do first of all is you stop allowing things to be done to your patients and any doctors should feel this way but you can imagine a health care system that has the bottom line invested like Kaiser you know they collect the premiums that they don't have to spend them it's just a big bucket load of money for them so what you do is you stop doing things that are wrong so you stop PSA testing you recommend one call an examination at age sixty a sigmoid sure little two at most you stop mammograms you stop mammograms mammograms will be stopped by the we just break this down your note dr. mcdougal said that within three years mammograms will be just like PSA tests all major organizations will tell women not to get them because they do far more harm than good this year the Cochrane Collaboration came out the first time this year they put out their recommendations and brochures in 13 languages that tell women to not get mammograms and to tell doctors to stop recommending you may not know who the Cochrane Collaboration is this involves twenty eight thousand scientists and doctors from around the world it's the most respected unbiased organization authority on medicine in the world the Cochrane Collaboration is and this year they said stop getting mammograms the US Preventive service task force said last year two years ago to stop doing breast self-examination so just write it in a note dr. mcdougal says within three years just like prostate that women will be told not to get mammograms alright so there were organization we stop doing harmful tests to people like PSAs and mammograms we do it maybe once sig Mardan age 60 on people what else silly things do they do anyway there are whole bunch of silly things that we do to make money and then what we do is when it comes to treatments we listen to the scientific research on what the treatments do for example I told you I was working out a law and I'm still working on this by the way in Sacramento on getting a law passed there will force physicians to tell patients the heart surgery doesn't save lives so as a health care provider you're interested in my patients and the outcome I will stop virtually every angioplasty for anybody that signs up or bypass surgery for moments – everybody that signs into my program why because all the research says that does not prolong life it relieves symptoms at best but these surgeries do not prolong lives and people with chronic coronary artery disease which is the vast majority of people who have heart surgery have chronic coronary disease I'm not even talking about changing their diet excuse me I haven't even mentioned about dietary change I'm just talking about doing the right thing for your patients so you stop stop doing angiograms and angioplasty and bypass surgery oh you think this is a unique idea well in 2006 the courage study came out which showed there is no survival advantage from doing angioplasty and a 2007 the old study came out showed the same thing in 2007 the American Heart Association of the American College of Cardiology wrote recommendations to cardiologists to stop doing heart surgery on people there was chronic disease they wrote those recommendations in 2011 and the archives of internal medicine doctors wrote an article about the impact of these recommendations of the Heart Association American College of Cardiology the impact was none there was no change in practice and they said it's because of the money okay so you can't count on doctors to do the right thing because the financial incentives are too great to do the wrong thing but as a health care organization whose profits are based upon not doing treatments to people that hurt them there's a whole bucket full of money for you there's great reason to do the right thing so you get this health care insurance company set up that stops doing things that are harmful and and now we're not just limited to heart surgery and I told you about aggressive treatment of diabetes all the studies show that kills you think I'm kidding you I mean there's six major studies done on treating diabetics type 2 diabetics and with aggressive therapy all six show harm the benefits are minor at best and the the last three that were published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2008 are clear you had the Accord study which has stopped seventeen months early by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute because aggressive treatment by giving multiple shots of insulin and diabetic pills and multiple tests it dramatically increased the death and heart attacks in these people so they stopped the study seventeen months earlier and they the Advanced Study came out just a month or so later it showed no benefit to patients by aggressive treating them with diabetes and then the veteran study came out the same year in the New England Journal of Medicine showing you increased risk of sudden death and those aggressively treated gained on average of 18 pounds as a vote close to nine why would you give this kind of treatment to your shirred it makes no sense these people need to be protected but your insurance company right now pays for all that stuff so you think it's good for you or why would they pay it it would be financial suicide you do the wrong thing they just don't get it alright so anyway we stop giving a harmful care to people we do lumpectomies instead of radical mastectomies we insist on breastfeeding in infants as opposed to bottle feeding and only under the most difficult situations do we help women who have to bottle-feed otherwise every woman realizes that breastfeeding is the only way to feed a child we these are simple things to do alright then what we start doing is we deal with the problem the problem is we got a whole bunch of sick people remember that two-thirds of the population of this country is overweight the latest predictions are by 2030 let me say that again two-thirds of the population are overweight 130 percent are obese the current predictions are by 2030 44 percent of the population of the US will be obese and states like Mississippi they predict that 67 percent of the people will be obese you expect our country to to create new jobs and to defend the country and to have functional families and society when everybody's