Dr. Nicholas Shungu, M.D. Physician Profile

My goal as a physician is that
patients are their best selves so that they can dedicate
as much time as they can to the things that are
really important to them. And so I think MUSC
and our department helps facilitate that through
things like after hours scheduling, especially
on Saturdays, through ways to communicate
with myself and the other care team providers like using
email and having 24-hour phone availability. And really, again, that
goal is that patients are able to spend
as much time as they can worrying about the things
that are important to them and dedicating their time
to things that they enjoy, and less time kind of fumbling
around with trying to set up appointments and
figuring out what’s going on with their health. I love what I do. The reason that
I became a doctor is because I really
enjoy getting to know and interacting with
people, and my job affords me that
opportunity to get to know folks from all
different walks of life. I really would say my
treatment philosophy is being there to
serve the patient, to really listen closely
to what they’re telling me, and I truly consider
it a privilege to hear patients’ stories,
the intricacies of their life, and to work with them to
create a treatment plan. And I would say, in
terms of treatment plans, I really want to
bond with the patient to make this a joint decision. And so that’s really weaving
together scientific evidence with real life factors that
impact health and wellness for individuals. So I’m really interested in
chronic disease management, and specifically
empowering patients to feel like they can take
control and make changes of their own lives
outside of the office, and so patients spend a
fraction of their time with me in the office and
most of their lives outside. And I really want
patients to feel like they are active
participants in the care of themselves and individuals. I’m also really interested
in preventive care, and specifically immunizations
and cancer prevention. My favorite group to
work with is adolescents. And then it’s really,
really important to me to be able to provide care to
populations who historically have not been well served
by our health care system. MUSC is a topnotch institution
and part of an integrated care team that includes
excellent primary care, excellent specialists, and
access, when necessary, to outstanding
hospital facilities. Since coming to MUSC
I’ve really been thrilled at the kindness and
the empathy of my colleagues, and really, the shared
mission to provide top quality care to individuals and
communities that we serve.

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