Dr. Pamela Maben – Centerpoint Internal Medicine

(bright music) – Here at Centerpoint Internal Medicine, I treat a variety of conditions. A lot of hypertension and diabetes, high cholesterol, osteoporosis,
geriatric syndromes, emphysema, the whole gamut. We have a great team here. I have two nurses; one who does the triage on the phone and she’s extremely kind and then I have a rooming nurse whose a really fun person
and sets people at ease. The people up front who are also kind and the lab gal is really good. She’s good at what she does but she’s also a really fun
person and sets people at ease. I like to be a really good listener so I let patients tell me their story and then I can get a lot
out of what’s happening. I try not to ask too many questions until they’ve told their story and then I ask pertinent
questions after that. I think it’s important to
try to educate patients about their different medical problems. I try to be a partner with the patient and discuss their care and try to figure out what
they want to have happen and then try to help
them make that happen. (bright music)

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