sick ok so we got these sick people and what we do is we get them well instead of treating them we get them well and how do you get them well you fix the problem and the problems the food so you change their diet and the people who have heart disease and angina chest pain chest pain goes away we've known since the 1960s if you take somebody who has chest pain which is by the way one reason to do heart surgery if you have incapacity and chest pain heart surgery will relieve incapacity chest pain some you know a lot of times but we've noticed the 1960s if you put somebody a low-fat diet equally dean ornish show this and Peter kuo many other investigators you put them on a low-fat diet chest pain goes away and somewhere between 90 to 100 percent of the time so we do that first and that same diet reverses the underlying artery disease and gets them off their blood pressure pills and their cholesterol pills and makes their blood sugar normal so that's what we do so how do you get these people to do this that's the problem you see there are all kinds of excuses that people come up for why the system I want to do won't work they say well nobody have followed I don't believe that I don't believe nobody will follow it I believe that people have self-interest they just need to be given incorrect information like when I was growing up when you would go into the doctors lounge you had to cut the air because it was so thick from smoke from the doctors everybody used to smoke we were told by the Surgeon General in nineteen sixty-four Terry Sullivan I think his name was or anyway he told us that cigarette smoke who would kill you and so what did we do we quit smoking I believe that if we tell people that eating bacon and butter and Brie will kill them that they will change I believe the vast majority of people will change because you know people want to have a good life they want to enjoy their kids and the grandkids and work hard and look good as I told you in the lecture this morning I had a very serious conversation with my 38 year old daughter who runs our program and she is she is gorgeous I mean she's a beautiful woman strong healthy you know you couldn't wish for for better health for your children that we have and we were talking about her girlfriends same age and they run five miles a day and they got a big butt and they look at her and they say you must run ten miles a day she said I never run at all no exercise bit I believe people have changed if they know I know the I'm people go for plastic surgery they buy fancy cars they do anything to look good anything to look I mean they they will go on the Atkins diet to look good they'll take diet pills and diet drinks there Heather stomachs cut out excuse me bariatric surgery is a growing business they do anything to look good I believe that men and women teenagers especially oh when I was a teenager not a hair could be out of place they would do if you would just tell them the truth all you have to do to look good is the potato enchiladas and oatmeal and hash browns and pasta marinara sauce that's all you got to do they would flock to that answer I know that so you tell your assured population okay this is the way you get the benefits you want the benefits you want to look good you want your balls to stop hurting you want to stop taking this bag full of pills every day this is what you need to do I think most people will do it especially if their doctor told me especially if their doctor he or she looked good themselves see one of the major problems with doctors is they can't see on their dinner plate and as a consequence they don't know how to get people well and even if they do know they know that nobody can do it because they can't so once we get the doctors educated the patients we get and they will do it okay you say they won't do it all right fine you won't do it no problem you see Blue Cross Blue Shield that's our phone number right there you will sign up for their program not my program you you know you go over to Aetna you sign up for their program if you want to stay fat and sick we want you to be healthy oh well we can't discriminate like that I have to take all comers okay fine we'll take all comers but there's something called a an extra premium you see if you're a drunk driver either you can't get drivers insurance car insurance or you pay extra yeah if you decide to smoke you can't get life insurance or health insurance or you pay extra excuse me you want to eat cheese and meat no problem but you're gonna pay for it your premium generally requested oh why should I pay why should I pay what we paid hundred dollars a month marry 400 ollars each of us we're on Medicare geez I can imagine well it would be if we weren't why should I pay for people who want to eat themselves to death I want to pay for if I got you know struck by lightning or hit by a car or you know got an infection or something I want to pay for an accident I don't want to pay for self-induced disease and you shouldn't be asked to either that's my new insurance and what we do is we teach we teach people how to be well you cannot do that I wrote a whole newsletter May 2012 about how doctors can transfer to a lifestyle based practice because you think you're miserable you should be a doctor can you imagine what it would be like if you were an architect and all your bridges fell down or if you are a florist and every flower you delivered was wilted can you imagine how you would feel it would be a miserable existence you imagine how you feel sitting on one side of the decks and and dishing out bags full of pills and what you see every visit is fat sick suffering people can you imagine how you would feel as a doctor well the doctors want to change to doctors I believe went to medical school and dietitians went to their trainee to help people I know that but we got lost along the way by by money by the drug companies the heart surgery companies the the Cancer Center in your town the heart surgery center in your town they got lost along the way in the money but they still want to do good things can you imagine how good I must feel as a doctor well I met some of you here you told me what Mary and I did to help you change your life can you imagine how I know some of