Dr. Phil: Burke Ramsey’s smile was because of anxiety

Jenny McCarthy show and speaking of the weight someone looks or acts show you did it I'm going back into your well of dr. Phil shows but when you interviewed JonBenet's brother yes hit that interview was incredible just to witness and watch his face he was smiling at you the whole time dr. Phil and I know people when they get nervous they smile but it was a different kind of awkward smile what awk words the right word yes yeah he is socially awkward and you have to understand since this this guy was 10 years old he has been under suspicion he has been in a spotlight he has had to hide he did not get socialized like other people and I can tell you with 100% certainty he did not kill his little sister and when people saw that I even went on Facebook live between shows that I was doing with him to say guys this smile that you're seeing is anxiety because I would talk to him when he would get on camera he would kind of freeze up I would talk to him off camera and he was really a pretty normal guy but good you know it was just anxiety it was just an awkward anxiety that that he had but he didn't kill her and of course the network ran a series that said he did write that special yep doc and they got sued and they settled for a lot of money for saying he killed his sister Jenny McCarthy show you

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