Dr. Oz Talks Graves' Disease

oh it's good to be back listen our first guest is the host of the dr. Oz Show it in season number nine he's also one of the first people that I count on for good medical advice please welcome back to our show our friend dr. oz [Applause] thank you thank you when I heard Kevin on the phone with you I was like wow cuz I already had doctors but Wow where are we going with this well you got a good man there with Kevin I know pardon me I don't want no I don't want to stain my white shirt with a blacken I do yeah there was Kleenex I brought that I didn't bring more Kleenexes I brought gloves all kinds of other fun things well this is here what am i doing no no no okay it's okay so doctor eyes I had to take three weeks off of work which was horrible but needed essential alright you go what I have I have Graves disease and thyroid disease and I was diagnosed 19 years ago and all 19 years dr. oz my everything's been under control I drank the radioactive iodine which was supposed to have taken out the actual thyroid function and if he placed it every day with a pill a pill a day for 19 years everything is everything was fine fine until it wasn't you saved your life I'll make it real simple and when you said they were bats flying around the agitation of the depression there are probably 20 million women and walking around in America now who have thyroid issues related problems and there are lots of other things besides thyroid problems they can make you feel depressed and down and put weight on you or take weight off you and all things that make you feel out of weight and I wasn't depressed honey but those things are commonly seen in America and a lot of us figure we just fix it with a little adjustment here and there but every once in a while you got to go see somebody so what happened with you I think is something everyone should learn from you decided you know what I delay the appointment here I stall that I didn't have time for this and finally Kevin and you and you know the team got together said this is gonna continue anymore and I just want folks out there listening right now I realized you're not alone and if we can just all get on the same page on this just way every once in awhile get checked up on cuz the thyroid issue is tip of the iceberg there are other problems behind us and I think everyone should be aware of because when you try to do things to change your life for the better which we all should do sometimes you create unintended problems so let's start with the thyroid they will walk you to other issues that I want folks to know is that they're alright don't forget the Graves disease though because people you guys saw it you know I get the crazy stare I've told you I have Graves disease all along you make fun of my eyeballs rep so Graves disease it's not a grave problem it's named after a guy named Robert Graves who 200 years ago notice that a lot of folks their eyes became more portrait like yours are they're beautiful they're big but they're bigger than they were originally because of this autoimmune problem where your body attacks your thyroid gland and the thyroid gland reacts by making more of this hormone which make sure I swell but it also can create agitation high heart rates cook out all kinds of problems and the agitation being the big one that a lot of people begin to notice so I brought you a little bit of everything pissed at everyone and everybody and everybody according to Kevin we did not see that all could only imagine what it was like wonderful patient I guess a big Becket Kurth and the other wonderful doctors taking care of you did all the heavy lifting did the chicken I want to commend them from doing a superb job what I learned is that a lot of women once we hit the menopausal age we only have one doctor we call her our primary and that usually is the GYN we need an internist yes and we need an internist and I have not one but two yeah you could you can't have too many but can you say one thing about hormones your thyroid was put in the right spot 19 years ago and the Horten a thyroid gland is located right there beneath the Adam's apple and you can sort of see the little beautiful muscle she has her decline of mastoid you can put your finger right everyone your honor's can do this just pressure and those muscles just to the side you should not feel anything protuberant because there's a small gland there called the thyroid gland and if you're going through menarche which is the beginning of administration or menopause or pregnancy those hormones estrogen messes with the thyroid gland in a big way the three times that my internist says that a woman really really needs to go to her doctor but the first time you get your period you have to be pretty and man pause and you need to get checked at those times because stuff happens that's not your fault but you'll blame yourself for for the rest of your life though so this is what the thyroid gallon looks like effect I'll hold it like this in your neck it would look like that okay that's the thyroid gland that's elegant and it's beautiful you all see that there now this is what happens if you have the problem I'm talking about oh is right and if you can just touch that gland that's a goiter gland that can be caused from problems of iodine Graves can cause it from the thyroid getting overly agitated and making too much hormone so it's supposed to be nice and dainty and barely see the ball chicken liver all I need is hot soft only you will get hungry in a moment like this so the thyroid will protrude yes it becomes palpable if you can feel your thyroid and the classic thing is to put your finger by that big muscle I just showed you and Wendy's neck and then swallow when you swallow like that if you feel a lump come back and forth then you may have a thyroid is enlarged again many women have these issues I did want you to know about it so you can address it mine was discovered through a random doctor's appointment and she went behind me and then she says okay I want you to go see this person and that was my first introduction to an endocrinologist 19 years ago and turns out I had thyroid engraves at the same time but I'm treated perfectly and then the hormones messed with it but here's the other thing you were having a vegan diet you were doing other things in your life to make yourself feel better as a result of that your vitamin D levels which are generally low especially african-american women but half the country has low vitamin D levels by this time of year because for six planets of the year we haven't been able to sit out in the Sun and you know get sunrays right so swipin D deficiency causes big-time mood problems yours is the lowest I've ever seen dr. oz said that and so did my internist said the same thing the lowest ever so your numbers thankfully right now we're back to the almost three weeks was the date that was picked because it takes that long for the thyroid hormone to sort of bounce back but to get your vitamin D levels back what's your if I can mention 50,000 units a week you're taking yeah so it's a big dose but it'll be it'll be quite some time before they're back I could always go out in the Sun but I don't want to get pimples and wrinkles but you know just vitamin B air these fast vitamin D is you know that milk dairy products have it it's fortified in our food now there are things your folic acid levels were really low really low there's a B vitamin and begin they're back to normal with supplements but multivitamins are useful for this reason because if you're gonna mess with your diet and you stop eating the foods that would naturally give you some of these nutrients like meat has folic acid if you can get it from beans and leafy greens if you eat them yeah but your your diet I guess you weren't having enough of them Oh dr. oz I was just a mess and you know people have these thyroid issues and they're not necessarily diagnosed earlier in life there's some women and men who don't get thyroid until their 50s and their sixties well why is that a lot of the times your thyroid problems happen because your immune system is rebelling against you so we're talk a lot now about the bacteria in your gut we think if you have bacteria of wars in your gut Civil War so to speak your immune system gets irritated by all that fighting down there and it begins to overreact the other organs in the body so your immune system of thought your thyroid thyroid was attacking you I thought your thyroid gland wasn't yours so to help you it attacked it I'm gonna tax it it starts to fight back by making more of the horrible huh so it's a same misunderstanding but it can be problematic it could happen anytime you're like especially when your other hormones are already shifting so menopause isn't just about not sleeping well and memory loss it also is about messing with your thyroid and other hormones so you think it's just a time of your life mom had it everyone else has it you got to deal with it you don't have to deal with it it I just want this to be clear and I know how passionate you are about this and your so much about the audience it is imperative people take away from this message not that when they thank goodness had her life CABG she's back which is true but they should realize that they're like you in a lot of ways and they may be having the exact same issues and they can't just write it off or think they can fix up themselves all the time if there's a major shifting the way you feel about your life don't blame everybody else but you good doctors get yourself checked out that manicure and pedicure can wait take care of yourself first yeah dr. oz thank you for helping save my life [Applause]