you came up to me and you said I'm sure you're tired of hearing this no I'm not tell me again I am makes me feel so good that I know I helped you that's what I want to do in life and so do the other doctors but they were just given tools that don't work so what you do is you keep your seven minute office visits you got to run them through you know to keep the cash register going but what you do is you save the patient when they come in just like I do in my practice as you tell them okay we need to stop these these diabetic pills they'll kill you here's the research the aggressive treatment of diabetes have been shown by the way Cochrane came out last month and said that there's no evidence that treaty blood pressures below 160 over 100 with drugs saves lives that's what the Cochrane Collaboration said of course the British guidelines for the last decade the British government guidelines the National Health service has told their doctors not to start people on blood-pressure pills unless their blood pressure's 160 over 100 or greater for months you had doctors in this country they want to catch it in time you get a slight elevation of blood sugar blood pressure they get you on the drugs just so we can catch it in time all right so so what you do is you run the submental office business as usually do and then what you do is if you educate you have classes on Saturday morning or Tuesday afternoon and you teach people in a group setting how to be well take them shopping you take them to healthy restaurants you show them how to cook teach my very inexpensive compared to what we're doing now and they get well and they get off the drugs and they stop coming to see the doctor and all the doctor has more time and the insurance company's just shoving the money in their pocket and employers like GM that spends $1,500 $1,500 for a car each car goes to health care of their current and retired employees so GM goes hey now I can compete with Toyota because I don't have to spend all this money on my sick employees and the retirees so the companies are happy everybody's happy except those who continue to do the old ways you know just like the Germans I told you about this morning 400,000 of them starved to death because they want to keep doing the old ways the people in Denmark thanks to him he D they did things like we're gonna have to do in the future if we're gonna win I know a lot of you are depressed about what's going on in the world today I am too sometimes you know you can get all let's get down on you about overpopulation and global warming and destruction of the oceans and devastation of the animals that's on it can really give you a bad day but I can't live that way I can't get up in the morning and say that we're gonna lose I have to get up every morning say we are going to win and I know we can win we can win because of your efforts in my efforts and the truth and lots of changes have to be made but this planet is worth fighting for it and we must put all of our effort into it and if we can get the money on our side we can really win so that's how you get the money on your side now you got one other problem and that's the specialist okay the specialist you know the real doctors the experts my son just finished his medical school and he's now a board certified internist parties in Portland a Kaiser which by the way I think Kaiser is very good system so don't misinterpret what I'm saying I'm just trying to give you some examples I think Heiser is probably our best hope to the Kaiser system all right where was it going specialist you know almost everybody in my son's class became a specialist nobody wants to be a GP nobody wants to be a family practitioner or an internist they all want to be specialists because that's where the cash is as a heart surgeon or cardiologist you make on average a half a million bucks a year if you're non-interventional you're lucky if you do 250 so what do you think the students are going to do they're going to go and become a lucrative specialist it only makes sense self-preservation survival is what they're gonna do all right here's what we do this specialist we don't have any of their new system here we have no cardiologist working for us we have no kidney specialist we have we don't even employ them they're out of the system all right so that's because you've got to control costs and these people don't know how to control themselves so we will allow them to work for our healthcare system absolutely unacceptable we have family practitioners internists general practitioners basic OB pediatric pediatric doctors that's our system that's it period whoa I wonder somebody needs to specialist no problem just go down the street hire a specialist hire them for their tools that's all they're good for harm to poke a catheter in somebody or stick a tube up somebody's butt or something that's the basically all they are is just just technicians hire the suckers but do not let your patients go along they need protection so if that patient has to go see a specialist somebody from the system is sent with them to help them to guard them from these powerful people these are extremely powerful people you know the smartest and and most influential people in the world are physicians they are the cream of the cop it is such a privilege to be a doctor you are selected into medical school as being one of the most most potentially great people in the world I've been through that selection process twice for myself and once for my son I know how it goes it's tough to get into medical school so a being the best people around they have the potential to do the greatest good and the greatest harm and unfortunately too often they do great harm to patients they justified sharor they justify it you know we were just talking a few minutes ago with a Nancy anesthesiologist is here and he knows this conversation he knows how it works you sit there in surgery you're the anesthesiologist and you're working on a prostate remover or something and the urologist the urologic surgeons are sitting there arguing about why the US Preventive Services Task Force is such a bunch of jerks then they came to the wrong conclusion recommending that we don't do PSA tests and that we limit aggressive surgery