Dr Payal Fadia, Medical Director of Post-Acute Brain Injury Services at Shepherd Center

Hi, my name is Payal Fadia.
I am a physician here at Shepherd Center. I think my mom, really, she probably still
has pictures of me that I drew at five in a doctor’s uniform, because it’s just
always been my dream. Physical medicine rehabilitation is
special to me in the sense that we’re helping people with injuries gain
independence, regain function and they might not do things the way they were
doing it before, but we find a way to do the things they love to do again. When people come to us they’ve been, struggling with one of the hardest
things that’s ever happened to them. Shepherd does an amazing job with helping them be comfortable with who they are and move forward in a very strong,
positive, hopeful way. One of the most important things for me when I first
meet a patient is just listening to them. and listening to their story. I take a
very comprehensive or integrative approach to my patient. We’re not just
looking at how to help them move their arm again, I think it comes down to
some basics, like are you sleeping enough what’s your nutrition like, are you are
you eating the right foods that helps you heal. Pathways is where folks that
are discharged from inpatient, they do outpatient therapy there if it’s a brain
injury. It’s so amazing for me to see kids graduate from college that have
come through here. It’s so special to see a young woman get married, or go back to
work or have a new job, and I see several patients every day that are going back
to school, and hey Dr. Fadia, I got my diploma, or I get a picture, a postcard in
the mail about the amazing trips they’ve taken or, you know, accomplishments that I
don’t think they ever thought that they would be able to do, and it’s so special,
those moments are very special. I would hope that
I’ve made some small contribution to allowing maybe just one patient feel
better and positive and you know be able to get through something super
challenging and not give up. Just not give up, yeah.

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