  1. In Asia cordyceps can be prescribed for certain thyroid conditions by a licensed doctor
    Why doesn't America follow suit?

  2. I just got diagnosed with Graves Disease I’m also 16 weeks pregnant I’m on methimazole and a beta blocker and looking into diet and lifestyle changes and looking forward to getting better 🙏🏼❤️

  3. Thank you Wendy so much for sharing your story. I have been diagnosed with graves disease on my 42nd bday. My over active thyroid affected my heart and I went to really low place in life. I'm doing a little better now. Thanks again and I'm a huge fan of yours too😊

  4. Was just diagnosed with the same thing and boy am I going through alot. Can you give me any suggestions to help me? I feel like I am going to die some times other times I just want to sleep all day.

  5. I have graves disease too. Got diagnosed in December and started taking medication this week for it. I don't have the bulging eyes, only like 20 percent of Graves sufferers have the bulging eyes (Graves ophthalmology) and it's more likely if you're a smoker.

  6. …bugeyes ? … wtf about the rack … I assumed the eyes where trying to keep up.
    …oh , yeah Im the bad guy , My god shes been living off her looks for years …btw , not My type … And Whos ripping on Her Man …She chose Him …how many times must She be the Victim !!! … u Women have issues , yhe penis is about half as evil as Your attitudes

  7. Kaiser doctors do not care and tell you just wait until the TSH levels get worse. Why are the doctors not at Kaiser Permanente do not truly advocate prevention. They blow you off!!

  8. Thank you for the info! I have Graves Disease as well and I want to know if it can be temporary. That is, it can go away without medication in time.

  9. Hey, me too! Graves disease! Now bulging eyes.. I'm hoping to get it fixed soon.. hopefully my eyes go back.

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