greatly okay you cannot you cannot control these people unless you control the money so anyway the patient goes with protection now you go to the hospital one of our Guardians will go with you too why because I can make a lot more money for my insurance company if I have somebody at your bedside making sure they don't order six cat scans in six days and give you unnecessary drugs a whole bucket of them all day long I can make uh I could pay for that assisted sitting by the bedside 20 times over so we'll have guardians for everybody in my health insurance company yes we will and once what's the success is seen once your friends and relatives see that your insurance company is there to protect you and its really health health insurance they're trying to get you healthy then your neighbors are going to join you can't you can't you've been through this I know you have you you've lost the 50 pounds if people go up to you and say what you get plastic surgery you look so young you that reaction if you look you imagine when your friends and relatives you see you get healthy you say well it's because I belong to this insurance company and how much do you pay for insurance a month well I don't have to pay $150 a month instead of 400 a month I don't have to pay a hundred fifty a month whoa tell me more but but what do I have to do well I have to become healthy let's see I saved two hundred fifty dollars a month and all I have to do is get healthy okay well you can imagine the people that you sign up and you can imagine the companies the businesses across the country like GM and Ford and IBM and Apple and so on when they can look at their employee base and they could say we have a lean functional healthy employee base people that are not thinking about their stomach Ulta you know you've done Studies on people they've asked employees asking questions Hoff do you think about your intestines your indigestion your stomach aches all day long and they think about it all day long you know what your employees to think about their high blood pressure or worry about their PSA tests or worry about when their next bowel movement is you don't want that your employees thinking about that you want your employees thinking about the job you want your employees not only to work in their in their usual prime years but you want your employees to work in the years that I'm at what a great loss to our society to have people sit my age retire because they have to or they're sick they have to what a loss to our society you know how much I know how much I've learned in 44 years you're gonna have to spend 44 years to learn that and I'm willing to share it and I know you as businesspeople as engineers as artists you have the same talent if you're healthy enough to give it back we cannot lose the old people in our society we will lose our society if we do we'll lose our competitive advantage we won't be able to compete around the world succeed we're talking about people creating all these jobs and becoming economically prosperous is impossible now because people are so sick so anyway that's that's the way I would do it if I ever have a chance to ever get a chance to live long enough I ever get somebody else with a similar vision I want to go where the money is I can beat them I know I can if they give me a platform they give me a just a little chance I can beat them right now I don't get any chance because you know that's just the way it is all your friends know that you'd get sick of you eating dairy and meat everybody knows mammograms and PSA tests and heart surgeries you know the cat's meow everybody knows this it's common knowledge so when the truth comes out it gets quickly buried unless of course I had the money than the dairy industry in the media industry and with all those guys that advertise those companies that advertise on 60 minutes gonna see 60 minutes is on tonight if you watch their commercials all you know everybody needs something for erectile dysfunction and you're all depressed you need pills for that if I had their money can you imagine what I could do yeah it would be just amazing if I had their money and I could tell people the truth I think there's hope I really do I'm not trying to give you a pessimistic message we have to have a different future I believe we cannot go back we must go forward and part of that going forward is to fix our problems if you think the healthcare system in this country is fair if you think it's fair then you're not interested in what I have to say if you think clean coal is the answer and we're going to power our way into the future then you don't want to listen to me because that's not the future I'm talking about I'm talking about doing the right thing and to giving given our planet and our children a chance that's what I'm talking about we cannot go back we must move forward and we are right we are a negative information that everybody needs to know I believe that I hope you believe that I hope you will fight you will do everything necessary including identifying this as good and evil and showing the pictures of these disgusting people in a video to your friends why not my children's future is at stake I don't give a damn about embarrassing somebody I don't care about being politically correct I don't even care about being a nice person and you can think about me that way I don't really care but I'm not going I'm not going to stop doing just like the other speakers here just like all you who dedicate your weekend to be here you know that we cannot let our guard down for a minute there's too much at stake we must win and there's no sacrifice that's too great to win and that's what I think do you have any questions I just want to be surgeongeneral that's all I want to be Surgeon General Regina Benjamin got my job I by the way I've invited our obese Surgeon General to my clinic on several occasions I just would like to be Surgeon General and I'll tell you what I'm going to do a Surgeon General the first thing I'm going to do is you will no longer be able to buy into the formula at CVS pharmacy or safer you must go to the doctor and beg for a prescription just like you would narcotics and if you write as a doctor prescription for it you'll be reviewed by a medical ethics