1. That was not needed. I’m completely confident that I’m not buying Season 3. Season 1 and 2 were much more safer for my teens than this. Disgusting and I hope they’re brought to court for this.

  2. I had a feeling she would do that. Surprised Dr. Andrews didn't get suspicious when she closed the curtains (or even noticed for that matter).

  3. In real life she would be in trouble. So will she be In Trouble on next episode and being leaving show? She's cute but was a different person in this episode.

  4. She exposed herself to a minor! She could and should be arrested for exposure and pedophilia.
    If a male doctor showed a female minor their junk we would have called him a pedophile and riot but since the genders are reverse its suddenly ok?
    No, This double standard has to stop!

  5. While I understand why many felt that this was inappropriate, but the way I took was this is a young kid who is about to be blind though no fault of his own. Being that he is "young" and who probably has a long list of things he wishes he could do/see before he is blinded. Dr. Morgan Reznick who throughout course of the episode is seeing how much this kids is nervous and scared. So she was probably thinking what can I do to give him a bit of hope and happiness before he is blinded, though no fault of his own, for ever. Then thinking of his list this was probably the simplest thing she could do for him. She wasn’t doing it because she want him, she did to help him in her own way.

  6. Wow, the good doctor has hit an all time low. That’s called child molestation. What is wrong with you disgusting freaks. Anything for ratings I guess. ☹️

  7. Why is everyone complaining that hes a minor, who tf cares? She did the simplest task 4 the boy before he went BLIND FOREVERRRRRR!!! if anything she did an amazing thing for this boy by risking her job to do so, props to her……..oh and p.s it's just a show.


    Let's reverse the roles; a young, teenage girl is about to permanently lose her sight and will never know what a man's naked body looks like…
    The male nurse closed the curtain, pulls down his scrub pants and shows her his…"junk".

    Still cute, harmless and funny?
    WHY or WHY NOT?

    SERIOUSLY curious.

  9. Classic…… Dr.Resnick! Am I the only one who loves her character so much? She's funny and serious at the same time. I do truly believe that she is hurting inside though. And wouldn't be surprised if there was some rap* storyline involved with her. Whether it be in the past or in the future.

  10. Dr. Resnick has been starting grow on me this season. Before I absolutely hated her. But now she's starting to show her softer side.

  11. I was too busy crying about him trying to imprint his parents' faces to memory to care that he got to see a couple of boobs.
    This young actor did a great job in the role.

  12. I just spent a grand total of 29 days in the hospital and 2 surgeries in September and October Why didn't they have doctors who give gifts like this at University of Chicago hospital??? 😁

  13. He's was surprised smile a lastst thing ever so muchifed time for him ever it be my bucket list before I've just dead

  14. Lmfao she became a likeable character on the show after one unconventional gesture similar to when Dr. Andrews sacrificed his own career so Sean could keep his residency at the end of last season.

  15. It amazes me how double standard our society is. Can you image if the gender roles were reversed what the comment section would look like.

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