Dr. Patrick Quillin | Natural “Drugs” That Pharmaceutical Companies Can’t Replicate

Dr. Quillin: Think about this. What you have is these beautiful, dark cherries,
and they’re sweet, aren’t they? Ty Bollinger: Delicious. Dr. Quillin: And what nature is saying is,
“Alright. What I’ve got is some sugar here, and the
fungus living around us in the trillions wants to eat this.” And so the plant has to create its own protection. It creates a
substance called phytoalexins, and that is, one of those is resveratrol. People have heard about it in red grapes. Grapes are another thing. So the sweet thing in the grape
has to protect itself. So if a fungus lands on this, and it eats
that phytoalexin, it dies. It’s sort of its own,
it’s a pre-drug, essentially. The drug companies can’t duplicate this
stuff. And that’s the beauty of what we’ve got
here, is that you cannot patent a natural substance. And that’s
why the 280 billion dollar a year drug industry can’t come up with something as effective
as this. Phytoalexins, in red and green fruits and
vegetables, have been shown to be anti-cancer the same way
that they protect the plant against fungus. Moving on here, we’ve got another. This is another Surinam cherry of a different
color. This is mangoes. These are green and small right now, but they’re
going to get to be the size of a baseball or bigger. And what you have is, there’s at least 8,000
different carotenoids, at least 20,000 different bioflavonoids, in fruits and vegetables. And they find that these things are extraordinary
as anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory. There’s
what? Twelve million Americans who are on the Vioxx,
Celebrex drugs. They have chronic
inflammation, chronic pain. Eat more fruits and vegetables. As a matter of fact, there’s a group, if
you look them up, NORI, on the web. Nutrition Oncology
Research Institute. They recommend nothing but fruit to cure cancer,
a whole-fruit diet. Now I’m not
sure that I go on that enthusiastic, but I am clearly on board with them when you talk
about the biochemical, scientific reasons why fruit
and vegetables are going to slow down cancer. These are Golden Dorsett apples. Apples, if you look at it and do a little
analysis of it, you find not much vitamin C and yet, the ORAC score is higher
than vitamin C, because it’s a combination of all of these
substances that are in the apple. Moving on over here. Here we go. Mulberries. These are Oscar mulberries. Ty Bollinger: Now this one wasn’t ripe last
year. Dr. Quillin: You’re right. You came at a different time of the year. So dark purple is going to have this rich
mixture of phytochemicals, bioflavonoids, carotenoids. The medicinal value is beyond argument. Ty Bollinger: Oh my goodness. That’s ridiculously sweet. Dr. Quillin: Delicious. And this is why I’m saying, we’re not
denying ourselves, people. People think, “If I can’t
have my Twinkies and Coke every day.” No, this stuff is delicious, and once you
develop an appetite for it, what’s fascinating is, the human tongue
has got four sensors – sour, sweet, salt and bitter. That sweet is for fruit. The earliest food of humans was fruit, eggs
and insects. I’m not telling you you
have to eat insects, but eggs and fruit are good, and the sweetness is to make fruit taste
good and feel good in our body. And then what the food manufacturers have
done is said, “We’re going to create all of these substitute
sugars,” which are not good for you, and now we’re eating 140 pounds per year of
refined white sugar, which is killing us. Obesity, diabetes, depression, heart disease,
cancer, among other diseases that come with refined sugar. This is a different sugar. What you find is, if you take the fructose
and other natural sugars that are in the matrix. Matrix means mother in Latin. And literally, here’s this sugar sitting
in the middle of this cell membrane, and it’s got all these phytochemicals
around it, and fiber, and it works. And if you take a different sugar, and take
all the matrix away, which is white sugar, corn syrup, now it’s
killing people instead of healing people. Ty Bollinger: I’m glad you picked that,
because I was about to pick another one. Ridiculously sweet.


  1. Dr. Quillin, I love fruit so much except local fruit is only available in the summer because I live in Ottawa, Canada where I get cold winters. I eat three apricot seeds a day and apple seeds. I do not want to eat no more than three apricot kernals because they consist of Laetrile which can cause cycanide poisoning. Dr. Quillin, if I eat apricot seeds everyday, will it prevent me from getting cancer or cure it if I have the disease, even if it was stage 4?

  2. Just please ditch your promotion about the health benefits of bone broth Ty.
    The only diet that heals is one that is based on veggies, fruit, nuts & seeds.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I love fruits but I was worried about "cancer feeds on sugars." Also, big pharma is going to try to control the cannabis market by extraction isolated cannabinoids and compounding them with other ingredients. What works is whole plant synergy.

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