board to see whether your doctor practicing good medicine that's the first thing I did second thing I'm going to do is I'm going to put labels on supplements that say things like vitamin E will give you heart disease and beta-carotene will increase your risk of cancer and vitamin A will destroy your bones and folic acid will increase your risk of dying of cancer heart disease I'm going to put warning labels on all the supplements yes I am and I know you don't like that that's the second day I'm gonna do oh well I mean I could go out all day long I'm gonna help the kids too I'm gonna start with the kids because there's no excuse for allowing the kids to be sick where do I go to sign up for insurance well I'd love to I mean it would be a great idea I've been talking about I've been working on this since 1999 as I say I took care of the employees of Blue Cross Blue Shield for three years we ran we were in a very good study on this we showed that we could cut the healthcare cost based on their claims data by 44% in a year you know it's just obvious clear and so on the problem is is that it's just an ER shift for people back 13 years ago fewer people understood what vegan man or vegetarian or plant foods and you know things have changed so maybe we're in a different climate now and even though I've talked to companies like we're working with Whole Foods now and I've worked with Publix supermarkets in the past they just don't have the vision they just can't see Mid Whole Foods I have to take that back Whole Foods is extremely progressive and has done wonderful things but my you know previous times were working with companies they just couldn't see they wouldn't believe anybody to change their diet they didn't have faith in their employees but they didn't think we could get people to change their diet they couldn't realize these cost savings they were afraid they're afraid that's that's one of the big problems is people are afraid people are afraid patients are afraid they're afraid not to do what the doctor recommends doctors are afraid to do anything different they're afraid if they do something different they'll get criticized by their colleagues and they'll be sued the reason you will lose a lawsuit in this country is if you fail to practice the community standard of practice in other words you can kill the patient the same way the guy down the street does that's okay because you'll win in the court of law because you you abided by the community standard of practice so your physicians are afraid to do the right thing everybody's afraid it's called fear based medicine and it's also called faith based medicine because you must believe it works you as a patient must believe it works because there's no evidence that does you see no benefit you see none of your friends getting healthy your doctors must believe it works because the scientific studies say it does not work they must believe it's faith based medicine we must stop believing we must stop being afraid we must do the right thing and if there's enough money behind it I know we can do the right thing we just need we just need some people with vision who want a different future it's to do I've been doing this for 44 years this is easy I could do this in my sleep I could set up this program in any town in any city in 72 hours I'd grab Doug Lyall and Jeff Novick and Michael clapper and a few of the other great people you've heard here and I'd turned him off to Chicago we'd run the program around Santa Rosa in 72 hours this is this is a no-brainer I'm sure half of you people in here could run this program you know what does it take to tell somebody to eat potatoes and corn and I know the doctors are afraid to take them off the pills the pills are making them sick the first thing I do when I take care of people my clinic the first thing I do is I get them off every drug I possibly can it takes me about three days before I sleep well at night until I get these people on the little model medication and I know that they're going to be okay it's a simplest safest thing to do but you're afraid yes you said something about getting everyone off of every medication my specialist told me that I would never be able to get off of a thyroid replacement for Hashimoto's thyroiditis medications the question is can you get off medications all medications yeah that's absolutely not there are some medicines there are some really good things in medicine if I get in a car accident I end up in the intensive care unit don't bring in a mashed potato a bowl of mashed potatoes in case I want the drugs I went to surgery I want everything modern medicine meta- is wonderful q for acute problems there are some I'll tell you the drugs i prescribed i prescribed thyroid supplementation does a lot of people particularly women about 20 30 % of them in the 3040 year old age group have thyroid issues a lot of men do too I know why it is I know what causes it but once the hair is damaged it's too late so they have to be thyroid supplement I give blood pressure pills with people who have blood pressures that exceed 160 over 90 for long periods of time i prescribed chlorothalonil which is daconil that extensa 'ln type 2 diabetics i give them insulin long-acting Lanson atlantis' one shot a day if they lose too much weight develop symptoms that they worry about their numbers let's see what else do I give I give hormone replacement therapy on occasion to women I give well let's see pain pills I come and give some aspirin and there's not many things I prescribe but everything I prescribe is very inexpensive time-honoured and has a solid scientific background that shows me I'll do more good than harm I want to tell you one of the drawbacks if you decide to be a doctor I probably shouldn't go there but I will know I see but one of the one of the perks you'll loses the the sexy drug sales and ladies coming into your office to sell your drugs so pardon me Mary but thank god you're a beautiful woman and I get all the stimulation I want from you because I haven't seen a drug rep in thirty years Bob getting faced so I better get off stage did anybody else notice it it was like a little more peaceful but where John got here at this conference John McDougall thank you very very much you


