Dr. Meena Seshamani Presents at HHS Pharmaceutical Forum

What an incredible discussion we had today.
I want to thank you for moderating the discussion. You really made it very productive and it
is much appreciated. [Applause] >> Thank you to all of you who have joined
us here in the great hall and also to all who participated online.
The consumers, the healthcare professionals, employers, manufacturers, insurance issues
government representatives and our other partners. As a provider I know how powerful pharmaceuticals
can be promoting health and treating and curing illness.
But the high end growing cost of drugs has created hardship for families employers and
states. So today’s discussion really reflect perspective
of the diverse group of stakeholders, impacted by the rising costs of drugs and echo complexity
of transforming our healthcare system into one that delivers quality or quantity and
puts the patient at the center. We set out here with the goal of bringing
stakeholders together in a discussion on how our nation can lead an innovation — in innovation
and deliver access to high quality affordable medicine.
Today we made progress toward that goal by identifying common ground to work together
and heard ideas about how best to protect consumer access to important drugs while we
continue to improve affordability and promote innovation.
In our first panel we heard from consumer and patient advocates on the challenges facing
patients and providers in accessing innovative life changing therapies.
Such as how the cost of prescription drugs are affecting family budgets.
Patients and providers value innovative therapies and cures but consumer and patient advocates
talked about the struggle to access therapies that promote quality and health.
We also heard ideas how to provide patients and providers with relevant information to
support better healthcare decisions. In particular we saw the patient perspective
needs to be at the core of how we define value. Keeping drugs accessible and affordable is
on the minds of all stakeholders in this room. And our panel after lunch focused on how to
balance access and affordability. The panelists talked about current purchasing
models in the public and private sectors. We discussed the important role of generic
drugs, in curving drug spending and providing patient choice.
We also heard how states, health plans and employers, are innovating with with utilization
management tools to control overall drug spend manged sure individuals are accessing the
medications they need. Our panelists discussed using formulary and
plan design to make sure the right people get the right drug at the right amount at
the right time. Importantly, data such as comparative effectiveness
can help make more informed decisions at the point of care.
But as we see, there’s much more to be done. Taking a queue from our delivery system reform
efforts, we can deliver better care spend our dollars in a smarter way and put patients
in the center. You just heard from our last panel.
They discussed value based and outcomes based purchasing strategies.
What has worked and what the hurdles are in expanding these models.
Merck and Novartis spoke to outcomes based purchasing arrangements for drugs treating
diabetes and multiple sclerosis creating a win/win with the manufacturer, the payer,
and the patient all benefit we also heard of innovations and indications-based pricing
and the need to better engage patients. It is clear from the discussion that all of
us in the room have a stake working to around value based reimbursement and fair drug pricing.
Just in this last panel we heard from a payer, a manufacturer, an integrated health system,
a plan, and the pharmacy benefit manager on how they are working on innovative models
to promote better health and share decision making.
Although we have our work cut out for us we know we can come together to drive innovation
and reward value. Keeping healthcare affordable for the long
term is a priority for the department. We want American have access to to the latest
innovations and pharmaceuticals that save lives and improve the quality of life for
people with illness. Our goal is to foster a healthcare system
that leads in innovation, delivers the most affordable highest quality medicine and results
in healthier people. As you have heard this is a complex problem
and there is no one solution. However, the most effective solution will
be a result from all of us working together. The consumer, healthcare professionals.
Employers, manufacturers, insurance issuers, government representatives, and all of our
other partners. Thank you again to all stakeholder whose are
engaging with us on the this issue and to those of you joining with us today.
We look forward to continuing this discussion and the important work to foster innovation
and increase access and affordability to prescription drugs.
Thank you very much.

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