  1. Thank you for sharing this awesome conference!
    Thank you also for taking this message to the people in Churches and sharing their success getting off useless medication.
    We need more people like you! Thank you, VegSource!

  2. I loved everything Dr. McDougall said, excpet for supplements. I don't understand his seemingly irrational hatred of them. I wish he would research the Or tho molecular approach to medicine the works of Dr. Joel Wallach, as well as Homeopathy. Hopefully someone here will be able to explain his hatred of supplements to me, because I agree with everything else he said.

  3. Overpopulation is a myth promoted by the white northern hemisphere as an excuse to get rid of the undesirable 'browns and blacks' below the equator so the white north can hog all the resources. If you believe overpopulation is real, check out the facts on the Population Research Institute website. It's eye-opening. We don't have to kill off future generations to have a holy world. We need to sacrifice and share and welcome new life as a gift. Every person is valuable, including the poor.

  4. God Bless Dr McDougall! Yes…unfortunately NOTHING is going to change EVER on a large scale. The animal torture and murder will continue. The human torture and murder will continue. They will continue on the same scale as today. Why? You know why! MONEY! There is BIG MONEY in these businesses (the needless suffering of animals and humans). The best we can hope for is change on a small scale…an individual here and there. THE EVIL KILLING Machine will NOT stop! I know most vegans don't believe in God….but GOD or perhaps collective self distruction and an earth reset, is the only tragic way this is all going to come to an end at a grand scale. But God Bless! I love Dr. McDougall!

  5. I was vegetarian but started gaining. weight. now I'm a starchivore and I can tell I'm starting to thin out and feel better, esp. incorporating chia/flax/coconut grounds in my oatmeal

  6. Corporations making massive profits on dairy and meat have way too much power in the government, as do all other large corporations. Par for the course as governments, go, though.

    I admire the fervor of the doctor and support his cause. Really, there's good food and the government is not helping by misleading about how healthy the more profitable foods are.

  7. this guy .. real knowledge. i learn more in one hour watching his videos then i did in school about eating healthy

  8. McDougall radically changed my life and this change will not end with me. The truth is out and its only going to get harder to suppress.

  9. I've been married for 50 years come this October, and its the greatest gift Humpty Dumpty, no…wait…its the greatest gift.that Zeus, no…wait I'll get it….its the greatest gift that the great Fairy-princess of the West gave me! Please Dr. McDougall…keep your personal delusions to yourself.

  10. Its going to take a LOT more than Diet to "Save America".

    But the starch diet has helped me…..my meat intake has gone down immensely. No health problems previously…but now my energy is through the roof! It works.

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